Renewable Energy Associates Degree

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In this space, we explore the top 10 online students in renewable energy programs available today. The information and data needed to develop this ranking were collected from the College Navigator as well as each program’s website. All other things being equal, cheaper apps were ranked higher.

Renewable Energy Associates Degree

Finding the Right Online Renewable Energy Degree #10 – University of Southern New Hampshire’s Online Geological Science Degree: Natural Resources and Conservation

Gender And Energy Efficiency

Southern New Hampshire University’s online renewable energy professional degree is a bachelor’s degree in natural resource and conservation geoscience. This 120 credit version has a general education requirement and courses on waste: sources, reduction and recovery; Energy and Society; global climate change; and environmental issues. A geology stone is also required. Graduates of this online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy can find employment as environmental chemists, industrial ecologists, environmental protection specialists, environmental restoration planners, and more.

Everglades University’s 123-hour online renewable energy degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in land and energy management and renewable energy development. Enrolled students take 30 credits of general education courses as well as mandatory core courses such as solar energy and photovoltaics; Energy and Environment; geothermal energy; and Geopolitics and Oil, Gas and Energy Law. A capstone course is also required before graduation. Most students complete this online bachelor’s degree program in the field of renewable energy in 41 months.

Excelsior College’s online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy is an undergraduate degree in technology management with a concentration in renewable energy technology designed for working professionals. The 120 credit hour program includes a technology management core that includes courses such as technology and society, engineering economics, and introduction to energy use. Enrolled students take courses in levels such as AC/DC theory, applied instrumentation and control, and power distribution. Excelsior College is accredited by the Mid-American Commission on Higher Education to offer this online degree in renewable energy.

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Penn State University-World Campus’ Renewable Energy Online Degree is a unique online degree in energy policy and sustainability. The 120 credit hour program is interdisciplinary and emphasizes communication and humanities. The required courses that make up the program include Energy in a Changing World, Energy Conservation for the Environment, Human Dimensions of Global Warming, and Energy and Sustainability in Society. Graduates of this online renewable energy degree offer opportunities to enter a variety of settings, including government agencies, energy trade groups, nonprofits, and regulatory and advocacy organizations.

Renewable Energy Systems

Franklin University’s online degree in Renewable Energy is a 124-semester program in energy management. The program curriculum integrates business and technical concepts, so there is a solid business foundation with courses such as management accounting, business law, and marketing. The courses required for the major include topics such as introduction to the energy industry, the legal and ethical environment of the energy industry, and energy financing. A draft energy management strategy is also required. Graduates of this online bachelor’s degree program in renewable energy are well suited for positions as energy consultants, entrepreneurs, or managers.

Arkansas State University’s online degree in renewable energy is an online bachelor’s degree in applied science with a focus on renewable energy technology. Enrolled students, most of whom have a bachelor’s degree in applied science, complete 35 credit hours of general education requirements, plus 15 credit hours of renewable energy emphasis. Core courses include basic renewable energy applications, advanced biomass energy, energy conservation and efficiency, and wind energy technology. This online degree in renewable energy can be completed entirely online.

The University of Wisconsin Renewable Energy Online Degree is a 63-hour undergraduate program. The curriculum of the program is fully detailed and consists of 21 courses, including Energy for Sustainable Management, Economics and Sustainability in Society, Marketing for a Sustainable World, and Natural Resource Management. During their final semester, online renewable energy undergraduates complete an internship where they can apply their new knowledge in a real-world environment.

Bismarck State College’s online degree in applied energy is a unique applied science degree in energy management. Offered through the school’s National Energy Center of Excellence, the program spans four years and covers topics such as communications, facilities management, worker safety, energy markets and emerging energy technologies. Graduates of this online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy are qualified for positions as industrial managers, management consultants, energy/process managers, operations managers and more.

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Renewable Energy Law And Policy

Bellevue University offers a 127-credit-hour online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy offered as a cohort. The curriculum of the program is broad and covers topics such as urban planning, wind technology, land management, water resources, biofuels and biofuels, solar technology, etc. Specific course topics include current trends in energy technology; Leadership in sustainability; and regulation, policy and management of sustainable systems. Students are also allowed 51 hours of elective course credit, allowing for a degree of content customization. Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Education Commission to offer this online degree in renewable energy.

Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy is a 120-credit-hour interdisciplinary offering that includes 40 general and foundational education courses. The program has three different streams: Sustainable Energy, Materials and Technology; sustainable economy; and Sustainable Ecosystems. Selected courses include Professional Skills in Sustainable Practice, Sustainable Economics, International Development and Sustainability, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture. In addition to this online bachelor’s program in renewable energy, ASU also offers an online degree in sustainability.

A: The duration of your online bachelor’s program in renewable energy is approximately four years of full-time study. The time it takes to earn an online bachelor’s degree can vary. For example, if you choose to study part-time, it may take you longer than four years to complete your degree. If you earn an accelerated online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy, you can graduate in less than four years.

Answer: Yes. In fact, the online renewable energy bachelor’s degree programs featured in this space can be taken without going to college. Other online programs require on-campus visits for orientation, exams, review sessions, training, etc. It is therefore important to confirm your choice with an online bachelor’s degree from a renewable energy school to confirm program delivery. 100% online.

Renewable Energy Technician Program

A: Online bachelor’s degree programs in the field of renewable energy can prepare graduates for various positions in the energy sector. Some of them include sustainability specialists, restoration planners, industrial ecologists, climate change analysts, energy consultants, operations managers, and more.

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Answer: Maybe. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the fields of sustainability and environmental science are increasing as people become aware of the limits of our natural resources, including issues such as global warming, pollution and population growth. For example, employment of ecologists and environmental scientists is projected to grow 11% from 2016 to 2026. That’s faster than the average for all jobs in the United States.

Some students who complete an online bachelor’s degree in renewable energy programs pursue online master’s studies in the field of renewable energy or sustainability. If you decide to go this route, you have some options: Sunlight is the most abundant source of potential energy on the planet. If used correctly, it can easily exceed current and future electricity needs. As non-renewable energy sources decline and their impact on our planet increases, it is all the more important that we provide solar energy. And we need more renewable energy technicians to work on these systems.

The only program in the Wisconsin Technical College system, Midstate’s Renewable Energy Specialist program prepares students to design an integrated portfolio of renewable and conventional power generation systems. Graduates will develop practical knowledge of green building concepts and energy efficient design principles, as well as the fundamentals needed for an entry-level position in the HVAC field.

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In this program, you will learn how to perform site assessments and recommend appropriate renewable energy technologies, sell and market renewable energy technologies, and manage renewable energy installation projects. Midstate’s unique facilities, diverse instructional materials and programs, experienced faculty, and off-campus design opportunities make this program unique.

Craig earned his BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He is a Licensed Electrician and Commercial Electrical Inspector in Wisconsin and is nationally certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP).

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