Recycled Wood Pallet Projects

Recycled Wood Pallet Projects

Recycled Wood Pallet Projects – Do you need extra storage space in your kitchen? Today’s upcycling DIY might be just what you need! I’ve turned some old pallets into a ‘pallet pantry’ and I’ve shared a step-by-step project…

Do you need extra storage space in your kitchen? Today’s upcycling DIY might be just what you need! I’ve turned some old pallets into a ‘pallet pantry’ and I’ve shared a step-by-step project…

Recycled Wood Pallet Projects

Even after extreme ‘Konmari-ing’ of my kitchen, I still have a little too much stuff to fit in the cupboards, and not enough storage space to keep everything tidy. So an extra storage cabinet was the obvious answer.

M² Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding Timber Planks Boards Recycled Diy

But since the kitchen in my 1950s home was decades old, there was no way I could find more fitted units to match. So my thoughts turned to DIYing a little differently and that’s when the pallet pantry project was dreamed up!

There’s a construction site nearby and they’ve always got a stack of pallets they want to give away – with a big “Free Pallets” sign on them. So, knowing I had easy access to some pallets, I decided to put the wood to good use.

I decided to reuse the pallets to create a ‘pantry’ unit containing tins, jars and a shelf for sauces. I thought that including a chalkboard and cork pinboard on the cupboard door would also be a useful addition for lists and notes.

Leaving the spice jars on the worktop after rummaging through the cupboards to find the right spice, I felt the need to include a spice rack in the pallet pantry. This way, I can keep my spices close at hand so they are easily accessible while cooking.

Distinctive Diy Recycled Wooden Pallet Projects

So that’s how the pallet pantry design came together and all that was left was for my genius husband to help me deconstruct the pallets and put my new kitchen unit together.

I’ve shared a step-by-step guide to creating a pallet pantry for yourself on the Safestore blog. There you will find a list of all the materials and tools you will need. Plus I took lots of photos of the whole process to make recreating a pallet pantry as easy as possible for you.

You can make it any shape you like to fit the space you have in your kitchen. And it doesn’t have to be a sanded-and-sealed wood finish like mine—you can chalk-paint it all over or spray paint it to match your existing kitchen decor.

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What do you think about the pallet pantry? Are you going to make something similar for your own kitchen? Let me know in the comments below and I’d love to see your photos if you build one yourself!

Inventive Pallet Projects For Kids

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Ideas For Wood Pallet Diy Projects

You have to scroll to the bottom of the post to get the video – learn how to disassemble the palette. These tips will come in handy for your future wood pallet projects!

Recently I went through a Starbucks drive through, which is located very close to the dumpster. And next to that dumpster were several pallets. And my first thought was “These kids need to hop in my trunk so I can do some pallet wood projects.”

But then my second thought was “I live in a one bedroom apartment; I can’t take them unless I know what I’m doing with them.”

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So I got my latte and walked out without the palettes. I wish I had seen all those DIY pallet projects before that trip, because then I would have known

Pallet Ideas And Easy Pallet Projects You Can Try

What to do with them. Can you believe there are so many things you can make from pallets?

I’m obsessed with these unique ideas and can’t wait to share them with you; First I want to address some common things when tackling pallet wood projects.

The biggest question I get from people who want to try pallet projects is, “Where can I get pallets?” Here are the most common places I find them.

Be sure to ask before taking! I haven’t had anyone reject me yet. People seem to love giving away their pallets. Find your pallets here:

Repurposed Pallet Wood Projects!

After you allow the palette to take over, grab some gloves. You may want to make sure to protect your hands when handling wood with splinters. Be sure to keep a blanket or towel in your car that you can use to protect your seats.

Avoid any pallets with liquid marks or strange distortions. Some pallets are used to transport food/liquids or toxic chemicals, so it’s best to avoid anything that looks like it’s leaking.

Once you get your pallet home, you’re going to use a pry bar or cat’s claw to separate the pallet. You are, inevitably, going to pry the nails. You should wing it a bit based on your palette. It helps to prop your pallet on something so you can move the pry bar up and down.

Some people like to continue using a pry bar and then a hammer to remove the nails. Others like to use a mutual saw on the nails once they are exposed. These are usually the easiest way to break pallets.

Pallet Projects • 1001 Pallets

If you have a nail that doesn’t really move, you can use a drill. It may take some time, but once you start your pallet wood projects, it will be totally worth it!

This DIY coffee table was inspired by a West Elm find for $999 – we made our version for under $50 using pallet wood. It’s easy to do and will look great in your living room!

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Buying barn doors or barn wood to make a door can be really expensive. This barn door was made of (you guessed it) wooden pallets!

If you like pallet furniture, this is a simple idea. Using old fence boards or wood pallets you can DIY this beautiful headboard in one afternoon!

Wood Pallet Wardrobe Ideas

Learn how to make a pallet planter that will even hold a garden hose! The door comes open to reveal a hose inside, but above is a planter.

Add a rustic farmhouse look to any room by covering an accent wall with pallet boards. This one turned out great in a teen’s room.

This Restoration Hardware inspired clock was made for less than $4, and looks just as good as the original. The project is made much easier if you go with vinyl stickers for Roman numerals.

In terms of pallet wood projects, furniture is my favorite. I love that a few pallets can make an entire bed. It’s so cute!

Diy Wooden Pallet Projects · The Inspiration Edit

Share your love of travel with this unique “Ready to Roll” Camper Wood Palette Art! It didn’t cost us much to make – we got the pallets for free. A lot of fun!

Pallets make the most beautiful bookshelves – and you can get two shelves out of one pallet. These look fantastic in kitchens and with rustic/farmhouse decor.

Need a stop gap before your recyclables hit the road? This is a pallet wood bin that actually looks like a real piece of furniture.

Do you have 30 minutes? Then you have time to make this patriotic decoration. All you need is spray paint, wooden stars and a palette.

Diy Wood Pallet Projects And Ideas You Can Try Today!

This piece of upcycled decor was made great with several paint colors. This is one of my favorite wood pallet ideas!

I can think of many ideas for storage boxes made of pallet wood. Below this is a dog bowl with room to store dog food.

One of the most popular DIY pallet ideas you’ll find is a simple sign. It’s beautiful emotion in beautiful colors – in an upcycled palette.

Learn how to make a rustic, DIY pallet shelf below

The Best Places To Find Free Pallets Near You

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