Things To Put On Your Wall

Things To Put On Your Wall

Things To Put On Your Wall – I’ve always been a fan of “canth collage” or as I like to call it in my house “canth-of-random…. (stuff). In my “one day” book that I mentioned in my coffee table decor post- my Tons of wall collages were pulled from Pottery Barn and Ballard Design magazine and I decided to put one in my house. Similarly, when I started decorating on the side, I had done at least one wall collage in every house I worked on.

They can go anywhere in the house, no matter what type you want to do My favorite spots are over a bed, a large open wall, or a TV-wall I especially love placing a wall collage on a mounted television wall because it makes it visually appealing and a focal point, especially when the TV is turned off.

Things To Put On Your Wall

In the perfect wall collage, most objects, pictures and words are hung in a way that they share the same line.

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For the purpose of this post, I’m only going to focus on the wall collages that fall under concept 2 + 3 Just for photo collages, I’ll write in a separate post, but I’ll apply some of these ideas at the end of this post. Tips and tricks

Tip 1: Your first step should be to measure your space and draw a model of it on a piece of paper. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a large wall canvas – such as if you’re doing a collage around a bed frame. I put all my ideas into an art drawing book (also called my “one-day” book). I write down all the measurements: the side of each bed, the bedside table, up to the ceiling, the bed, etc., etc Stuff” that I think would look good on my wall (because you never know when you’re going to find real “random stuff” – I found a collection of metal antlers at a shop called G. Lion in Charlotte while visiting my friend Eric. Since I just had a shipping job). , I was stopped at airport security because these antlers were considered “obscure objects”. However, they definitely made it home with me.)

Tip 2: Draw an idea of ​​what you want to put on the wall: whether it’s a clock, quote, photo, animal antler, etc., sketching it out gives you a base when you go shopping for your random items.

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Tip 3: Always carry a tape measure with you It can be a small tape measure that you keep in your purse (or if you’re a guy…or your man-purse). This is when you come across frames, objects, or words, you can see if it will fit in the space provided

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Tip 4: Hobby Lobby is the best place to find things for your wall collage Everything you need for a wall collage is here Some parts of the store are 50% off on other weeks So sometimes you should wait for sales For example- the little girl’s room above- her wall collage was a total of $107 and everything came from Hobby Lobby. “Kitchen Collage” on the wall behind the kitchen table, also from Hobby Lobby – $60. (If you’re just doing a photo collage, try Michaels Frames—they’re 50% off at least once a month, and if you’re a teacher you’ll get an extra 15% off if you show your work badge.)

Tip 5: Consider investing in a tape measure that tells you that every little line on the tape measure is equal (LOL). It’s too embarrassing to mention- however, if you’re anything like me with a tape measure- I know 1/4, 1/2, 3/4s and that’s about it. Every now and then I’d say “to my husband” it’s two lines after 1/2/⁄ and he’d reply “you mean 5/8s?” , I browse Home Depot) then I bought it last year as a stocking stuffer for my husband – but it was really just for me 😛 (Needless to say he quickly realized this.)

Tip 6: Before hanging anything, place it on the floor, start with one corner of the collage when hanging, and make sure you have some paper and pencil to do math on before putting screws into the wall.

New ***: Note 7: PicGenie123!! I just discovered a new product that Home Depot sells for hanging photos and let me tell you… I wish I had discovered this easy-to-use product years ago.. It saves hours of writing and drawing. When creating this wall collage, measure to make all the images look perfect with each other The product is called PicGenie123, and is sold in the nail/screw aisle at Home Depot. It probably took me forever to discover it because it’s on the lowest shelf on my local HD. You can also make it easier on yourself and order for store pickup or delivery instead Click on the images below to be taken directly to the product

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How does it work? Attach the picture hanger to the small screw that attaches to the back of the frame It doesn’t really matter where you put the picture hangers or if they are next to each other You grab a small layer and place it on the frame, press the frame against the wall, and when you remove it, picgenie123 leaves a small hole where you need to put the nail. Each pack says it hangs “5 pictures” and comes with 8 picture hangers- but I only use the center on two large frames and one small frame. Watch the video below

Do: Collect items in your cart and find an open space on the floor in the store Place items on the floor with your tape measure to see how they look before buying

Do: Buy more than you need You can always return things and have them hang knee deep on your wall and say “I should have bought this instead” or “I wonder if this would have been better?” Sometimes things look great in the shop or on the floor in your home and the plan changes when you start putting things away.

Don’t: Keep all words or all objects It’s just a matter of personal preference, but I feel that having just one thing (aside from just the photo-canth collage) feels unbalanced and overwhelming. Also – if you’re using a lot of “words” and “sentences”, try to balance them so that there aren’t too many long words with each other. For example in the photo above it’s “Smile” “Little Lady” “A” (the first initial of the little girl) “She believed she could and she did.” “Something tells me I’m going to love this girl forever.” In my opinion, it would look too busy if it were all long quotes If it was all “one word” it would look pretty simple

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I Can & I Will, Watch Me!

Do: Be open to having at least one “attractive” eye-catcher It will be the antlers on my TV wall collage It will be the silver deer head in the small window conflict image In a little girl’s bedroom it will be sixteen with fake flowers or large fabric flowers

Don’t: Space things too far apart or too close together There’s no real formula to say that your objects need to be eg: 2 inches apart, it’s really about eyeballing it and keeping an eye out for it. This is where spacing the top of things on your floor before putting screws into your wall really helps.

Do: Stick with mats or no mats When using photos, if you have a white matte in one photo frame, put a matte on all your photos. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people get a group of photos together and most have white mattes, and then there’s one big one in the frame, without the matte.

Don’t: Use only small frames in your wall collage Personally I think it looks terrible when someone has all 4×6 or 5×7 frame walls Be bold and put some big frames (9×12 11×17) with smaller frames. It looks great!

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Do: And if you do nothing else – make sure some of your objects, frames, and words share the same lines as pictured in my example above and below.

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