Ranch House Front Porch Makeover

Ranch House Front Porch Makeover – Thanks for your kind comments on my post yesterday. I want to make that gif to share with you. However, some of you asked me to make a post with static images, so here it is! 🙂

I’ve added some hyperlinks to some older posts that share more about the entire process of turning our brick farmhouse into the cottage of our dreams. 🙂

Ranch House Front Porch Makeover

I was looking at old pictures of our house when we first bought it, and to be honest I don’t really have any good shots. Below is this one picture….

Everything You Need To Know About Ranch Style Houses

As you can see, we removed some trees to the left and right of our house. This gives the front of our house a more open look and allows us to see our house from the road.

We also tore down the very ugly screened in front porch. (I think we did it within 24 hours of moving in! We were dying to get rid of it!!)

For now, Cy built new columns on the front porch because we knew it would be a few years before we could build our dream porch.

I found this picture when we started adding to our house 6 months after we moved in. The original farm was only 1400 square feet, and we needed more space.

Home Style Trends: Ranch

The boys’ rooms and bathroom are upstairs, and the master bedroom and bath are downstairs. In the future, we plan to add a wrap around porch on the 1st floor addition. Our master bedroom has French doors that lead out onto that porch. You can see a little of them in the picture below…

Last year, we finally painted the whole house white! It still looked like “a farm with an extra stick on the side,” but at least it was the same color. I know we will eventually get it just the way we want it. 🙂

So the house started to look more cohesive once the whole thing was painted, but I was still dying to get started on our front porch. (Notice we didn’t paint the chimney because we knew we’d tear it out.) We also added new shingles to the roof to match the ones on our new addition.

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For our new front porch, we covered the old front porch and built a gable roof from there. Luke helped build much of the front hall of Sai.

Pergola Attached To A House

We insured a portion of the front porch that we were going to attach and then built the new front porch from there.

I love what we created when we added the new entryway and mudroom to our new front porch! Read more about the place here.

We added a new front porch with the same hardwood siding from Lowe.

We painted the entire front hall with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (or Dove White). We used Valspar exterior paint to match its color at Lowe’s.

How To Give A Boring 1960s Ranch House A Stylish Exterior Makeover…for Under $2k

We added new mulch to the front of our house, but we haven’t planted anything yet. We may plant some this fall, but most in the spring.

I’m so excited to finally have a front porch to decorate for all seasons!

*This front porch makeover was sponsored by Lowe’s. We came up with the idea for our front porch and collaborated with Lowe’s to complete it. Lowe’s is always our first choice when looking for quality products and materials to use in our projects. We have a real, true love affair with Lowe’s. #lowesgirlforlifePorches can not only serve as entryway enhancers, but also provide the perfect space for outdoor lounging. There are many different approaches to these spaces, whether you want a wide open space to relax or a screened porch is more your speed. Check out some of our favorite front porch addition ideas below.

Whether you’re looking to add to an existing porch or create a completely new one, but don’t know where to start, our expert designers are ready to help. All we need is a photo (or blueprint) of your home and your answers to a short survey to help us understand your design style and goals. Learn more about our process.

Ranch House Remodel: Lake House Legacy

At first glance at the photo above, it’s almost hard to tell there’s a porch. A low-retaining wall uses the same brick as the exterior of the house, so everything blends together. The porch doesn’t make much difference to stand out. Additionally, there is no verandah awning to protect the house owners or guests from rain or sun. Our designers opened up the space, removing a brick retaining wall and adding a porch overhang supported by wooden columns. Incorporating different building materials and adding elaborate landscaping add extra eye appeal to the front porch.

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Because a home doesn’t have a lot of space to work with, a small front porch addition can’t make a statement. Before and after this, our designers gave the entrance area a facelift with a whimsical porch. This area may not be very large, but it works perfectly for an outdoor seating area while adding another layer to the exterior.

This home offers plenty of room to work. Our designers brought the open area to life with a front porch. We added a new outdoor living space complete with overhang, new raised stone patio deck, railings and columns to draw in some more dimension. Seating, lighting and plants all create a cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect porch for relaxing.

Corridors should be functional and beautiful. Our designers used a front porch addition to update the face of this home. Not only does the addition allow more room for outdoor lounging, but wooden accents in the form of columns and exposed truss supports at the top of the porch draw the eye to the front door.

House Flip // Porch Remodel

Ranch-style houses are typically laid out in long straight lines. Our designers used cable with this front porch to create a very interesting geometry. The white trim on the cable makes the porch stand out even more, so it’s a design element and serves as a nice place to watch the world go by.

The front door is in the center of this house. In the front photo, the door was hidden behind a tree, and the exterior design was completely symmetrical. Our designers maintained some symmetry but used an asymmetrical modern porch overlay to provide visual interest to both the facade and covered seating area.

It has a front and back, front door flanked by a small portico. A front porch allows for additional outdoor living space and draws more attention to the front door as a focal point. This new cozy porch has a welcoming vibe that enhances the fluid texture from the sidewalk and surrounding landscaping.

A unique design element is the balcony on the upper level of this home. Our designers brought more purpose to the design by adding a front porch below the balcony. The wooden columns used in the corridor match those in the balcony, creating a harmonious design.

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Mid Century Ranch Style Update

A simple exterior is not necessarily obvious. In this front and back, our designers maintain a simple design for the house, while adding some interesting design elements and a front porch. Metal awnings with decorative exposed rafters and thick rusticated columns with stone bases bring dimension to the home’s exterior design and create an inviting aesthetic.

This front porch additionally includes an open layout and plenty of room for comfortable outdoor seating. Our designers created a porch that stays true to the farmhouse style of the rest of the exterior, while expanding its livable outdoor space, creating an inviting area to recharge.

The tall, extended layout of this front porch gave our designers room to add a porch swing for a unique, interesting seating option. Here at Brick and Bat, we’re all about porch swings.

This barn style house has an amazing look. Our designers amplified it by bringing different building materials to the system. Offsetting the porch instead of spreading it across the length of the house results in an interesting design that makes this house so special. We extended the porch beyond the hull to the left for easy access to the side entry door.

Mid Century Modern Front Porch Ideas — Mid Modern Mama

A strong external design consists of all kinds of elements, small and large. From shutters and doors to paint and porches, we know the importance of every detail in brick and mortar. Our designers are experts in making design choices that maximize the functional and aesthetic aspects of your exterior. If your home doesn’t have much outdoor living space, a front porch might be worth considering as an addition. Or, if you have a front porch, it just isn’t right

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