Projects For 7 Year Old Boy

Projects For 7 Year Old Boy – In today’s post: Art can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This collection of art projects for kids will help your kids be successful with easy art ideas

As a mom, I love any art project the kids make, whether it’s a colorful macaroon glued to construction paper or a painted pinecone covered in glitter. Well, that’s not entirely true – glitter is evil and the limit of my existence – but overall, my mother’s heart is only going to love what my child makes. However, we found some crazy easy art techniques that turned out really cool. Kids love the end result of these simple projects; many will give as gifts.

Projects For 7 Year Old Boy

These easy art projects are based on classic art styles, so kids can use famous paintings as inspiration when creating their masterpieces:

Lego Building Projects For Kids

1. Kids can create beautiful watercolor backgrounds with markers and plastic bags. This art idea is SUPER easy and tons of fun. Always visit Autumn for more printable tutorials + quotes on beautiful watercolor backgrounds.

2. This art activity uses a pencil eraser to make a flower while teaching about potillism. Learn more at Momtastic.

3. Buggy and Buddy share a fun, simple way for kids to:

4. This coin-inspired art project made from fingerprints is so cool. Visit The Magical Classroom for instructions.

Awesome Engineering Projects For Kids

5. It looks like a piece of modern art, but made by a kid with a credit card! Find the teacher in the forest lodge.

When we think of art for kids, most people think of crayons and paints, but these projects allow kids to explore their creativity through a variety of media and techniques:

6. Kids can make beautiful art paintings using tissue paper and water – that’s it! Even very young children can create something beautiful with tissue paper art. The idea is always fall.

7. Teach kids about resist art with this cute project using rubber cement: Easy Watercolor Resist Art.

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8. This amazing kids art starts with circles punched out of different pieces of paper, which are placed on a grid to create a fun piece of modern art. Click through MerMagto to see how it all came about.

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9. Let the kids play with washable paint, wax paper, and bottle caps to make glass projects that are easy for kids. Find out how at Happy Hooligans.

10. Floating chalk marks are a great introduction to printmaking and are also super cool. Take a lesson from Pickleboom.

11. Start by drawing the monster, then add the “meh” with straw paint. Kids of all ages will have fun with this! .

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12. This art from Tinker Lab is a great art project for kids or adults! I love how the kids look like a bouquet of beautiful patterns.

13. DIY Doodle Art Mandalas from Kitchen Table Class are super easy for kids, but really cute:

14. This crumpled paper art is easy to make using construction paper and watercolors! Tutorial from Buggy and Buddy.

15. Even preschoolers can make these cute marble planets out of I heart craft supplies using crayons and craft paints.

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16. I love how cute and colorful these paper plate flowers are. Fun kids art idea from Pink Stripe Socks.

17. Make your own paintbrushes to experiment with natural textures Learn to Create Love.

18. These rocks turn out great – big enough to go on a shelf with other rocks. All you need is paint and a cheap salad spinner! Learn more about this easy art idea from Mary Cheri.

19. I loved coloring paper doilies when I was a kid, but these painted versions come out so cute!

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20. Check out Kids 101, even very young children can make these cute paintings with food coloring and bubble sticks.

Hi there! I am a mother of five who loves to make things. Crafts, recipes, sewing, holiday projects: I’ve tried them all, and you can too! I love easy projects that anyone can make. Nellie and Henry have wonderful dreams, which is my favorite part, and they usually come up with lots of ideas for their bedroom or playroom. Henry wants dinosaurs, cars and trains in his bedroom “heaven”, we’ll see how this idea turns into creativity! I’m slowly getting pictures of some of the projects we’ve been working on. The best thing about these is that they are mostly made around the house or in the yard/nature, so they are very smart to make. . I hope you get some ideas for the active child in your world! More pictures and ideas are on the way.

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Mod Podge ceiling fan. It took four 12-inch paper squares to cover the four knives. If you don’t want to sew, you will need a larger paper.

Full view of the Mod Podge ceiling fan. Super simple and quick DIY project and really brightened up the room (it used to be an old black wood fan).

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Dinosaur Playland Table: I added craft wood to the side made from an old table and glued the wood to the top to whiten the top edge. A dino lover’s dream come true!

Dino Table River and Cave: I made the platform out of thin wooden discs and small wooden blocks. I painted them and hot glued them on. The river is made of four layers of colored cellophane sheets.

Sting art with my 7 year old daughter. We used a fox pattern for nail placement.

A sheet of wax paper is mobile. Products: wax paper, natural leaves, wood grain, sticks and iron (for use with adult supervision)

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Watercolor splatter paint. I made this craft for a 7 year old art party. The children each chose their own image. We used masking tape to reduce the markings. We also used an artboard to add some texture to the image.

Spatter Paint Using painter’s tape to create letters. Paint through the tape lines enough to make a solid line of the letter. Paint splatter when the tape recorder is running. When the paint is almost, but not quite, removed, the tape is removed (the paint is not a tip or peel).

The Big Fairy House: This is one of my favorite projects to date. I nailed the frame together from sticks and twigs from our yard. Then I decorated it with fake flowers and moss pots. the hardest part is getting a large round of wood that isn’t too big and doesn’t crack.

Forest Fairy Village Low Level: The pond/swamp is a big hit. Farids like to swim, or so I’m told.

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The night sky scene is the background of a big fairy house. For sale: glitter fabric, cardboard box cut so only two sides remain, lights. It’s time to get out your scissors, glue sticks and googly eyes because we’ve got a list of arts and crafts your kids will love.

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Be the first to walk on the ground, or the first to walk home in the morning, wearing these three-legged dinosaur feet!

Look at the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! This play telescope will help your kids see things in a whole new way!

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Pick up an empty shoelace and watch your kids make music with their homemade guitar!

Can’t keep time in a bottle? The next best thing is to preserve some of your family’s memories today for future enjoyment.

Maybe it’s just an old sock waiting to star in the Animal Monster Theater under the child’s bed!

Make a soapy mixture and sticks from things around the house, then go outside and hit the road!

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Download our free printable pages and tape them to bags to create a little town your little ones can call their own!

Here’s a fun way for kids to get out on a rainy or gloomy day: let your little artists paint a storm!

Can’t get enough crafts? Find 500+ more activities for your kids in our Activity Book!

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