Diy Crafts & Projects For Your Instant Pot

Diy Crafts & Projects For Your Instant Pot

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Get a list of easy and creative summer crafts for kids that will entertain them for hours. Use these ideas and make them your own.

Diy Crafts & Projects For Your Instant Pot

I remember quite clearly the summer when I was growing up. Without telling you I’m old, let’s just say it was before the internet but after color television. I don’t know about you, but growing up with four brothers, my mom kicked us out of the house most summer days. Which I totally understand.

Easy Paper Plate Feelings Craft For Kids

Like I said, this was before the internet so there was no way to look up summer crafts like there is now. You had old standbys like macaron necklaces and melting beads, but coming up with craft ideas for five kids was probably quite a challenge. Especially when your little ones are ten years apart from oldest to youngest.

Now that we have technology and great ideas are at our fingertips. If you want to keep the kids busy in the summer, you have more options than just throwing them out the door (we were sent to the neighborhood pool). There are tons of summer crafts for kids to try!

If you need some great projects, I’ve compiled a list for you. You probably have the supplies to make a lot of these on hand, and the average time for most of them is about 30 minutes to an hour.

The great thing about these ideas is that they are for a variety of levels, so whether you have a toddler or a toddler, you’ll find something on this list.

Easy Halloween Paper Crafts

There will be a lot of crafts on this list that you already have supplies for. For example, the projects below use salt, paper towels, paper plates, egg cartons, baking soda and more. I’m sure you’ll find ways to make these ideas your own!

Scroll down and check out these 50 summer crafts for kids. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve put together.

Learn how to make a washing machine necklace with this simple tutorial! It’s a perfect craft for kids, especially for twins – plus it’s cheap.

Learn how to make magnets using pictures that you will print yourself! This is an easy and inexpensive gift to make and kids will love customizing the faces.

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Easy Day Of The Dead Diy Projects

Did you know you can color salt? Sand can be expensive to buy so we used salt to make these colorful salt jars that look like sand jars. It’s easy to do and the results are amazing!

Use liquid watercolors or food coloring to make this unique dipped colored wall art for kids. The kids will have so much fun and the results are magical!

Learn how to make stickers at home using origami paper and Mod Podge! It is very easy to make and fun for kids and adults will love it too.

One of my favorite summer crafts is tie-dying, which is always a big hit with the kids. Learn how to make three different projects: towels, t-shirts and a wreath.

Yarn Crafts That Require No Skill To Make!

Making playdoh slime is SO much fun! You can make this easy slime recipe with Play-Doh. It will keep little ones busy for hours. You will love this activity!

This paper frame is perfect for whipping up a quick pop of color in your home. Kids will love playing with the colorful pieces of paper.

Make your own spinner by using a household item as a spinner! This DIY spinner art machine is so much fun for kids to make – it’s budget-friendly and easy to set up.

If you love confetti crafts, try this easy monochrome letter art! This technique can be used with a variety of letters, numbers and shapes. Kids can hang out in their bedrooms.

Outdoor Arts And Crafts For Kids

Succulents and cacti are all the rage right now, so try this cute toothpick game with kids. Create a cool cactus that needs no water!

If you like egg carton crafts, try this canvas project with your kids. You’ll have as much fun as they do!

Jewelry plates are easy to make with alcohol ink and make beautiful handmade gifts. Kids can make them look like flowers, but there are so many possibilities when working with this beautiful ink.

These easy painted birdhouses are such a great craft for kids. They’ll keep your kids busy this summer – and the colorful buttons are so much fun!

Budget Friendly Kids Craft Ideas And Boredom Busters

This three-ingredient sidewalk chalk paint is great for kids! Learn how to do it – you probably have everything on hand. This sidewalk painting is such a fun summer activity.

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Learn how to paint rocks with this simple tutorial. You probably already have all the necessary supplies on hand! Fun to go around the neighborhood for others to find and enjoy.

Learn how to make the cutest rainbow magnets with simple shapes and Mod Podge! This is perfect for kids and beginner crafters.

Learn how to make a cardboard dollhouse! It’s super easy, cheap, and you can decorate it with Mod Podge.

Cheap Crafts That Are Actually Cool

Use this screen printing method for DIY t-shirt printing and more! Silkscreen your favorite designs – all you need is an embroidery hoop, Mod Podge and a sheer curtain.

Learn how to make a flower pen using a fun crafting material – duct tape! These DIY flower pens are easy enough for kids or adults. So fun!

When you get back from your summer vacation, use acrylic paint and a simple process to color your shells. This is a fun idea for the kids – use the shells for another craft after coloring.

Excited about the washi but not the price? Make your own washi tape with this simple tutorial. You can choose any pattern you want!

Creative Handmade Scrap Wood Crafts That Will Sell Quick

Learn how to make DIY backpack charms with Duck Tape! This is a fun and easy craft for kids.

What should you do with an old Altoids can? Turn it into storage! Learn how to do it with Mod Podge using this tutorial.

Use Mod Podge to make your own DIY window cling on a budget – these gel window clings are so easy and a great craft for kids!

Learn how to make unique DIY play dough with just three ingredients – this version glows in the dark and is so cheap to make! Kids will love it.

Fun Spring Craft Ideas

This newspaper craft for kids is incredibly easy to make and is great for kids of all ages. Plus, it only takes a few supplies to make, so you probably already have everything you need on hand for the activity.

Making a DIY carnival ticket bowl is so easy! Mod Podge makes it hold its shape and harden into a usable bowl. This project is great for storing goodies or room decorations.

Learn how to make DIY stained glass with this simple recipe of paint and Mod Podge! It’s so easy, even a child can do it.

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Painting pasta is an easy and quick way to make jewelry with kids! What other animals can you make with this unique idea?

Fabric Crafts: 35+ No Sew Project Ideas

Learn how to make custom pencils using pretty paper and Mod Podge! These paper wrapped pencils are a very easy craft.

These adorable pretend popsicles are so much fun for kids to make for summer. They won’t melt for countless hours of imaginative play!

Learn how to make art gifts for kids with these wooden boards! These kids art boards are very easy to make and are so cute.

Grab some craft sticks and make some summer bird feeders – kids will love watching to see what feathered friends come to visit. Get rainbow sticks or paint plain any color you like.

Practical Crafts: 32 Useful Things To Craft

Learn how to make DIY magnets with bottle caps! You probably already have the supplies in your home. Easy for both children and adults.

Let your little ones paint AND get them outside at the same time! Spray gun painting for kids is about as fun as it gets. Try a wide variety of colors!

This insect identification card is such an easy craft for kids. It allows your kids (and you!) to learn about bugs in your environment!

Learn how to make popsicle stick picture frames! This is such an easy craft for kids or adults and uses washi tape.

Cardboard Crafts For Kids

Try this no-sew bag decoration! Just use your favorite materials and Mod Podge to make applique patches. Learn how to make it your own.

Here’s a fun snake craft that kids of all ages will enjoy! Make salt dough snakes and paint them. Kids can pattern them after real snakes, or they can just paint them fun colors.

These rock cacti are the perfect summer craft. It gets kids outdoors to find the perfect rocks and they can be as creative as they want! Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun.

Instead of buying stamps at the store, save a few bucks and make your own from wine corks. It is VERY easy and so cheap to make.

Best Diy Fall Craft Ideas And Decorations For 2022

Learn how to make this DIY tablet case with a dollar store find! It is easy to do with Mod

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