My Iphone Says Disabled Connect To Itunes

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Stuck with a disabled iPhone and wondering how to unlock it? Before you worry about hitting the Apple Store or (if you’re so thoughtful) thinking about how you’ll never use your iPhone again, there are quick fixes. You’ve landed at the right place!

My Iphone Says Disabled Connect To Itunes

But before I show you how to fix disabled iPhone with or without iTunes (on Mac or PC), let’s understand why this happened.

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If you enter an incorrect passcode too many times, your iPhone will be disabled. Well, it could be you, your child or in the rare case of unlucky hands.

Note: If you enter the same wrong password more than once, it will only count as a wrong attempt. For example, repeatedly entering 9876 (wrong password) does not count as multiple attempts.

Before you begin: If you’re using a Mac with macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur, use Finder. If you’re using a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier, or a Windows PC, use iTunes.

In the above steps, we have used the backup mode. It’s working! But in rare case it doesn’t, put your iPhone in DFU mode. When the device is in DFU mode, follow the steps above – that is, restore your iPhone and then set it up.

Why Does My Iphone Say

If this article is of little or no help, please contact Apple Support. But one thing you need to understand is that they will (almost certainly) put your device into DFU mode and follow the steps above. You don’t need any special tools to access your disabled iPhone and fix all data intact.

So make sure you follow the above guide carefully and visit an Apple service center only if you can’t figure things out yourself.

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I have been an Apple user for seven years. I love creating guides and troubleshooting guides that help people do more with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. In my free time, I enjoy watching stand-up comedy videos, technology documentaries, news debates and political speeches. Have you ever picked up your iPhone only to see the message “iPhone is disabled” and “try again in 1 minute” or 5, 15, 60 minutes? In the worst case, the message “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes” and until then the device is useless. So what is going on here, why is the iPhone disabled? And how to fix the problem so that you can use the iPhone again? The answers to these questions are usually simple, let’s check the reasons for this message and more Importantly, the solutions are so that you can restart and reactivate the iPhone for full use.

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Iphone X & Iphone 8: How To Force Restart, Enter Recovery Mode, And Enter Dfu Mode

A locked iPhone requires a passcode or Touch ID to access and gain access to the device as a security measure. After entering the iPhone passcode incorrectly 5 times in a row, the iPhone will automatically disable for 1 minute and show the error message “iPhone is disabled”. The obvious solution in this case is to wait a minute (or more) and then enter the correct passcode to unlock the iPhone and bypass the disabling message. In the future, enter the correct password the first time and you will avoid this message and the blocking period.

You may be interested to know how many incorrect passcode attempts it takes to disable an iPhone for a period of time and get the accompanying message. The information is as follows:

Waiting a minute isn’t too bad, but waiting a few minutes to an hour is just as inconvenient as connecting to iTunes to reactivate the iPhone. Let’s understand this issue better and show you how to bypass the inactive message to avoid it in the future.

In some cases, you haven’t actually tried to unlock the iPhone and you haven’t (intentionally) entered the wrong passcode, but the iPhone says it’s disabled anyway. How does this happen? The two most common reasons an iPhone appears to turn itself off are pockets and people. Let’s discuss both.

How Can Fix This Without Losing The Data/information On The Phone. When I Plug It I Itunes It Says That The Value Is Missing And Will Not Connect To Itunes Or Imazing

Pocket Stuck: Accidentally disabling an iPhone in a pocket is surprisingly common! This usually happens to iPhone users who hold their iPhone while using it in their hands, e.g. B. Mostly jacket hip pockets, hoodie pockets or front trouser pockets. Since the iPhone screen unlock feature can be swiped from anywhere on the screen, it’s very common to accidentally activate this screen and then bring up the passcode entry screen while holding the iPhone with one or two hands, and you might know it isn’t. , enter the password multiple times to start the random lock. This happened to me when I was bored playing with iPhone in my pocket and recently I saw a friend accidentally disable his iPhone while looking to make a basket to feed in the same pocket of his iPhone. This surprisingly happens when you keep the iPhone in a busy bag or often put your hands in your pockets.

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Disabled Person: There are two types of personal connections that can disable an iPhone, intentional password entry where someone tries to guess your password and then disabling it because they fail – usually a pretty obvious scenario. And another way, silent password entry, usually done by a young child. The last scenario is very common among parents and guardians with small children, who can bump into an otherwise closed iPhone screen, tap and turn it on. Parents or guardians usually don’t think anything of an iPhone being locked with a passcode or Touch ID, but a child often finds their way to the passcode entry screen (after all, it’s just a swipe away) and repeats the wrong passcode tap. The screen and the device freezes with the message “iPhone is disabled”.

Want to unlock iPhone locked on idle screen? You have to wait until the time is up and then enter the correct password.

If you can’t wait or don’t know the passcode, you need to put the iPhone into recovery mode and restore.

Iphone Is Disabled? How To Fix It With Or Without Connecting To Computer

This is the worst case scenario for a disabled iPhone because you need to connect the iPhone to the computer to access it again. Hopefully you have recently backed up this computer and remember the correct iPhone passcode. Otherwise, you will have to erase the device and lose all data on it. Yes indeed. Another reason why frequent device backups are important.

If you know the iPhone passcode and backed it up recently, you can easily unlock the device using iTunes, although it requires an update:

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If you don’t know iPhone passcode, you need to erase iPhone and all data will be deleted in backup mode. Instructions on how to reset a forgotten iPhone password can be found here. If you have created a backup in iTunes or iCloud, then you can restore it to this backup.

If you don’t know the iPhone passcode and don’t have a backup, the data on the iPhone will be deleted and lost forever. There is no way around it, even Apple cannot unlock the iPhone and access the data in such a situation. So, the lesson is to remember the device password and always make regular backups!

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You have several options to prevent this from happening in the future. The easiest way is not to repeat the wrong passcode, which prevents the iPhone from being locked and disabled. yesterday right Since this is not always possible, another option is to enable complex passwords, as they require longer characters to be entered before the password is rejected. It’s a good idea to keep the iPhone in a separate case for anyone who accidentally or intentionally writes down passwords. Finally, as we have mentioned on several occasions, you should always back up the device regularly in case you need to restore it to regain access.

Do you know other useful information about how to bypass disabled iPhone or disabled warning dialogs? Let us know in the comments.

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