Minimal – Creative Presentation Template

Minimal – Creative Presentation Template is a top-of-the-line choice for professionals who want to create stunning, high-quality presentations. Whether it’s for business or personal use, this template offers an array of features and design options to help you create a presentation that stands out.

First and foremost, the Minimal – Creative Presentation Template offers a truly minimalist design. This approach is popular among modern businesspeople, who want their presentations to be straightforward and visually appealing. With a minimalistic design, you can focus on getting your message across without any distractions.

Another benefit of Minimal – Creative Presentation Template is its availability in both modern and professional design options. The modern design offers a sleek, crisp layout with bold typography and minimal graphics. The professional design offers a more traditional layout that is perfect for presentations in corporate settings.

The template offers nine unique color schemes, which provide a wide array of options for personalizing your presentation. This feature is especially helpful for branding purposes or to match your presentation’s color scheme with your company or brand.

When you begin a presentation, having a clear outline can be incredibly helpful. The Minimal – Creative Presentation Template offers an outline slide feature, which allows you to create an outline for your presentation that will display on the slides. This feature helps keep the audience on track and ensures that you cover all the important points of your presentation.

Additionally, the template offers various graphs and charts that are customizable and easy to use. These are helpful for presenting data in a clear and concise manner, without excessive text.

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Finally, the Minimal – Creative Presentation Template is easy to edit and customize. Users can easily modify the layout, color scheme, and design elements without any design experience. This feature allows users to save time and increase productivity, as they can focus on creating content rather than design.

Overall, the Minimal – Creative Presentation Template is a practical, efficient, and highly professional option for anyone looking to create a stunning presentation. The template’s minimalist design and easy-to-use features make it a great choice for a wide range of businesses, professionals, and creatives. Set your presentation apart with Minimal – Creative Presentation Template today!


Minimal - Creative Presentation Template

Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 1
Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 2
Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 3
Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 4
Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 5
Minimal - Creative Presentation Template - 6


This Fast PowerPoint Template has all the tools you need to give the best presentation for Business, Studies, Start-up plans, Marketing, or Pitch decks, as well as providing all the information you might need to present to your audience. you can add images using the image Placeholders that we provide to show viewers the big picture and raise their attention, with MINIMAL’s modern, colorful, and eye-catching designs, you can present your data using the impressive slide layouts, charts, and unique infographics that we provide very well.


  • 2 MINIMAL Presentation Template file (.PPTX).
  • 10 Unique Color Scheme file (.XML).
  • 1 Documentation file (.PDF).


  • 200+ Total Slides in Product.
  • 100+ Creative, Minimalist and Unique Slides.
  • 350+ Fully Editable Vector Icons (available in each template file).
  • 15+ Fully Editable Device Mockups (available in each template file).
  • All of Maps & Flags (available in each template file).
  • Fully Animated (very smooth animation).
  • Fully Editable (all elements of presentation).
  • Impressive Slide Design
  • Infographic Slides.
  • Data and Chart Slides.
  • World Map Slides.
  • Device Mockup Slides.
  • Based on Master Slide.
  • Image Placeholders.
  • Widescreen Ratio (16:9).
  • FHD Resolution (1920×1080).
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This is the first version of MINIMAL Presentation, please enjoy it and look forward to the next update soon..


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