Build Your Own Hot Air Balloon

Build Your Own Hot Air Balloon – Follow these instructions to turn a plain old cardboard box into a costume with all right angles.

STEP 1: Cut the top and bottom lids of a box (our measured 18″ square) with a utility knife. Spray the exterior with light brown paint. Let dry, then use the knife to cut four inches off the bottom of the box; set this piece aside .

Build Your Own Hot Air Balloon

STEP 2: Using several different shades of brown, paint alternating checks on the four sides of the box to give it a woven basket look as shown.

Small Red Hot Air Balloon Diy Paper Lamp Shade

STEP 3: After the paint is dry, use wood glue to fasten four 1/2″ × 1/2″ × 36″ square dowels at least eight inches deep into each inside corner of the box.

STEP 4: Cut the 4 inch piece you made earlier to mirror the shape of the top liner holding the balloons to the right. Attach this piece to the top of the dowels with wood glue. STEP 5 Next, cut four 20″ lengths of 1/2″ foam pipe insulation

, cutting each end at a 45 degree angle. Slide the pre-cut foam slots over the top edge of the basket and match the slanted ends so they fit together. Attach with wood glue and let dry.

STEP 6: Punch four holes just below the foam liner, two centered in the front of the basket, about six inches apart, and two in the back. Thread two 1 1/2 yard lengths of 2″ wide ribbon through the holes front to back. Tie each piece of ribbon in the front and tie the two pieces together in a bow in the back.

Diy Halloween Costume: Hot Air Balloon

STEP 7: Punch small holes in the bottom of each corner of the box. Using a black marker, mark four plain paper bags as SAND and fill them with fluff paper or foam peanuts. Tie the bags with twine, then tie the string through the holes.

STEP 8: Securely tie at least 20 helium balloons, with ribbons cut to varying lengths, to the top of the basket.

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Diy Hot Air Balloon Party Favors To Take You Up Up And Away

15 St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths to Bring You Good Luck Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends Who’ll Love Fun Valentine’s Crafts to Make This February The Navy Sent Our Baggage From Virginia to Washington state a few months ago. And with the move, we left behind our 1960 “work in progress” home that we bought in Virginia and lived in for a total of 17 months. I enjoyed my short-lived freedom of being able to paint whatever I wanted, whatever color I wanted. We are renting (again!) and I have no more walls to paint. Sigh.

Timmy and Vera shared a room during our stay in Washington. I love the idea of ​​my two toddlers sharing a room – bedtime is the cutest! Now that we’re settled into our new rental home, I’ve turned my attention to my kids’ very white room. My goal is to bring some color and whimsy into their common room.

And what’s more colorful and whimsical than a hot air balloon? My first addition to their room was some DIY hot air balloons to hang from the ceiling. They were so easy to make and turned out really cute! All you need to make one are a few inexpensive things:

Pretty simple, right? To start, I cut 4 equal strips of ribbon (approximately 2 feet each) and one shorter strip of ribbon long enough to wrap around the top of your basket or cup. If you choose to use a paper cup, I suggest cutting off the rim of the cup. I made 3 hot air balloons – I used paper cups for two of my hot air balloon “baskets” and a wooden basket for the third. Both look great in my opinion.

Hot Air Balloon

You will notice that the paper lantern is divided into 8 colored panels. I chose to attach four ribbons to the cup/basket and lantern, but you can use 2, 4, or even 8 depending on what you like best. I lined a seam between two panels with a strip of hot glue and attached a ribbon the length of the lantern, leaving the tail of the ribbon hanging from the bottom of the lantern. I attached the remaining 3 ribbons leaving two lantern panels between each ribbon.

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I left about 3 inches between the bottom of the lantern and the top of the cup/basket. I taped the ribbon down the length of the cup/basket. I then taped the remaining 3 ribbons, making sure to leave the same length of ribbon between the lantern and the cup/basket. You don’t want a warped basket for your hot air balloon!

I attached the ribbons to the center of the bottom of the cup/basket with a little glue and trimmed the “tails” to a good length.

You can also attach the ribbons to the inside of the cup/basket and choose not to have a tail. It’s all personal preference! I really liked how the ribbons looked on the outside of the basket. The shortest piece of ribbon was taped around the top of my cup and I cut off the excess.

Little Boy Playing With Diy Hot Air Balloon In Park Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 84400415

At first I stopped at this step, but later decided to add bunting around each lantern. I’m so glad I did – I think it added so much to the hot air balloons. I cut strips of white yarn and glued the ends under the lantern ribbons. Make sure the yarn is long enough to thread between the ribbons. I cut small triangles from scrapbooking paper I had at home and glued them to the white ribbon.

I tied a piece of monofilament to the metal support in the opening of the top of the balloon and attached the monofilament to a screw hook from the ceiling.

And there it is. So cute and each one took about 20 minutes to make. I’d love to know what you think of my hot air balloons or see pictures of your own beautiful creations! I am so inspired by these hot air balloons hanging in their room that I can’t wait to move on to the next project. Next for their room? A few aqua curtains with white pom-poms and a colorful, hand-stitched bunting. Hopefully their room will be finished before our next move!

Welcome! As a stay-at-home mom of three young kids and the wife of a naval officer, life can get a little crazy sometimes. There is joy in all this chaos, and I try to share a little of that here. This is my place to share kids crafts, our preschool activities at home, some parenting thoughts and crafting inspiration. Take a look and of course I’d love to hear from you! Learn how to make a hot air paper lantern in minutes with this easy and fun tutorial.

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How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?

It just doesn’t get much cuter than a hot air balloon paper lantern in bright, fun colors, right?

Hot air balloons with paper lanterns are great decorations for a nursery or children’s room and would look great for a birthday party!

I originally created this tutorial for Darice’s blog as a member of their design team, and now I’m sharing the tutorial here on my own blog.

I used several colors of paint with multiple colors of lanterns so I had a nice variety of colors.

Hot Air Balloon Day (june 5th)

Open the lantern you want to draw and follow the paper lines to draw each part of the lantern.

There is a nice straight even line where the paper overlaps which is easy to use as an edge where you want to draw.

I used one color of lantern paint, but feel free to mix it up a bit more and use more colors!

Depending on the size of your paper lantern, your string may need to be shortened or longer.

Diy Air Balloon Download

Carefully place the string over the line of glue and press down with a skewer or something else.

I have blue paper with white fluffy clouds on it which looks great with the balloons floating in front of it!

One of my favorite things about these hot air balloons is that they don’t take up much storage space.

Simply pull off the metal inner part and close the lanterns back just as they came.

Diy Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume

They don’t take up much space, which is nice if you have boxes and boxes of craft supplies and party decorations. 😉

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