Make Your Own Rain Chain

Make Your Own Rain Chain – Rain Chains, I think it came from Japan. Its main function is to replace a gutter downpipe. When it rains, water flows through this rain stream to a water outlet/drain. They must be made of copper, as this gives a peaceful dripping sound. As they are incredibly expensive, I decided to create my own. I’ll make another one, but with something like tin buckets or anything metal. – Make a hole in the bottom of the “bucket” to pass the chain and 2 holes on the sides to attach the handles to the bucket. Run the strap at intervals through the chain to keep it steady and balanced. At the end of the rain chain, attach something to collect the water if you are not using it as a down tube.

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Make Your Own Rain Chain

8 plastic flower pots, any size. Galvanized Steel Wire. To make bucket handles. Chains/Pearls/Bling/Whatever gets you. The strength of the current depends on the weight of the buckets of water.

Stanwood Rain Chain Large Cup/bell Copper Rain Chain, 8 Feet

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This is a copper rain chain I made for my wife, she convinced me to enter her Sewuseful Etsy contest. And here’s the link to it on the Etsy Copper Rain Chain

I think I should mention what a rain chain is, it’s an alternative to a gutter, it guides water and stops the flow, they originated in Asia.

In this first step you will only need the copper pipe and the pvc. Hold the end of the copper pipe and the pvc tightly in one hand, now start wrapping the copper around the pvc while pulling on the copper to avoid kinking. You should end up with a nice coil that looks like it belongs in a still 😉

Diy Rain Chain Installation

First we need to adjust the rings. Carefully adjust them until the two ends line up, if your cutout was consistent you are ready to solder, if not then pliers can be used for less delicate adjustments.

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You need to bond the rings before soldering. Now that they’re hooked up, brush each joint with some solder flux, heat it up in the torch, and add some lead-free solder.

Hanging is simplicity itself, remove the old nozzle, feed the top copper ring through the hole and insert a spare piece of straight copper to span the downward nozzle through the top ring. Now wait for the rain, with our drought I simulated with the hose. 😉 Spring showers don’t have to knock you out. Create a gentle rain stream that will redirect that tiring downpour into your lush landscaping.

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Diy Rain Chain (2 Ways To Make A Beautiful Copper Rain Chain)

Ugly gutter no more! This DIY rain chain is a fancy gutter alternative that turns rainwater into your own water resource.

Give the boot to your flat gutter and replace it with this adorable colorful rain chain. Popular in Japan, versatile rain chains are the perfect outdoor accessory for transporting rainwater to your flowerbed and are certainly a prettier alternative to a basic downspout! With the help of some small terracotta pots and a gold chain, this stunning design is just an afternoon project away.

You’ll start with nine small terracotta pots and a large saucer. For an ombre look, start with your favorite shade of exterior paint and cover three pots and the saucer. Then mix in a lighter color and cover three more pots. Keep mixing to get a lighter shade and cover the remaining three pots.

Place a 12-foot chain on a flat surface. Measure a 12-inch length and separate using pliers. Continue to cut the chain every 12 inches.

Creative Diy Rain Chains

Take a mini S-hook and thread it through one end of a 12-inch chain and into the terracotta pot’s drain hole. Attach a second piece of chain to the other side of the S-hook and continue adding pots. The easiest way to do this is to first attach the chain to the house, then complete your rain chain while the chain hangs vertically. To create the rest of the chain, connect the chain links together with the S-hooks until all the terracotta pots have been used.

Place the terracotta saucer under the final pot for a place to catch rain runoff. Fill the saucer with rocks and thus the rain chain becomes part of the surrounding landscaping.

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Easily store long power tools like weed eaters, pole saws and leaf blowers off the ground and out of the way with this rolling storage system.

How To Divert Water Runoff From A Roof With No Gutters

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Gift money to your favorite graduate with one of our fun and smart DIYs. Because who doesn’t love money, right? There’s nothing wrong with being a little different, and sometimes gutters and spouts are just too common for some of us! Spruce up your home with some amazing DIY rain chain ideas that bring convenience

Rainwater Harvesting Diy Projects To Make At Home

This is a great garden style rain chain idea that can really bring your whole yard together! Paint the vases any kind of fun color you like to complement the rest of the decor and colors. All you have to do is make a small hole in the bottom of each pot and then bring them together.

This is a simple and elegant way to bring a stream of rain to your backyard. Take some copper rings, snap them together and hang them wherever the rain falls! Watch as a beautiful cascade of water trickles down this new feature!

Here is a very natural looking rain chain for you! You can use real or fake pine cones, although real ones may require more maintenance. Wrap yarn around each pine cone or cut a hole in the middle for yarn. However you decide to do it, just make it look amazing!

Do you have a bunch of old cutlery you don’t want to use but can’t seem to throw away? Twist and tie them together to get a unique rain chain for your backyard. Arrange the spoons so that the water falls into the cupped tips at each height.

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Easy To Make Rain Chain Projects

This is a great garden themed rain chain that can fit right in with the rest of your yard. You can arrange the buckets to stand upright or place them at fun angles to create an even more captivating rain chain.

This is a simple yet elegant idea that is easy and fun to create. Just take some wire, wrap it around colored stones at any interval you like, then hang the artwork! The water running over the rocks can really provide a fascinating decoration for every taste.

Now that’s being creative! Repurpose some old, worn-out funnels to make a fun rain chain! It might be a little difficult to get them in the right position, but it’s definitely a great idea that will look amazing in your backyard.

If you’re the artistic type, here’s an idea for you! Take or make some ceramic discs, stack them on top of each other, run a wire through the middle and assemble them together for an awesome rain chain! Use all different types of colors and sizes to make it fun and captivating!

Fantastic Diy Rain Chain Ideas To Freshen Up Your Outdoors With

This is a very cute and rustic rain chain idea for anywhere throughout your home or patio. Take wicker baskets, put glass jars with holes in the bottom and tie them all together to make this idea. The carafe helps control the flow of water so you can enjoy the wonderful decor.

If you want fun and simplicity, here’s the rain chain for you. All you have to do is grab some cable ties, tie them together, and hang them up! Voila, you have a colorful rain chain!

I hope this list of DIY rain chain ideas helps inspire you! Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite. Do you know what a rain chain is? They are an attractive alternative to those flat downspouts connected to the downspouts in our home. Downspouts are incredibly beneficial as

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