Best Diy Projects To Increase Home Value

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Thinking about investing in home renovations, but not sure which upgrades will actually bring you a return on investment (ROI) at resale? Before you move your wallet, take a look at the best DIY projects to increase your home’s value.

Best Diy Projects To Increase Home Value

Andrew and I love DIY projects. We redid our kitchen and floors, Andrew made me a custom barn door and bed frame (next post), and he’s going to design our dining room table soon.

Kitchen Remodel Roi Checklist For Investors • Prime Plus Mortgages

If it means saving money and learning a new skill, we’re always up for a new home upgrade! But most importantly, we believe that investing in your home pays off.

Despite skyrocketing inflation and real estate prices, demand for homes continues to rise. Phoenix has seen a 20% increase in home sales compared to last year!

But while home values ​​have doubled from just a few years ago, upgrades are often necessary to make a home and sell quickly when it hits the market.

Homeowners often make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars on major renovations that they think are trendy, only to find that these updates quickly fall out of style. Not only that, but many luxury upgrades don’t pay back as much as the initial cost.

Exterior Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

Whenever we were buying a home, we were faced with design styles and personal renovations that didn’t make sense. Upgrades weren’t always bland, but they were often bland

I can’t tell you how many times we say, “Well, that’s cool and creative, but I’d probably change it if I moved there…”

For example: a solid black stone fireplace in a dimly lit den, a large bathroom with 40% wasted space, a garage with so much storage that a car can’t park in it, a kitchen with a refrigerator in a random far corner From yard to other items, new carpet throughout the home including the master bath, and bedrooms with light colors, wallpaper, or accent walls.

Now, if you live at home, do as you please! But if you’re trying to sell again, minor updates are critical to making your home a unique, blank slate for buyers.

Maximum Home Value Storage Projects: Basement

The fun part is knowing that you can spend less than $5,000 on simple but dramatically life-changing upgrades and see your home increase in value by about $20,000.

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Buyers often type in keywords for their ideal homes. By adding some of the following key elements, and therefore keywords, to your home description, you can not only sell your home for top dollar, but you can do it in record time.

This can be very difficult when you live in Phoenix, and especially in an HOA. Many homes look the same amid the desert colors and potted plants.

However, these DIY exterior home projects and tasks can be done by anyone and may only require HOA approval.

Best Diy Outdoor Wood Projects To Try Out In 2022

But you don’t have to pay a landscaping crew to see a satisfying increase in home value. If you live in Phoenix, you don’t even need a lawn or green grass.

While a load of fresh gravel can beautify your yard, never underestimate the power of weeds. Keep shrubs short (and live) with varying heights. Add color either in your landscape vegetation or in potted plants in your entryway.

Painting plaster (the most common exterior material in Phoenix) is actually quite simple. If you do it yourself, your biggest expense is likely to be paint unless you rent equipment.

Another easy DIY project that will increase the value of your home is stone cladding on your facade. This finished look is an automatic win for curb appeal, especially out here in the desert where so many homes look the same.

Worthwhile Home Additions That Can Increase Home Value

Keep in mind, an HOA will likely need to approve both the exterior paint color and the stone panels you choose to install.

This one probably isn’t a DIY project, let’s be honest. But according to many home buying and real estate studies, new garage doors have a high return on investment after resale.

While you’re at it, if your garage door motor is already old and clunky, you’ll need to update it. It also doesn’t hurt to install a keyboard for easy access if you don’t already have one.

However, although updated garage doors can have a significant impact on a home’s value, converting a garage into additional living space

Does A Deck Add Value To A House

You may like the idea as long as you live in it, but since most buyers want a real garage, a conversion may lower your home’s resale value.

Consider painting or even replacing your old front door. Again, the color may need HOA approval (most don’t like red even though it’s great feng shui).

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Do not overdo it. You don’t need an Amish hand-scraped mahogany door. A fresh coat of paint, a swept entryway, and a nice door mat are still attractive things to a homebuyer’s overall impression.

Also, security doors are basically essential in Phoenix to enjoy the cool weather during the peak season. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly the prettiest. If you are taking photos of your property, I recommend keeping the security door open.

Weekend Projects That Add To Home Value

You may not have a wrap-around porch or pillars and columns at the entrance of your home. But you can still do your part to attract potential buyers to your home.

They may not come at night, but you like to shoot during the day and at dusk. Plus, if shoppers are smart, they might even drive by your neighborhood at night to find out what hours it is after.

Does your driveway have cracks, weeds, oil stains, or debris left on it? It’s best to take care of your home before you put it up for sale.

Additionally, painting your driveway or pavers and stepping stones with a wet sealer can also dramatically improve a buyer’s first impression.

These Paint Colors Could Increase Your Home’s Value By Up To $5,000

If you have extra capital to invest in your home, it’s worth updating your roof or at least having it checked.

Even though repairing your roof may be more expensive and likely not a DIY project, it is a necessary exterior upgrade. Not only will your home’s resale value increase, an updated roof will ensure that your home sells and passes inspections.

Depending on your square footage, you can spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for stone veneer. But when you put your home on the market, it can mean $3,000 to $5,000 more than your asking price.

Exterior house painting with stucco – average $3,000 to $5,000 if you pay a crew. If you do it yourself, you’ll need a pressure washer (this one is $40 off on Amazon right now), gap filling, and possibly a long ladder and paint sprayer for tough areas. Since labor is about 80% of the cost, you’ll probably save a ton by doing this project yourself!

Renovations That Will Increase Your Home’s Value By 20% In 2022

You don’t have to spend $20 on a complete kitchen remodel to reap the rewards. Although many aspects of the kitchen are great, the good news is that almost every one can be updated by the homeowner for minimal cost.

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Since home cooking and being a hostess is important to me, our first focus was a DIY kitchen upgrade.

Mind you, I already liked the open and logical layout of my kitchen. Otherwise, I would not have bought the house.

The only thing I still have to complain about is how deep and thus messy our pantry cabinets are. Eventually we plan to expand it into a shelving unit to accommodate my need for organization, but that project is lower on our list…

Maximum Home Value Bathroom Projects: Flooring

A new faucet, kitchen sink, and updated cabinet pulls or handles can make a huge difference in a kitchen! If you can splurge a bit, I personally recommend a touchless or smart faucet.

There are a variety of options, but your best bet is to play it safe in design.

Brushed stainless is a classic look for a sink or faucet, as is a white ceramic sink and a black faucet that won’t show water stains easily.

In addition, installing recessed lighting with smart or energy-efficient bulbs is also a good move. People looking for a house often pass by a house that looks dark or dirty. Recessed lighting can solve your home’s lighting problems.

Clever Home Upgrades That Will Instantly Add Resale Value

If your kitchen appliances are draining your electric bill, head to Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp to replace gently used appliances. You can find new range hoods, cabinets, bins, industrial shelving and tons of other kitchen products for sale.

If your kitchen needs more than a few minor updates, chances are your cabinets are crying out for attention.

Of course, the most common and completely doable DIY kitchen upgrade is painting the cabinets, like we did with our old oak cabinets.

While the most popular color option in recent years has been white, design trends show that cream, black, navy, green, gray and navy are also popular options.

Will That Renovation Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

Aside from investing in small equipment like a sander or sprayer, your only expenses will be primer and paint. Oh, and you have like a week. But the final result

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