Make Your Own Placemats Laminated

Make Your Own Placemats Laminated – I was looking for placemats wherever I went, I found a lot of really nice ones, but they were expensive and at the same time, they were all cloth type placemats, which requires a lot of maintenance. There were no laminated placemats with pretty patterns or colors, most were with graphics like fruit or some kind of old photo. (At least in the places where I shopped). I had some large laminated sheets that came with the laminator and I never used them. They were the size of placemats. So I thought why not make our own. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Mark 11″ X 17″ on cardstock using ruler and pencil. Cut them with scissors. You will receive three pieces per card stock. I used black poster to match my dining table. The black cardstock had some white edges that I cut with scissors.

Make Your Own Placemats Laminated

Step 2: Cut your bulletin board paper designs using scissors or any electronic cutting machine. I used copy paper settings to cut out designs.

Diy Placemats…great For Thanksgiving Dinner & Easy To Do!

Using another card stock to create patterns on top of the base was not a good idea as it creates gaps around the patterns after lamination which was unattractive. (See image below). There was something called bulletin board paper near the poster section in the Hobby lobby which had less thickness compared to cardboard (see second photo below)

And it also came in a 2ft x 4ft roll. So I used that paper to create designs on top of the black card stock.

Step 3: After cutting out the designs, stick them to the card stock using any paper glue. I used adhesive roller to fix the designs. I made them double sided with geometric patterns on one side and floral designs on the other side.

You can skip this step of cutting patterns/designs from paper and draw your own design using ink pen. I drew the one shown below for your reference. There is only one Zentangle design.

Diy Table Setting Placemats

Step 4: Keep them between the laminated sheet and heat the laminator. Once ready, pass them through the rollers. Ready. Your laminated placemat is ready!!

Hope this inspires you to make your laminated placemats. These are very easy to use and maintain. And they are fully customizable. You can use your own art as placemats or your child’s art as placemats. I’d also like to share a few things I wish I’d known first: 1) Try to avoid dark colored cardstock for laminating projects like this one. I don’t know if it’s visible in the photos here, but when seen in person there are some smudges (I don’t know what to call them) that give a patchy black look to the placemats. 2) Avoid using dotted tape because the dots are very faintly visible after lamination. It’s much less noticeable, but it kind of bothers me. So it’s better to use any other paper glue or glue stick that is smooth instead of dotted.

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I hope these tips help you avoid the mistakes I made and allow you to make beautiful placemats for your home. If you make these placemats, which designs/patterns will you prefer? Share them in the comments below. As always, I’ll be happy to hear from you. Guys… I couldn’t be more excited about today’s DIY project tutorial because it’s a project that’s not just

I know, I know, you can buy placemats laminated or coated, but why buy when you can make these bad boys on the cheap?

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Project to tackle now that the warm weather, outdoor living season is here. These are just begging to be a part of your backyard barbecue table!

It’s important for me to start this post by admitting that I can in no way take credit for this idea. It was actually my genius mother who came up with the idea after seeing something similar at a restaurant here in Phoenix. Said restaurant laminated really cool and fun sheets of wallpaper and used them as placemats throughout the restaurant. And being the wonderful, caring mom that she is, as soon as she saw them, she texted me a picture of the placemats and the message, “New DIY project!” And now here we are. So save it to you, Anna! She totally understands me.

One of the things I loved most about this project is how versatile it is. Like I said, you can completely customize it to your own style, basically for any occasion, because it’s so cheap and easy to replicate. A celebratory backyard barbecue, a birthday party for the little ones (hello, easy mess cleanup!), an epic outdoor Cinco de Mayo bash, any holiday ever… so many possibilities! Or if you just love having cute placemats around that don’t make you cry silently every time you see someone spill a drop of red wine on them, then you need this in your life!

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As mentioned, and as is always the case with any DIY home decor project we tackle and share with you here on the blog, our first mission is to figure out how to make this project as easy and approachable as possible, so that it’s not just useful. sweat for it. Minimal effort, maximum impact is the name of the game around these pieces, and for this particular project, it started with figuring out how to laminate something easily, at home, with minimal professional tools and equipment. Then I needed to find out

Vikalpah: Diy Laminated Placemats

I could get away with laminating (Fabric? Wallpaper? Plain paper? What was the lamination limit?) and what material would be most economical and easily customizable to laminate. I’m going to be straight with you and admit that I’m not a professional laminator. In fact, I had never laminated anything at home before, so this was going to be a journey, friends.

After Googling my way to at least Laminating Minor League status and watching over 20 home laminating how-to videos, I was confident that the answer to these DIY Laminating Placemats was this: Thermal Laminating Pouches the size of a menu that you can buy on Amazon and at almost any office supply store. Simply insert what you want to laminate into the bag, turn on the iron, place an old cloth or cloth over the bag to protect it and iron. These pouches are meant to be used with a thermal laminating machine, but thanks to the kind DIYers on the interwebs I’ve found that you don’t actually need that. A good old fashioned iron would provide enough heat to get the job done and do it well!

Then came the whole: “So what can I do with lamination?” question, and this time the answer required a bit more trial and error. I mean, I had to test every possible option for you guys because we all need to know the limitations, right? Right. I decided I was going to grow it first and shrink from there, so I first tried laminating a fun piece of fabric I had around the house. The bottom line is that, probably unsurprisingly to you, using the thermal laminating/ironing pouches technique, the fabric did not work. Too thick, didn’t look good, didn’t laminate properly, kind of messy. Next I tried a piece of wallpaper I found in a roll under our guest bed. The result? Laminated perfectly, looked super fluffy, great thickness to give you a substantial placemat. So that’s a thumbs up, but I will say that if you can’t find leftover wallpaper, it might not be the most cost-effective option if you have to throw out an entire roll. If you can find it on the cheap or on sale? Do it! Next was the wrapping paper I had from a roll of regular wrapping paper. Although laminated fairly easily, its lack of weight/thickness meant that it didn’t laminate very cleanly/smoothly, and when all was said and done, it wasn’t a very substantial placemat. Cost-effective, but not necessarily achieved the desired result. Finally, I tried the material I was looking forward to the most – a thicker printed wrapping sheet and the result was just as amazing as I had hoped! It is laminated so easily and perfectly, it is a little economical because with one of these sheets (they range from $4 to $6, sometimes even cheaper or on sale) you can make two DIY laminated placemats and it results in a Relatively thick and substantial placemat. Success!

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And so, a fully tried, tested, and customizable DIY project was brought to life, and now here on the blog for you to try out for yourself. I absolutely love the idea of ​​you guys doing fun DIYs. laminated placemats for the little ones, a party or a holiday, so be sure to email me at hello@ with pictures, or tag me in your photos on Instagram and show me how you customized them and made them your own

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