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In this Luminar Neo review, I recommend Skylum Software’s latest and greatest photo editor with a simple interface. Powerful presets And with amazing AI-powered tools like Relight AI, Mask AI, Layers, and Portrait Background Remove, image enhancement is easier and faster than ever.

Luminar Neo Free Trial

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Luminar Neo Free Trial

This review is based on the latest version of Luminar Neo. With v1.2.0, we finally get the Dodge and Burn tool, as well as access to premium extensions like HDR Merge. As a result, the differences between Neo and Luminar AI have never been. before Whether you’re a new customer or want to own a Luminar AI, Luminar Neo is a powerful choice. Go to Summary | Download Luminar Neo Trial.

Skylum Brings Hdr Merge To Luminar Neo As A Paid Extension

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered image editor from Skylum Software. Released on February 17, 2022, Luminar Neo will replace Luminar 4 as an image editor for Skylum enthusiasts. Read our Luminar 4 review.

Unlike other image editors, Skylum Software’s Luminar product uses AI to enable Luminar Neo to automate traditional image editing and replace complexity with a single click.

For example, Luminar Neo has Sky Enhancer, Golden Hour Glow, and Skin AI. just drag the slider

But what if you don’t want to postpone the drag? But with presets, you don’t have to. The presets in Luminar Neo offer a one-click path to a well-edited image, since Luminar Neo already works well. You don’t need to do anything.

Luminar — Blog — More Than A Snapshot

There is nothing to say that Luminar Neo is a silly photo editor for beginners. On the other hand, Luminar Neo can compete with any image editor on the market today. With amazing AI-powered tools such as Bokeh AI and Sky Replace AI, the seasoned image editor has a lot to offer. In this Luminar Neo review, we’re going to take a look at 11 key features of the Luminar Neo, but now who is Neo?

Luminar Neo is the best photo editor for beginners on the market today. But even if you are an experienced photographer Still, it’s hard to resist the combination of speed and efficiency of the Luminar Neo. If you’ve used Neo, it’s hard to go back and clean the mask and tone it down.

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Download the free trial of Luminar Neo and try it free for seven days. no credit card required

Luminar Neo Free Trial

Luminar Neo comes with the same functionality as Luminar AI. These features include Sky AI, Bokeh AI portrait, and Face AI. However, Luminar Neo has some tools that Luminar AI doesn’t, such as Relight AI, Mask AI, and a vertical background remover. To learn more about the differences between Luminar Neo and AI, check out Luminar Neo and Luminar AI.

Skylum Reveals Two More Extensions, Says Luminar Neo Is A ‘platform’

In this section of the Luminar Neo review, we’ll look at 11 key features to help you decide if the Luminar Neo is worth it.

Photo manipulation takes place on the Luminar Neo Catalog tab. Here you can mark photos “liked” or “rejected” and move your photos to your own album.

Unlike other image editors, however, you can’t tag images with keywords or set up Smart Search. It also lacks advanced photo management features like geotagging and facial recognition. Z is friendly, clean and pleasant to use.

Luminar Neo has a batch editor that allows you to transfer settings from one edit to another. in carrying out a large number of adjustments Open the catalog tab. Select the edited image and the image you want to transfer enhancements to. That’s all.

My Luminar Neo Beta Version Review & Luminar Neo Release Date

The presets in Luminar Neo offer a simple 1-step alternative to manual photo editing. And with a collection of 22 different presets with 5-6 separate presets – there are presets for every photo.

Neo’s AI will also evaluate your photos and suggest pre-collections that they think will suit your images. You can purchase additional presets from the Skylum Marketplace or create your own. The screenshot below shows the effect before and after applying the preset. Read more about presets in Luminar Neo.

Luminar Neo is the latest replacement for Luminar AI’s Sky AI Sky. With Sky AI, switching from one sky to another takes seconds. Sky AI also adapts your view to the new Sky.

Luminar Neo Free Trial

Although the quality of the results will vary from photo and sky to sky. You will be surprised how effective it is.

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How Effective Are Luminar Neo’s Automatic Sensor Dust And Power Line Removal Tools?

Luminar Neo has more than 30 different sky types to choose from, including Sunny Days, Sunsets and Sunrises, Storms and Auroras. You can download your own Skylum or purchase the Skylum at the Skylum Market. Learn how to edit landscapes with Luminar Neo.

Bokeh AI Portrait by Luminar Neo adds background blur to the portraits or selfies you take. Just like Sky AI, Bokeh AI portrait works very well. Blurring the background of a photo is just a matter of dragging the slider.

If you want intense blur You can change the depth of bokeh. This will make many lenses red. and for a little more punch You can highlight highlights to add a bit of sparkle. in the video below I showed how easy it is to turn a smartphone into a selfie portrait. Read on for the fastest way to edit selfies.

Luminar Neo’s AI face and skin is a very effective tool to correct bad lighting conditions and remove age.

Skylum Reveals Details About Layers And More Coming To Luminar Neo

Face AI lets you update your subject’s face, but in addition, you can remove facial wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, red lips, whiten teeth, and improve eyebrows. At the same time, the skin’s AI removes wrinkles and removes blemishes.

Is a powerful thing And with Luminar Neo’s AI-powered algorithm, you don’t need to cover up or scrub. Instead, just select an effect and adjust its strength.

Luminar Neo Mask uses AI object recognition to automatically cover objects such as architecture, sky, water and people. After applying the mask You can change that area and keep the rest of the picture.

Luminar Neo Free Trial

Depending on the complexity of the photo, AI masks can work flawlessly. If the mask is not correct You can edit them manually using brushes. Read more about the Luminar Neo AI mask.

Skylum’s New Software Luminar Neo Is Now Ready For You To Use

With scene recognition using artificial intelligence, Luminar Neo AI Relight automatically recognizes the foreground of your photos. where you can create independent lighting

Although Relight AI has many applications. I used Relight AI in the video below to edit and improve the ad theme. Learn more about Relight AI in Luminar Neo.

Luminar Neo’s Erase Tool does just that. Draw whatever you want and it will happen. There is also an option to remove wires and dust with one click.

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My first impression of the Erase was very good, but after subsequent updates and longer use I found it to be missed. As in the picture below, deleting Powerline may be unreliable.

Luminar Neo: Shortcut Cheatsheet

The Luminar Neo layer allows you to add one or more layers, such as bokeh, blur, and highlights. You may contribute to the next image.

Just like any other layered editor. Unlike more complex editors, you can adjust the opacity, order, and blending type of layers. However, you can’t add adjustment layers, vectors, or text. However, it’s easy to use and I really like it. Learn more about Luminar Neo layers.

The final addition to this Luminar Neo review is the vertical background removal AI. As the name suggests This tool allows you to quickly delete your themes. This is useful if you want to add a new location or add your portrait to your graphics, presentations, or social media posts.

Luminar Neo Free Trial

The first iteration of AI, vertical background removal depends on the complexity of your image. It generally works well for smaller use cases such as social media. But replacing the background and high-end graphic design needs work before it produces good results. Read more about removing vertical backgrounds in Luminar Neo.

Luminar Neo Gives Us A Better Preview Of What’s Coming

There are more extensions in Luminar Neo v1.2.0. Currently there is only one extension, HDR Merge, but more are being worked on.

HDR in the Luminar Neo allows you to combine multiple photos taken at different exposures to create a single image with high dynamic range. It works great with individual photos. See HDR on the Luminar Neo for more info.

Luminar Neo is very usable. For example, the user interface is clean and well-named and features accessibility, and because Neo’s AI eliminates complicated editing steps with one click. Editing images is easy.

Skylum software also blessed the Luminar Neo with smart ergonomics.

Luminar Ai Review (2021) For Photographers [+ Free Trial]

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