Free Trial Review Free Trial Review – A few years ago, I needed to get an audiobook quickly, but I tried Audible for free. Then I found and tried it for the first time. I couldn’t be happier with them and finally found a great (and maybe even better) alternative to Audible! If you’re wondering if is legit and worth it, or if you have any other questions about it, our review is here to help!

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But let’s get straight to the point with my quick summary that briefly answers your main questions about!

Audible Review: Free, Audible Plus, And Audible Premium Plus Plans

There is nothing more to say about a service as simple as bringing you the best audiobooks in the world. But has definite advantages and disadvantages, which I will talk about now.

The app is available for free on iPhone and Android. You can also listen to books online, but most of the features and user interface are almost much the same, so I will focus only on the app.

I love how easy this program is. When logging in and viewing your book, you have three main options:

Nothing else to say about it, the app is easy to use, simple and I love listening to audiobooks with it. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features to see more reasons why this is a great app.

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You might think it’s as easy as listening to a book, but the app has a lot of useful tools. We’ll start with the biggest ones here, and then in the next section we’ll talk about other benefits that aren’t specific to audiobooks.

As I mentioned, the main one is, of course, listening to the audiobook, which is ready. You can play books you’ve purchased with your credits, as well as download them for offline use.

One unique feature that I really like is that the player allows you to display the time spent in a book, by chapter or by book as a whole. It is also broken into tracks and allows you to fast forward or rewind up to 60 seconds and fast forward up to 10 seconds.

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My favorite listening feature that makes it inaudible to me is that it still allows you to stream to any device in the house. Since I have an iPhone and use Google Nest speakers in my home, my ability to stream from my phone to my speakers is often quite limited. Audible is one of those that unfortunately doesn’t let you stream audiobooks to your Google Nest speaker. On the other hand, allows me to stream my books to my speakers, which is a game changer!

The Best Audiobook Sites 2022: Easy Listening Anywhere

Another great feature of the app is that you can bookmark your favorite parts and write notes on them! To be honest, I haven’t made the most of this potential. But it’s a game changer for anyone who’s ever tried to find a place in an audiobook and knew it could take forever!

One of my favorite aspects of discovering new books on is the samples they provide. In comparison, when you hear a sample on Audible, it’s usually from the middle of the book. And it’s only about five minutes. On the other hand, gives you 10 minutes of free listening instead of 5. And it starts at the beginning of the book so you can get a better idea of ​​what’s involved before you decide if you try to get it. .

Another great feature is the free audio book. It’s not the best option, but that’s to be expected with everything free. Looking through, I found popular titles like The Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince, so there are some nuggets in there!

Another great way to use your monthly credit when you have a subscription is to sign up for a so-called audio book club. This is not a traditional book club where you read books and discuss them with others. Instead, you can use one credit to gain access to one of eight “Audiobook Clubs.” If you choose this option, you can listen to thousands of titles in this club as much as you want during the month. And of course you can preview the title before you decide to see if you want to use this option!

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These are just the main features of related to listening to audiobooks. But that’s not the only listening benefit you get with a subscription. Let’s see them longer!

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All other benefits of subscribing to or using the subscription-free program apply to receiving information in audio format.

The first is podcasts, which you can find, subscribe to and listen to just like any other podcast app. This is very useful, especially if you want to have podcasts and audiobooks in one place. Free Trial Review

Another great feature of is the sleep section. In this area you can meditate, visualize, soothing sounds, bedtime stories, soothing songs and ASMR audio to help you fall asleep. This is quite a unique feature that is very useful. Plus, the selection is amazing, I think every type of person can find something that will help them sleep in it!

Audible Premium Plus: Get Three Months Of This Streaming Service Free

This is followed by a section called “Summary and more”. These include several different podcasts, including audio versions of book summaries, book clubs, debates, conversations and interviews, and more. You’ll love this section if you like listening to people talk about all kinds of books. And it could help you decide how to use your credit too!

Then there’s Audio Magazine, where you can find audio content from popular publications like National Geographic, The Guardian, The New York Times and more.

And finally, there is audio news. In this zone you can find out what is happening around the world in audio format. It includes many popular news publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Vox, NPR and others.

I’ll just briefly mention that of course has all the usual features for managing your account, changing settings and getting support. I love that they have a chat feature built into the app that makes it easy to get support!

Sources For Full Length Free Audio Books For Adults (saves $164.45/yr.)

To decide if it’s worth it, let’s look at the price and what you get for it. Then I had a fun thought experiment to help us understand the value of all the features!

An subscription costs $14.95 per month. So, you get one credit to use on any of their 250,000+ audiobooks. You also get extra credits to use on their VIP selection, including popular titles and some hidden gems. In addition, you can download any audiobook to listen offline wherever you go.

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You will also get access to free audiobooks, podcasts and other additional audio programs such as meditation, sleep, summaries, book clubs, audio magazines and audio news. And if you want, you can use your credit to access the Audiobook Club, which includes thousands of titles in a specific category of your choice. Free Trial Review

These are just features, but what do they bring to your life that makes them worth paying for? Let’s break it down into two components:

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I personally listen to several different audiobooks now, and they are a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and I can clearly see the benefits for myself.

As for the fiction books I listen to, I love how they help me relax. I often think too much about work, especially when I need to relax. It is almost impossible to get my mind off work, even sometimes after I do. But the quickest way to solve this problem, I’ve found, is to plug in headphones and play a fictional audiobook.

I immediately fell into a story with a character whose problems were far different from mine. But I love hearing stories about them working hard and overcoming challenges, which inspires me. By diverting my mind to something outside of my life, I get a mental break from the otherwise difficult work. And many times I find that I learn little things here and there that help me at work too!

When it comes to non-fiction books, I love how they help me improve my life. I recently learned about the power of thought. How we think determines how we live, so if we can use positive thinking, we can create the life we ​​dream of. With popular science books, you can consciously manage your thought patterns to make yourself healthy, happy and successful. This is where we get into the thought experiment I mentioned earlier.

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