Best Dermaplaning Tools

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Karen Kagha, MD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Boston. She is currently a cosmetic and laser fellow at Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital.

Best Dermaplaning Tools

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Dermaplaning At Home

/ Jessica Julia There is no shortage of ways to remove unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin. Alpha-hydroxy acid, waxing and laser hair removal have their time and place, but when it comes down to it, more people are turning to dermaplaning. The technique commonly used by professionals involves carefully dragging a sharp metal edge across the skin. It exfoliates, basically sloughs off dead cells and removes fine hair (the peach fuzz). Tested and Approved We give the Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Peeling Device high marks. It worked better than any device we tested and left our test’s skin smoother than ever. However, the Skin Camp Dermaplaning Beauty Wand will only cost you a few dollars, and its beginner-friendly design gets the job done. It looks like shaving, because it basically is. In addition to the benefits of exfoliation—think glowing, healthy skin and complexion—removing peach fuzz creates a super smooth makeup canvas. Despite the old rumors, shaving does not make your hair thicker or darker. And trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds – after all, men have been doing it for ages. There are many tools you can use at home, including razors, electric clippers, and everything in between. To help you narrow down your options, we tested 15 gadgets in the lab to see how well they actually work. Ahead, the best skin planing tools tested by Our Top Picks Overall: Dermaflash Dermaplaning Peeler at Amazon Best Budget Jump to Review: Skin Camp Dermaplaning Beauty Wand at Target Jump to Best Design: Stacked Skin Care at Amazon Jump to Best for Beginners: Philips Beauty PrecisionPerfect Trimmer at Amazon Jump to Review Best Release: Tweezer Facial Shaving at Amazon Go Best for Brows Review: Kitsch Pro Dermaplaner Tool Kit at Amazon Go to Review Best Value: Sephora Collection Metal Facial Shaver at Sephora Go to Review in This Article Expand Our Choice Final Verdict How We Tried Other Options We Tried What Search FAQ What Tried? Why Overall Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device 4.9 Saks Fifth Avenue View on Amazon View On Nordstrom View On Sephora Our Ratings Ease of Use 5/5 Performance 4.8/5 Skin Care 5/5 We Like Visible Results Comfortable Case Rechargeable Battery We Like After testing 15 expensive devices, Dermaflash Luxe is the clear winner. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this bad boy uses patented sonic technology to remove dead cells, pitch fuzz, and skin-numbing impurities, revealing instantly brighter, smoother skin. Our tester said it was easy to hold and felt comfortable in her hand while gliding it over her face. Even before applying the included moisturizer, she said her skin was smoother than ever. This electric peeler has four disposable replacement blades and a convenient charging dock. Especially when you consider buying more knives, the price is a big deal. But if you’re looking for an at-home device to replace expensive professional treatments, it might be worth checking out one of our top-shelf gadgets. And finally, Dermaflash outperformed everything we tried. Price at time of publication: $199. Type: Alternative Edge Electric Appliance/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao What our testers say “My skin is the softest it’s ever been.” — Sam Aaronson, Best Budget Product Assistant in Commercial Skin Camps Dermaplaning Beauty Wand 4.5 Skin Camp View Target View on View on Our Ratings Ease of Use 5/5 Performance 4.5/5 Skin Care 4/5 Our Rating Beginner friendly folding safety handle replacement heads included Left leather we don’t like A little red on the budget? Leather camping may be your best choice. Our tester’s pink plastic handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It was her first time using a skin planer and she was able to move the blade up, down and across her cheek without slipping or cutting herself. Although our tester’s skin was a bit red afterwards, it was very smooth and blotchy-free. The pocketknife-like design was a bit confusing at first, but the folding design allows for safe and compact transportation. Postage Price: $7 Type: Manual Blade with Flexible Heads/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao Our testers said, “It was easy to move up and down my cheeks and the handle was comfortable to hold in shape.” —Mega Lap, Senior Editorial Director Best Design Stacked Skincare Skin Planer Facial Scrubber 4.3 at Stacked Skincare View On Amazon View at Our Ratings Ease of Use 5/5 Performance 5/5 Aftercare 4.5/5 We Like Easy But weight is permanent. Helps With Uneven Texture Dermatologist What We Liked We Didn’t Like Dear Left Skin A Little Red This skin planing tool is a favorite of dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki, MD, who appreciates that the reusable handle reduces your carbon footprint. After trying it ourselves, we’re just as excited. Our tester liked that the lightweight yet sturdy design was easy to position at various angles. After running it on her cheeks, chin, and forehead, she said her skin texture felt smoother and softer. Although her skin was a bit red and irritated afterwards, she was grateful that the safety razor helped prevent cuts. The price is a little hard to swallow, but overall we like the look, ease of use, and results. Post Price: $75 Type: Manual Blade with Replacement Heads/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao/Jessica Juliao “Looks great on any vanity, is easy to use, and produces beautiful results,” our testers said. Avery Stone Associate Commercial Editor Director Best for Beginners Philips Beauty Precision Perfect Trimmer 4.3 at Amazon View at Amazon View at Walmart Our Ratings Ease of Use 4/5 Performance 4.5 /5 Skin Aftercare 4.5 /5 What We Like Easy to Use Handle What We Don’t Like Dermaplaning Beginners Doesn’t Peel Philips PrecisionPerfect is considered. The instructions are very simple – simply insert a AAA battery (included), turn it on and start running the device on your skin. Plus, our tester found this electric trimmer intuitive and easy to use. About the size and weight of an electric toothbrush, it’s easy to maneuver around the eyebrows, upper lip, nose area, and other tight corners of the face. Although it doesn’t provide much output, this gadget eliminates the pitch fuzz. We love the affordable price. Price at time of publication: $18. Type: Electric Trimmer / Jessica Giuliao What our testers said: “Very intuitive and easy to use.” – Danielle Ransom, commercial producer. 14 Best Home Wax Kits of 2022 Best Exfoliating Tweezer Shaver 5 Tweezerman View On Amazon View On Ulta View On Target Our Ratings Ease of Use 5/5 Performance 5/5 After Treatment 5/5 We Love Removes Dead Skin Peach Lint Stainless Steel Handle We Don’t Not for beginners If love is your goal, we highly recommend Tweezerman’s Facial Razor. Our tester glided effortlessly and painlessly over her skin, removing fine hairs and dead skin in one swipe. This hand shaver is made of stainless steel and has an easy-grip handle and a high-quality, professional feel. The blade is very sharp so it may not be suitable for beginners. However, our tester said it didn’t irritate her sensitive, acne-prone skin at all. Price at time of publication: $19 Type: Manual shaver with interchangeable heads /Jessica Giuliao Best Kitsch Pro Dermaplaner Kit for Eyebrows 4.8 Amazon View On Ulta View On Ulta View On Walmart Our Ratings Ease of Use 4.5/5 Performance 4/5 Easy to Use What We Like Great value for hair removal What we don’t like is that the dermaplan tools aren’t too sharp, they’re perfect for contouring your contours. We loved the Kitsch Eyebrow Razor, which is basically a handheld razor that you can use on the face. Although it didn’t come with instructions, our tester said it was very easy to use. She worked it around her eyebrows and was amazed at how well it managed to remove even the thickest of hairs. Swiping the rest of her face, she said it was off.

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