Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry – 85 percent of homebuyers consider a kitchen pantry “important” or “desirable,” according to the National Association of Home Builders. There is a clear drive to add and improve pantries in existing homes, from walk-in pantries to improvised solutions such as open shelving on basement stairs.

A pantry usually contains groceries, but no one says you can’t pack a few plates, small utensils, and baskets to hold linens, paper goods, and cleaning supplies. Continue. add dog bowl as well.

Kitchen Pantry

Shown: This compact and well-lit space has many features found in larger pantries, including sturdy shelving with a useful work surface underneath and finished with a face frame and butler style. Paneled, windowed doors and stone-like floors offer functionality while giving the pantry an attractive look and integrating it with the surrounding space. Rob Karosis/Crisp Architects

How To Choose A Kitchen Pantry

What’s important is a nice sense of order, another way of saying that the ultimate pantry needs a place for anything and everything. Read on for the details, whether you’re building from scratch or recycling what you’ve got.

To get started, figure out what you want to store or connect in there, whether it’s a lifetime supply of vanilla, a blender, a cookbook, your grandmother’s soup stock, a folding ladder, or that fondant fork you’ve been digging. every year. Don’t wait until shelves and alcoves are included to inventory and store anything first.

The ideal location is cool, dry and comfortable. Colon reno offers the most options, but it’s not the only method.

Instead of taking an interior wall to, say, open the kitchen to the dining room, consider moving that wall to make room for a pantry on the side of the kitchen.

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If you don’t use your coat or brooms much, think of it as a pantry. There is no law that prohibits allocating space for a trash can.

Colonial pantries are often not heated like lean-tos. Today’s equivalent is a one-story rear addition, which may include a half bath or mudroom.

If you have a cold, dry basement, find yourself in an independent unit; Strong, open wire shelves keep everything open and within easy reach. Or hang open shelves along the stairs – the steps will be a built-in ladder.

Usually about 5 x 5 feet, walk-ins can be lined with shelves or open U-shaped cabinets and finished with or without a desk.

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Gorgeous Pantry Closet Ideas For Your Kitchen

Adjustable shelves provide flexibility. Start on the bottom shelf 16 to 18 inches deep and 18 to 24 inches apart for very large items. make eye-level shelves 12 to 14 inches deep and 14 to 16 inches apart to accommodate cereal boxes and containers. Condiment and canning racks need no more than 6 inches front to back. When designing any element, add 2 inches of vertical space so you can easily bend or slide it in and out.

Before choosing a material for the shelves (3⁄4-inch plywood, half-inch MDF…), look up the Sagulator online to determine how far the shelves can extend before bowing under the weight of books and cans.

Typically about 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep, faucets can also be as shallow as 16 inches, making them a natural fit along a wall where there is a recess or recess. Access to the port side is convenient with sliding panel doors and enough vertical space to hold bins while partying.

ADVICE: Sliding or folding doors are prone to swinging and sticking, so don’t forget track hardware.

Brilliant Pantry Organization Ideas, Tips & Tricks

If you have a windowless wall in your kitchen or hall or adjoining mud room, try building shelves with or without doors. Open shelves allow you to grab what you need quickly, but they can also be a magnet for clutter and dust.

Open shelves are usually of uniform width. Organizer Pro likes shelves no deeper than 14 inches to keep everything front and center.

Group things like this so you don’t have to scan the entire wall or go to the door looking for hinges.

To answer the call for pantry-style storage, cabinetmakers now offer options that blend in with the rest of the kitchen’s storage, from simple upgrades like a tall overhang to full built-ins with cabin-like appeal.

Pantry Styles For Every Kitchen Design

ADVICE: Before lining closet doors with extra shelves, make sure there is room inside to close the doors.

The Batwing grocery cabinet features a French door refrigerator with limited swing doors and a drawer. Special models, as shown above, allow quick access to essential items, while drawers hide other items.

A narrow slide out, (pictured), opens from both sides and takes up awkward space. Rev-A-Shelf retrofits only 3 inches wide. Try before you buy. Heavy duty equipment is a must.

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Cabinet upgrades include wooden trays that vary in width and depth and can be placed at different heights depending on what you want to store. Again, it’s worth paying extra for heavy slides. They should work smoothly under heavy loads.

Stylish Pantry Ideas

Older houses are not known for closets and larger rooms, but have corners that can be turned into pantries or occupied by freestanding furniture.

Tucked under the stairs, this hideaway makes creative use of dead space, complete with doors that blend into paneled walls, built-in shallow shelves, lighting and a baking cart that rolls right into the kitchen.

Freestanding storage like this unpainted vintage hutch can add warmth and function. Look for sturdy shelves so everyday items are easy to see and reach.

Store items in containers appropriate for their contents. From left: woven baskets with handles, like this Sedona bag, suitable for linens and closed or not; starting at $25, Crate & Barrel.

How To Design A Kitchen Pantry At Home

Mason jars with tight-fitting, gasketed lids protect all spices like cinnamon sticks and bay leaves from light and premature aging; starting at $25, Le Creuset.

It is always good to check the shelf life of the product which is available online or you may risk SES (Sudden Expiry Syndrome).

Yes, this is a heavy duty place with more features. But that doesn’t mean your pantry shouldn’t have some style. Here are three colorful improvements to consider.

ROTATE THE CURVE. Round shelves eliminate sharp corners; for shallow spices and seasonings can be made with perforated aluminum (McNichols).

Kitchen Pantry Ideas For All Your Storage Needs

Help define the space while showcasing the interior with salvaged screen doors or similar reproductions (Vintage Doors).

Give the shelf a period edge feel with an easy-to-paint MDF Victorian runner border (Victorian Woodshop) and add wooden brackets (Vintage Woodworks).

Get the latest Old House news, DIY Smarts tips, tricks and projects from our experts straight to your inbox. It is finally here. organized tour of the kitchen pantry. I hope you are inspired to decorate your pantry after watching this! The before and after photos are amazing.

Watch the video tour to look inside each drawer and see what’s in the well-stocked pantry. We also share links to all of our containers and bins below.

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Kitchen Cabinets: Pre Assembled Cabinets, Cabinets Doors, Cupboards

Anna from Home Aligned (a professional home organization) helped turn her pantry from scratch into a hero. It has become a place I like to enter. I go into the pantry and feel inspired to cook and keep other places organized and tidy.

Anna’s process is amazing and fun (you have to clear other people and organize a place like this for me). Even before starting the project, she knew what my style was and what my pantry dreams were, and then it was fun.

Over the past year we’ve been adding more “stuff” to our pantry and it’s become more of a junk drawer. It’s always a guess what to refill and a great way to get rid of expired items.

I am so happy that my pantry is now organized. It’s breathtaking and it’s a beautiful place. I think I can have coffee here with my friend. Now it’s a happy place and a well-oiled machine. I log in and I can see how many boxes of corn I have for example. I couldn’t love it more than I do. Anna, thank you!

Walk In Pantries: Hidden Gems

Keeping your baking basics in the bin is great. We store a lot under the counter, but it’s nice to grab what I need and go without taking the bag out when I’m cooking or baking. It also helps me keep track of what I have in stock and I need to refill soon.

Check out the description section of our Youtube Pantry Tour video where we list the foods we have in our pantry. These are pantry staples, but you might find some new favorites on this list.

See how we organize our pantry and look through our pantry drawers to check out all your favorite foods and kitchen supplies.

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Kitchen Pantry Ideas And Accessories: Hgtv Pictures & Ideas

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