Iphone Says Disabled Connect To Itunes

Iphone Says Disabled Connect To Itunes – Have you picked up your iPhone to find the message “iPhone is disabled” and “try again in 1 minute” or try again in 5, 15, 60 minutes? In the worst case scenario, “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes” and until then the device is unavailable. So, what’s going on here, why is the iPhone disabled? And how to fix it so you can use iPhone again? The answers to these questions are usually simple, let’s take a look at the causes of this message and most importantly, the solution to unlock your iPhone and reactivate it for full use.

A locked iPhone requires a passcode or Touch ID to enter and access the device as a security measure. After entering the wrong iPhone passcode 5 times in a row, the iPhone will be automatically disabled for 1 minute and the error message “iPhone is disabled” will appear on the screen. The obvious solution in this case is to wait a minute (or a few) and then enter the correct passcode to unlock the iPhone and bypass the disabled message. In the future, just enter the correct password in the first place and you will get rid of this message and the lock time.

Iphone Says Disabled Connect To Itunes

It may be interesting to know how many incorrect passcode entries it takes to disable an iPhone for a certain period of time and receive the following accompanying message:

Iphone Disabled And Can’t Open

Waiting a minute isn’t that bad, but waiting a few minutes to an hour is inconvenient, like connecting to iTunes to turn the iPhone back on. To avoid this in the future, let’s understand this problem more and show you how to bypass the disabled message.

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In some cases, you didn’t actually try to unlock the iPhone and (intentionally) entered the wrong passcode, but the iPhone still says it’s disabled. How does this happen? The two most common causes of iPhone crashes are pockets and people. Let us discuss two of them.

Pocket Shutdowns: Accidentally shutting down your iPhone in your pocket is surprisingly common! This often happens to iPhone users who keep their iPhone in a hand pocket, often in a side jacket pocket, sweatshirt pocket, or front trouser pocket. Since the iPhone’s screen unlock feature can be unlocked by swiping your finger from anywhere on the screen, it’s very common to accidentally activate this screen and then enter the passcode screen with one or both hands, and perhaps without you, while the iPhone is in your hand. the pocket There is information about it. , enter the password multiple times to activate the lock randomly. This happened to me when I was fumbling with my iPhone in my pocket out of boredom, and recently I saw that a friend had accidentally disabled his iPhone while looking in the same pocket where he kept his iPhone to pay for his food cart. This happens surprisingly if you keep your iPhone in a busy pocket or have your hands in your pocket a lot.

Disabling a Contact: There are two types of interaction with a Contact that can disable an iPhone: intentionally entering the password of someone who is trying to guess your password, and disabling it when they fail—usually a pretty obvious scenario. And another type is accidental password entry, often triggered by a child. This latter situation is quite common for parents and guardians with children dealing with the locked iPhone screen, touching and swiping the screen. Parents or caregivers usually don’t think anything of it because the iPhone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID, but the child still finds out that the passcode is on the screen (it’s just a swipe) by entering it incorrectly. Passcode They touch the screen and then the device locks with the message “iPhone disabled”.

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Iphone Says It’s Disabled And It Has To B…

Want to unlock iPhone stuck on disabled screen? You have to wait for the time to expire and then enter the correct password.

If you can’t wait or don’t know the passcode, you need to put your iPhone in recovery mode and restore it.

This is the worst case scenario for a disabled iPhone as the iPhone needs to be connected to a computer to regain access. I hope you have backed up this computer recently and we hope you remember the real iPhone passcode otherwise you will have to wipe the device and lose all data on it. Yes of course. Another reason why frequent device backups are important.

If you know your iPhone password and backed it up recently, you can easily unlock it using iTunes, even if it needs to be restored:

Ways To Unlock A Disabled Iphone

If you don’t know your iPhone passcode, you need to erase your iPhone using recovery mode and erase all data. Here are instructions to reset a forgotten iPhone passcode. If you’ve backed up to iTunes or iCloud, you can restore to that backup.

If you don’t know the iPhone passcode and don’t have a backup, the data on the iPhone will be erased and lost forever. There is no way around it, even Apple cannot unlock the iPhone and access the data in such a situation. The lesson is, don’t forget your device password and always back it up!

You have several options to avoid this in the future. The easiest way is not to enter the wrong password repeatedly; This will prevent the iPhone from being locked and disabled. Oh, isn’t it? Since this is not always an option, another option is to enable complex passwords, as long strings of characters must be entered before the password is rejected. It’s a good idea to keep your iPhone in a separate pocket or out of reach of someone who accidentally or intentionally enters the passcode. Finally, as we’ve mentioned many times before, always back up your device regularly because you’ll need to restore it to regain access.

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Do you know any other useful information about disabled iPhone or how to bypass disabled alert dialogs? Let us know in the comments.

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