How To Make Stairs Safe

How To Make Stairs Safe

How To Make Stairs Safe – According to the HSE, there were 119,000 reported cases of work-related slips, trips and falls last year. Slips occur when there is not enough traction between the footwear and walking surface, while trips occur when the foot is caught in an object, causing the loss of balance. The types of injuries in non-fatal stepover accidents are bruises, bone fractures and sprains. Stair safety can help reduce these risks by reviewing a few practices!

If slips and trips on the stairs are common in your workplace, review the stair design first and foremost. Make sure that the width of the stairs is suitable for public and assembly stairs, and is greater than 1800 mm. For UK Building Regulations guidelines see the 2013 edition.

How To Make Stairs Safe

Slipping is a major cause of stair falls, from either the lack of underfoot grip, weather hazards or the presence of slippery objects such as loose carpets. Most falls occur when people go down stairs, because it is more difficult to regain one’s balance when going down stairs and the distance to fall is much greater. Another cause for most stair accidents is an unexpected location of stairs, for example two or three steps in corridors.

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Conditions could be how well the stairs are built, the presence of handrails, adequate lighting, etc.; while Actions might be running down the stairs, carrying heavy objects or reading. There are ways to make the stairs at work safer for everyone, listed below.

Most importantly, actively promote stair safety by talking about it with your colleagues whenever you notice unsafe practice. To view our range of Flooring or Flooring Tape and Paints, visit us at Matting. We offer bulk order discounts and free UK Mainland delivery as standard. Chat with us today for a quote!Children and stairs are generally not a good combination. In fact, stairs tend to be one of the most dangerous places in a home for young children. As soon as they start crawling, you have to be extra careful that they don’t go anywhere near the stairs. As they get older, the chances of them tripping and falling down the stairs also increase slightly. Of course, it is the responsibility of the parents to make stairs safe for children. Therefore, to help you, we have brought you a detailed guide on step-by-step safety measures for children that you will surely find useful.

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The first step in making stairs safe for children is to keep them free at all times. You should also train your children not to leave their toys on or near the stairs to reduce the risk of someone stepping on one of the stray toy cars and falling.

Keeping potted plants on the stairs is also not a good idea if you have young children at home. Additionally, leaving items such as grocery bags or school bags near the stairs when you come home can also cause children to trip over them.

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If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to make stairs kid-friendly, you need to start training your kids to be extra careful when climbing or descending the stairs.

When carrying children up or down the stairs in your arms, you should always hold onto the railing for additional support. Other than that, avoid wearing anything else while doing so. As your children begin to grow, always hold their hands to help them cover the length of the stairs without any accidents.

Older children who can walk without someone’s help should be taught not to run or jump on the stairs. They should also be taught to hold the railing while using the stairs or ask an adult to accompany them if their hands are busy with something.

Baby walkers with tiny wheels may look cute and be quite convenient for the parents, but they can be very dangerous if your child ends up near the stairs without adult supervision.

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Therefore, if you live in a two-story house with stairs that are easily accessible for a child, you should completely avoid using baby walkers. Instead, choose stationary activity centers for your toddlers and install them as far away from the stairs as possible to ensure stair safety for children.

The best way to prevent a toddler from climbing is to install baby gates at the top and bottom of your stairs. This is one of the best ways to childproof your stairs.

You can easily find baby gates for stairs in the market. In fact, you can even order them online.

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These gates essentially make stairs safe for children by making them unable to access them. Just be sure to measure the space between the two banisters of your stairs (or the space between the wall and the banister) before purchasing the gates.

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It is recommended to mount each gate at the top and bottom of your stairs either at floor level or a maximum of three inches from the floor. Apart from that, make sure that the gates are not easy to unlock. Additionally, you should consider installing baby gates that do not have gaps, as children may accidentally stick their heads in them.

Installing carpet on the stairs is a great way to instantly upgrade your stairs. The same goes for runners.

However, if rugs and runners are not properly secured, they pose a huge danger to everyone in your home – especially the children. Therefore, always make sure that your stairs are in their best condition and that the carpet is not loose from any end.

In addition, if there are any carpets placed near the top of the stairs or on the landing, immediately replace them with ones that have non-slip backings for added safety. It will also help make stairs safe for children.

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You can also try making stairs safe for kids by replacing your regular floor polish or wax with their non-slip or non-slip alternatives.

Whether you have tile or wood floors in your home, it can become quite slippery after being cleaned. Walking on them while wearing socks can make them even more dangerous.

If you are someone who likes to maintain their home by keeping the floors clean and shiny, you may want to cut back on your use of polish and floor wax. Basically, anything that makes the stairs or the area around them slippery and slippery should be eliminated from your cleaning routine.

Having loose cords lying around in high traffic areas is never a good idea. So, if you have telephone cords or other cable wires anywhere on your stairs, secure or put them away as soon as possible. You can hire a professional to help you with these ropes if needed.

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Refinishing Hardwood Stairs

Last but not least, one of the best tips for making your stairs safe for children is to make sure that the stairs and corridors are always bright and well lit.

Depending on the layout of your home, you may consider hanging a bold pendant light on your staircase to illuminate it or opt for elegant wall lights to light the way. If a bulb goes out, replace it immediately.

It is also suggested to install switches and nightlights on the top and bottom of the stairs so that they can be easily located. Similarly, emergency torches and torches should be placed near the stairs so that your children can easily locate them in the event of a power failure.

Of course, the best way to childproof the stairs is to keep your children away from them until they can walk properly. You can also check out these kid-friendly home decor ideas to keep your kids safe and your home accident-free.

How To Make Your Stairs Safer

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