Diy Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

Diy Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

Diy Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces – It’s taken a little while to get this post together, but I’m excited to share all the details about our tiny bathroom on a budget, including what we did—and what we’re going to do. We wish we could do something different!

The “before” look of our guest bathroom is very common, as those tan-brown tiles and golden counter tops were popular with home builders a few years ago.

Diy Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

But the combination of rough floor tile and bathroom tiles, cherry wood vanity, and gold stone countertops is too dark for me. This small space has no windows and looks like a cave when you come here.

Ways To Beautify A Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

In fact, this bathroom is darker than before, because the walls used to be beige! However, I painted it white two years ago, Simply White by Benjamin Moore, and it made a huge difference.

I love how light and bright this place looks now. It has been transformed from the darkest room in our house to the brightest!

To stay within our budget (originally $1000, but soon to be around $1200), we kept the original bathroom layout and reused the vanity, toilet, sink, and mirror. , shower head, vanity, and faucets.

I finally added some new gear here–I’m amazed that what we have is still looking good after 11 years!

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The first thing we did was a fresh coat of paint on the vanity, with Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore.

If you remember, when we remodeled our kitchen, we hired someone to paint all the cabinets. They came in, taped everything, took out the old appliances, cleaned the all cabinets, light sanded, polished, painted and removed our cabinet doors. and the front to their shop to be spray painted, then loaded, along with our new pulls, a few days later. It’s amazing!

Bathroom renovation, so to keep the cost of our bathroom down, I decided to paint the cabinets.

This is the first time I’ve tried painting the cabinets, but I figured if it didn’t work out, I’d just have to add the cost of a new vanity into our budget.

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Thankfully, I was surprised at how easy it was to paint our vanity–and how well it worked!

If you’re thinking of painting your bathroom yourself, it’s a great way to save money. Check out this post for my step-by-step instructions for painting bathrooms.

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Later, we replaced the old vanity lights with these world class ones. I ordered the brass finish because I was thinking of changing the cabinet hardware and appliances to brass.

Next, I decided not to go with brass here, so we painted the metal and plastic parts of each light fixture with matte black spray paint.

Simple Tricks To Create A Spa Like Bathroom On A Budget

I’m so glad we added the new lighting at the beginning of the renovation because it added much-needed lighting to this area, as it made our work easier as we tackled the the rest of the programs here.

In the beginning, I thought to paint the brown tiles in the stack surrounding this product. However, after reading all the warnings about smoke, etc., Dave asked to removing the old tile and replacing it. (Yes!)

For the bathroom surround, we went with a white marble tile from Home Depot, an easy and budget-friendly decision. I chose a long, 12″ version for a different look.

Dave, with his amazing DIY skills, got the old tiles out in a couple of hours, but some of the tiles were still stuck to the wallboard, so he ended up pulling out all the old backsplash and introducing new ones.

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This is another day for the project, as it needs to be taped, dirt and sanded before it can start carving.

It is a good idea to cover the tub with a piece of plywood so that it does not get damaged during pushing.

I knew I wanted a white countertop for the vanity, so I went to the kitchen and bath department at Lowe’s and ordered a custom quartz countertop and sink.

Since the vanity top was only 5′ long, we picked it up at the store and had Dave install it himself, saving us money on labor.

These 17 Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas Are Brilliant

However, after Dave finished the bathroom surround, we saw how great the new tile looked and decided to take the old floor out again and put in new tile. It’s me

Glad we went this route, but I have to admit that I like the look of the checkered floor.

The floor plan portion of the project was completed during the first week of the shutdown. Dave had more free time and was ready for a project, so I ran into Lowe’s one day, which seemed like a strange way to go out.

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Usually, I stay in the waiting room forever, trying to choose the best one. But today, I took the first tile I saw that I liked (I knew I wanted something geometric), and with a broom and a mortar, I left.

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It’s probably a good thing I was forced to make a quick decision, because I ended up loving the color I chose. It makes a big difference and helps tie the entire bathroom together.

Dave, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy to drill through all the little tiles – so it’s probably not an option I’d do again!

The last part of our bathroom renovation was adding trim to our flat front cabinet doors to match the Shaker style cabinets. First, I bought 1/4″ thick wool strips at Lowe’s and sanded and painted them.

Next, Dave cut the strips to size and attached them to the front of the cabinets with glue and brad nails. The extra 1/4″ width at the front of the cabinets makes the drawers a little tighter, but I don’t think most people will notice—and I like how they look better than the front shelves. .

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas That Maximize Space And Efficiency

The total cost to remodel our small bathroom was about $1, 200. We originally planned to spend $1000; however, with the additional cost of new wallboard and other components, we’re a little over that amount.

I like that we were able to make this space look like a completely new bathroom, giving it a new look without changing the structures, since (mostly) it will be in our allowance.

Invest in a bathroom vanity, lighting, mirror, and cabinetry for a DIY bathroom renovation that won’t break the bank.

Here is a selection of bathroom vanities, faucets, mirrors, door and drawer pulls, cabinets, and lighting in a variety of finishes and colors.

Bathroom Ideas For Every Space, Style And Budget

This small bathroom decor on a budget is a labor of love from start to finish. After living with this dark old bathroom for years, I’m so excited to have a shiny new bathroom for our guests to enjoy. Next: our master bathroom!

If you have any questions about our cheap DIY bathroom ideas or how to paint bathroom cabinets, send me a message or leave a note in the comments! xo Jane

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Apartment Bathroom Ideas To Make The Most Your Space

It’s just a small bathroom downstairs, but the truth is that the bathroom is where most of our family lives. This is the only bathroom downstairs, so we are in and out all day. It’s not like the rest of the living space, and my husband also says the room is hot – you know it’s time for an update.

I didn’t really know what my plan was when I started. I just knew the feeling I wanted the place to have. It’s fresh, bright, and inviting.

Here’s our little bathroom before I started tearing it up like demo day on Fixer Upper. I love a good demo day..

Why are there three logs on the wall, you ask? No idea. For some reason I

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Big Impact

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