Easy Diy Projects That Sell

Easy Diy Projects That Sell – Want to complete some small wood projects to give as gifts? Or maybe you want to sell a small wood project at a craft fair? Here are some ideas!

Holiday gift-giving season is upon us! Nothing shows your friends and family that you care more than a handmade gift.

Easy Diy Projects That Sell

Whether you want to make these wooden gift ideas for your own family, or sell them at craft fairs or on Etsy, I’ve got you covered! All of these projects are small enough to ship at an economical price, so you don’t spend more money shipping stuff than woodworking to build them!

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If you’re a carpenter, you probably have a lot of scrap wood in your lumberyard that you could put to good use. I’m always on the lookout for little woodworking projects that use the scraps messing around in my little workshop stash. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Eliminate clutter but keep what you need accessible with this easy DIY desk shelf. This is a great scrap wood project if you have extra plywood or scrap 1×6 board ends laying around the workshop. Pair it with the DIY monitor stands listed below for the ultimate workspace.

A laptop stand or monitor stand is great for setting up your desk and raising the screen at eye level to help improve your posture. Store supplies like pencils neatly on the side and store your keyboard in the lower compartment.

Candles make a home feel cozy, but bare pillar candles can look too obvious on their own. I took the cut pieces from my fireplace remodel, and turned them into a DIY candle lantern that perfectly frames the perfect pillar candle! Her little wood project is a great beginner project and makes a great gift!

Diy Craft Projects

I almost threw this prepped wood scrap in the trash! But even short pieces of 1×2 can be turned into this adorable magazine rack!

This small wooden project is perfect for storing your favorite magazines or cookbooks in the kitchen. All you need is an ammeter box and a drill to make this easy DIY project!

This little wood project was made with pieces of curly maple I had left over from my DIY bedside table. There isn’t enough wood to make another big project, but it’s perfect for displaying this air plant holder.

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Are you tired of losing the dice during family game night? Keep them out of sight with this easy little wood project.

Easy Woodworking Projects For Diy Beginners

This DIY dice tray has a large area for rolling, plus a smaller section to store all your dice! I made mine out of chopped walnut left over from a cutting board project, but you can use any type of wood.

Keep all those little pieces in one place with this DIY Lego tray with removable organizers! Stack the pieces on one side and build on the other, then use the handle to carry it all! You can adjust this Lego tray to fit any type of organizer, or remove it completely for a larger work surface!

If you love to cook in the summer but are tired of juggling all those dishes and condiments then this little wood project is for you!

It doubles the width of your balcony or deck railing and gives you the space you need to prepare or serve food. When you don’t have room for a grill station, this is the perfect solution.

Farmhouse Style Diy Projects

Tired of tripping over skis and poles? You can make this easy DIY ski rack with one board and long nails! It fits behind the door, so you can take advantage of that unused space and store your skis safely.

Clean out your cabinets and keep your favorite spices within easy reach with this test tube spice rack. This little wood project is made of walnut, but you only need two feet of scrap to make this fun DIY project.

Create a drop zone at the front door with a DIY entryway mirror with hooks! Hang the key, release the change and check your hair in one convenient place!

I dig up small scraps left over from my fireplace overhaul while I’m cleaning out the workshop. The rabbit on the back is used to frame the fireplace tile, and is perfect for framing mirrors too!

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You don’t need to cut strips to make this DIY cutting board! This little wood project uses walnut tiles and heavy marble to make a serving tray perfect for displaying fruit and cheese at your next party!

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Here’s the best solution for building fun on the go! This DIY Lego bin has built-in base plate storage, as well as clear plexiglass sides so kids can easily see the parts they’re looking for!

This little wood project will give your kids a fun way to proudly display their martial arts belt when they finish the level. Made from plywood and 1×2, this is a quick and easy project that anyone can build.

The little wood project is a little more advanced, but it’s a great way to learn how to steam bend wood! A wall sconce like this can cost hundreds at the store, but only takes a few dollars of scrap wood and sheets of plexiglass to make your own.

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Which of these small wood project ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Hey creative friends! If you’ve landed here on this post then you’re our type, a DIYer like us looking for ways to reuse (and maybe make a little money on the side). We hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration with this collection of creative scrap wood projects to build and sell.

As the owner of three separate Etsy shops, we’re always on the lookout for new product trends for our business. We scan Etsy listings with lots of sales, find products that are trending on Pinterest and see people’s reactions on Instagram and Facebook.

Think about things that solve a buyer’s problem (eg help organize the house) or gifts that are needed for special occasions. Have friends and family asked you to make something for them? What types of items have you purchased in the past 6 months and for what purpose? Thinking about these questions can help you determine if there is a market for the scrap wood project you will be selling.

We have more tips for researching and selling your handmade items in this post Jar crafts to make and sell.

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Let’s start by talking about where to find scrap wood. The obvious answer is to use leftover wood from other DIY projects you’ve done. This was our case when we did this silly bathroom sign and this wooden pallet towel rack was used to house the vanity for my cozy contemporary bathroom remodel.

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Before throwing away scrap wood or wooden pallets, consider how and what else you can make with them.

Alternatively, searching your local Facebook market is another great source for scrap wood. Many people want to dispose of scrap wood by giving it away for free or selling it cheaply. In fact, I took someone’s leftover plywood to make a DIY corn hole board game last summer.

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Whether you have some scrap wood kicked around from another DIY project or you want to pick it up, you’ll find a variety of DIYs below using scrap plywood, deck and fence boards, driftwood, and more.

Make rustic photo frames by burning scrap wood! It can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.

Learn how to make your own farmhouse sign with scrap wood. This stylish DIY is perfect for selling to people looking to decorate their cottage, lake house or home.

Create a special piece of string art for all dog lovers! In addition, it serves as a perfect place to hang a rope or bag.

Scrap Wood Projects That Sell

Create a modern jewelry display with faux marble resin and a piece of scrap wood for a stylish touch to any room.

Create an easy DIY coat rack in a few easy steps. A great way to use scrap wood and add a little organization to any home.

This simple and fun keychain is super easy to make with scrap wood and rusty nails. Plus, it can be personalized with any street name, making it a great craft to sell.

With these simple scraps and Cricut crafts, you can create a personalized stacking book for anyone looking for bright, uplifting decor for their home.

Diy Crafts To Make And Sell

This wooden puzzle is great for new parents, teachers or anyone looking to add a touch of wood to any playroom.

Use scrap wood to make a rectangular center box for the flowers. You can make and sell them in any size, with or without interest.

Create a magnetic corkscrew that will catch the lid for anyone who sees it

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