How To Make A Safe

How To Make A Safe – We have a fun LEGO® project idea for you! Build a LEGO® safe with a working lock and key. In this post, we’ll show you more than one way kids can approach this project. After learning a few basic techniques, kids can design their own. Such a fun STEM building challenge!

LEGO® machines are so much fun to build. It’s awesome to build something that actually works! Kids will also enjoy this LEGO® catapult and this LEGO® candy machine.

How To Make A Safe

This project could easily be a STEM lesson in engineering. Learn more about levers and mechanisms – more details below!

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My oldest son designed the mechanism for the first lock box and then I built the box to make it look nice. We have a good team. He’s a great engineer and invents mechanisms I couldn’t create, but he doesn’t make “cute” or make things artistic. I can handle this part!

And really, kids can build it in any color they want. We show our LEGO creations in solid colors because the photos are much less visually distracting and easier to see what’s going on, but the kids can do whatever they want!

See that dark gray drawer on the left side of the safe? It won’t open unless you use the key!

To open the drawer, push the key into the box with the teeth facing up. Push it all the way in.

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Then turn the key to the left. It’s fun to make more than one key for security. Only one fits in the lock and opens the drawer. But siblings and friends don’t know which key is right!

I would recommend starting with a 16 x 16 board. It’s a good size to build a drawer that isn’t huge but can hold a lot of coins or other items.

Decide what size drawer you want. Tile an area large enough to allow the drawer to slide easily. The tiles shown form a 12 x 12 square.

A brick wall is needed in front of the drawer and behind the drawer. Leave one side completely open. On the other hand, you need to build a channel for the key.

How To Make A Safe Youtube Account For Your Kids

Here’s how the key works. I removed a few more bricks so you can see everything clearly. The idea is that the key slides into the channel. When you turn the key, the teeth fit through the holes in the wall and push the drawer open.

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To use the key, you slide it into the channel. Push it all the way in until it hits the back of the safe.

Build a 12 x 12 drawer. I used two 6 x 12 boards and attached them with 4 x 8 boards. The drawer is 4 bricks high. Then there is a row of tiles around the top.

The drawer itself does not come out far. This photo shows how far the drawer pops out. You can then use your fingers to pull it out the rest of the way.

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You can use a pin to keep the drawer from sliding out if you don’t want it to. Slide the pin into the Technic brick and build your safe. Then add a Technic brick to the drawer.

Make sure the height of the pin matches the height of the drawer opening!

Once you have the mechanism working, place the drawer in the safe. Then build up the sides so that they are exactly at the top of the drawer.

If you want a coin slot, add a 1 x 4 board to the top of the frame. Then add another row of bricks.

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This is a cool design because it demonstrates the use of a lever. When you push the key into the front of the safe, it pushes the lower end of the lever, which pushes the upper end of the lever (and the drawer) forward.

We found this design on YouTube and built it according to the instructions. I’m including the video below so you can create your own! This is such a clever design.

Here are the instructions we used on Let’s Do This on YouTube. Check out this channel for more LEGO® ideas! About: Hello! My name is Omar 🙂 I like to make tutorial videos on the following topics: Easy Projects, Crafts, Easy DIY, Experiments, Upcycling Ideas and maybe some simple creative ideas. I hope you enjoy! Learn more about ESSOMAR »

This tutorial shows you how to make a cardboard combination lock safe. Follow the steps below in this guide if you want to replay and watch the video for your enjoyment 🙂

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To install the gear teeth, I remove the top layer of the rectangle and glue the other part to the perimeter of the gearbox.

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We need a total of two gears: the first one, which turns rotary motion into translational motion. the second is used to change the direction of rotation

With the cutter, we start by cutting the outer frame with dimensions of 34x42cm and then we cut the cardboard door to the size of 25x31cm.

You can simply use a pencil to make all the holes you need in this project. Holes are required to enter the axes of rotation of the pinion and other locking wheels.

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Using the cutter, we start by cutting two pieces of 20 mm round pvc pipe. The diameter of the PVC pipe is 6 mm, it is the rotation axis of the two gears. The first gear is glued to the top gear and the second to the safe door. The glue used is hot glue.

Cut the 12mm diameter pvc pipes into the following length pieces with a cutter: 2x28cm, 18cm and 35mm.

To build the rack mechanism, cut 2 rectangles 12x6mm from the cardboard, remove the top layer to find the teeth. They are glued to the ends of the inner surfaces of the two pipes. Please see the image below.

I start by cutting the cardboard into 4 circles with a diameter of 30 mm. then we cut each of the 3 circles into three pieces: two semi-circles and a central rectangular piece with a width of 14 mm. the semicircle pieces are glued on top of each other as shown in the attached image.

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This step is used to install already built parts. To begin with, we make two holes for the rotation axes of the two locking wheels, we can always use a pencil for perforation. After installing the two locking wheels, the tongues are locked into position as shown in the attached image. we can do it if we want to build a box that covers the entire locking mechanism.

For each end of the three axes, we glue a circle with a diameter of 25 mm. Then we hot glue two numbered wheels from 10 to 85, for example with a diameter of 35 mm.

Finally, we glue the opening lever to the third axis. As for the lever, you can choose any shape you like.

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To fix and build the door rotation system, I use two wooden sticks, which I insert into the cardboard groove 2 cm from the edge, as in the attached picture.

How To Build Lego Safes With Lock & Key

None to skip the details and follow the entire tutorial chain, enjoy the attached video tutorial. Looking back, I spent a lot of time collecting LEGO money and gems as a kid builder. Every shiny item went into either a good 2x2x2 container box or a brick safe. Sure, my safes were rainbow colored and usually had a lid instead of a door, but hey, they got the job done. Building 10251 Brick Bank took me back to those days. But so many buildings could use a good safe, not just a bank! Maybe you have a mansion or a mobster hideout? If you need a little inspiration (or guidance) to build one, Tiago Catarino is your man! One of his recent tutorials includes this wonderful little safe with lots of storage space for those gold bars, coins and cash.

Click the link below to follow along with Tiago as he shows you how to build this sturdy shelter.

Tiago has been responsible for many of the recent guidelines we’ve featured. If you want to see more about him and others, check out our walkthrough archive.

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