Build Your Own Dining Room Table

Build Your Own Dining Room Table – 1. Cut reclaimed balusters to length for the legs. Normal height for a dining table should be 29 inches – subtract the thickness of the door and the glass from 29, then cut the legs to that length.

2. Use the 1×3 poplar to make the skirt boards. The skirt is the part that spans the legs and holds the tabletop up. To determine the size of the skirt pieces, measure the length and width of the door (tabletop), then minus the thickness of the posts (legs), and minus another 2 inches to give the tabletop a 1-inch overhang on all sides ( Enlarge image for reference).

Build Your Own Dining Room Table

3. Drill three pocket holes on the inside ends of skirt boards in order to attach the skirt to the posts.

How To Build An Expandable Dining Room Table

4. Drill one pocket hole along the inside of the skirt board spaced about a foot apart. These will be used to attach the skirt boards to the underside of the tabletop.

6. Sand, prime and paint the table base. (We left the existing finish on our tabletop.) Let dry completely.

7. Attach the table base to the top by screwing through the single pocket holes on the inside of the skirt boards.

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Learn how to stencil a patterned faux rug to add personality to a room or disguise a worn-out floor. Who’s ready for one of the most gorgeous DIYs to hit my blog yet? I’m sharing a DIY dining table tutorial today, and it will be the first of 2… because the gorgeous beast isn’t for me. If you are looking for a great way to get a custom size dining table, at a much more affordable price, this tutorial is for you! Hopefully you can build the perfect table

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This post contains affiliate links. There are power tools needed in this post. I am not responsible for injury. Be sure to always work with the utmost safety so you can keep DIY!

As I said in the first paragraph – this DIY project is not for me. My friend Val got a new home recently as a vacation and rental property – read more about it here.

How To Make A Dining Table

She needs a large dining table for the house – partly due to a huge dining room, but also because they will be entertaining very often. Because of what they are looking at some beautiful monster tables.

If you haven’t been furniture shopping lately – it takes so long to get anything. Trust me – we’ve been renovating and furnishing and it was just painful. Add that to the fact that the tables she was looking at were thousands of dollars, with few options to choose from, she came to me with the offer to build her a table as a blog project.

My first thought? This is terrifying – we normally only build things for our own use. However, there is nothing better than getting a great tutorial for all of you and not having to spend a bunch of money. We got to planning, and between Val and myself came up with a pretty good plan.

Val sent me a few different options of tables she was looking at. I loved this one, and this one. Both are simple in design but have a little more character and modern edge than just a basic table design.

Diy Live Edge Dining Table

Due to the size of the table we opted for very large legs to support the beast. You guys this bad boy is 106×48 inches. (Don’t worry I will share how to choose lumber that is best for your perfect size table – as most of you probably don’t need this size.)

When it comes to DIY you want to make it unique and fun, but I also think there is nothing better than finding a high-end table that you can make your own. We landed on a really simple design that had some edge. Overall I think we have a modern look that would look good in so many homes, no matter your decor style.

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DIY might be the best thing in my opinion. Aside from time and cost, DIY has a few other great benefits when it comes to furniture. We actually have a custom dining table that we’ve had for years (well before we started doing any woodworking) and I’ve enjoyed the benefits of a custom. table itself – so I feel like I can really about it.

Here is the before of our custom dining table. This was the color it was when we got it.

How To Make Your Handmade Solid Wood Dining Table Stand The Test Of Time

First of all – when you get a solid wood custom table you know there are no heavy varnishes and such on them. If you change your mind on stain, or an accident happens, some sanding and staining will have your table as good as new.

This may not be important with smaller pieces, but with a large and expensive piece like a table, this piece of mind was amazing for us.

With our current table about 3 years after buying it I decided I didn’t like the stain, so we sanded the whole thing down and stained it much lighter. It was the best decision because it made me fall back in love with the table in our home for less than $20 in supplies.

Custom is also amazing for size. Let alone length, width on tables has decreased a lot over the years. When we were looking to buy a dining table years ago I was so frustrated that the width of current tables was so small. It was an antique and was about 48 inches wide.

Small Old English Style Farmhouse Dining Table

I like to have a wide table so that I can have decor or food on the table while sitting comfortably, so custom has me keeping the width of the table in our room.

Although lumber costs are high right now – you can still save a lot of money buying a diy table, and you will get something high quality and solid wood.

Okay so – now I’ve given you all the ins and outs to how we came up with this DIY dining table design, and why we did it, so now lets get to actually building the table! This post will have a step-by-step guide both in the blog post and in a printable version.

When you’re shopping for lumber for something like this, you don’t want to skimp. That said – lumber prices are pretty high right now, so you don’t have to get the best of the best.

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Diy Farmhouse Table

When you choose lumber you want to check if each piece is high quality. Turn the pieces on their edges and check for any warping and be picky!

When you build – be aware of humidity and temps. We live in Missouri and it is as humid as all get out in the summer, and we dealt with warping in the hot summer and lost some wood. You will also want a flat surface to do your building on if possible.

Last – when it comes to stains you’ll want to try them. But we also learned that some stains oxidize when they have been opened. So if you settle on a spot, before you start on the table test that can one more time!

These three tips will save you a lot of trouble when making this bad boy!

How To Build A Dining Table From An Old Door And Posts

(Depending on how you work best, I also have a printable shopping list and instructions at the end of this, so if that works best for you, you can go that route!)

I will list exactly what we used – but modify the table top and aprons based on the size you need. The legs should remain the same for any size table top. We personally have the best luck getting wood at Menards, but I know not everyone has a Menards near them.

Take the order of the table top and the legs with a grain of salt. They both need to be done and in whatever order works best for you. I’m going to start with the legs but feel free to build your table top first. There are also some pretty good step by step photos integrated into this post that are hopefully helpful.

1. Sandwich each of your 1×16s and 1×6s into sandwiches. You want each of them to look like a 2×16/2×6. Use the same method as before- wood

Diy Shiplap Simple Table

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