How To Keep Home Safe

How To Keep Home Safe – Please stay home if you are sick! You should also stay at home if you are under a home quarantine order/home notice or if a household member has flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough.

Make sure to wear a mask before going out.In situations where this is not practical (for example students with health conditions), you can wear a face shield instead.

How To Keep Home Safe

School bus drivers are encouraged to implement fixed alternative seating whenever possible If this is not possible, fixed seating will be maintained On public transport including school buses, wear your mask and avoid talking

A Kids’ Guide To Staying Safe From The Coronavirus: Comic And Zine

Wash hands frequently and wipe down tables and shared utensils before and after use Schools will be cleaned frequently, especially high touch surfaces Diagnostics will be done daily.

You can remove the mask when eating or drinking You may not even need to wear a mask when participating in vigorous physical activity during PE but wear our masks at all other times, such as when walking from your classroom to your PE lessons

Classrooms should be seated in consistent exam style wherever possible continue with the seating arrangements used in the canteen otherwise, fixed groups of up to 5 in the same classroom will be allowed.

Avoid crowded places and minimize the time you spend outside your home Don’t hang out with your friends in malls or other public places

Safety And Security

If you take public transport home, or need to pass through other public areas on your journey home, avoid talking (or talking softly) to avoid spreading droplets.

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White Paper on Singapore’s Response to COVID-19 Health Protocol Immunization Travel Framework Immunization as our Primary Defense in Living with COVID-19 Exiting the Acute Phase of the Pandemic Update on Immunization

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Simple Medication Safety Practices To Keep Kids Safe At Home

Now is the time to check your home security and consider extra steps. Follow our tips for a safe and secure Yuletide:

If you’re entertaining at Christmas, remember to keep the front door closed and locked if you all get together in the backyard. Check if your door lock is good enough You need good quality, proper, heavy duty locks that are installed by a qualified professional locksmith. The anti-slip latch will prevent anyone using the card from opening the door

Likewise, if you’re all up front, take steps to protect your back If you have sliding patio doors, check that the rollers are in good condition and install anti-lifting devices so they can’t be lifted out of place.

Never hide extra keys on your premises. Instead, leave them with a family member or trusted neighbor. Change the locks immediately if a key is lost.

Keep Burglars Out Of Your Home

Also keep windows closed and locked If you want fresh air while roasting bananas or if the kitchen is steamy, be sure to install window barriers or sash stops that prevent them from opening to the outside. You can remove them from the inside if needed as a fire escape in an emergency

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If you decide to put up Christmas lights outside, don’t run cables through the window so it can’t be turned off. If you don’t have motion sensor floodlights, it can be difficult for thieves to make your outdoor Christmas lights disappear. But make sure you have outside electrical outlets installed so you can’t easily access them through an open window.

Follow that Christmas shopping spree, don’t leave your high-priced purchases where they can be easily seen, and don’t advertise them with the packaging in full view when it’s time to recycle the collection.

Don’t post photos of expensive gifts on social media websites or use them to advertise that you’re going on vacation. You never know what unscrupulous eyes may be roaming the areas that are likely to be devoid of homes.

Keep Your Home Safe When No One Is Sick — Maureen Mayhew

Home security is always important, but with the festive season approaching you need to take extra care For more than 60 years, London-based Barry Brothers Security has served customers and their homes nationwide, keeping them safe and secure with advice and insurance compliant products and installations. Our expert consultants are always happy to help you with any home security issue so please get in touch for a personal consultation.

Perhaps one of the most widely adopted security solutions in recent years, video doorbells have brought peace of mind and convenience to homes and commercial premises around the world.

When it comes to security, many homeowners may think they are taking the right steps to protect their valuables, but in reality they may be making countless mistakes that put their valuables at risk.

As technology advances and cyber threats become more prevalent, it’s easy to focus more on cyber security than physical security, when in reality, both are equally important to protecting your business and your data.

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Smart Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

No matter what type of premises you need to protect, Barry Brothers Security has the solution Contact us today to benefit from expert advice and decades of experience in the security industry As parents and guardians juggle work, school, child care and other challenges in our ever-changing world, children, all Age children will stay at home. For a long time, toddlers between the ages of 1-5 have lots of energy and are full of curiosity, but sometimes we see them getting caught up in things.

Whether you’re a work-at-home parent or have a family member, friend or neighbor helping out with babysitting, here are 3 tips to keep toddlers safe in your home.

Check out our other blogs on how kids can help keep others safe as we fight the pandemic If you have a question for one of our experts, please email Gary Carton at [email protected] and we’ll get into a Q&A to help you and others care.

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