Small Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Small Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Our little bathroom makeover is almost complete! In this post, I share how I turned this bathroom into a fully functional bathroom, along with a budget breakdown of how much it cost, and all the resources!

Actually, our bathroom is very small. It is only 5 ft by 8 ft, plus a small shower niche. Since we only have 1.5 baths in this house, this full bath had to be used as the master bath. Although this place is well maintained, the interior style is very old fashioned. After updating the kitchen and bedroom, it’s time to love this bathroom. Again, we really want a

Small Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

So we played around with a plan: we moved the WC to the shower area, and used that extra space to make two vanity dreams come true! As for the shower, we moved to a bathtub/bath combo.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

This is the first image if you haven’t seen the bathroom design post yet. The picture is from a real estate forum when they are selling the house.

My husband and I originally planned to start renovating the bathroom in the summer of 2018. In fact, I had removed all the wallpaper in the bathroom because of the excitement of the “renovation” of our shower happening soon!” As renovation projects usually happen, there are some small delays for preparing all the supplies and equipment. However, the biggest delay was finding a good contractor that we felt comfortable working with, and coordinating with his schedule.

So 4 months later, our “selected” contractor started the renovation at the end of December 2018! Hooray! It took 3 weeks of work, but with some delays due to the holiday season. Finally, we were given a new bathroom with all the nice features, such as a quartz vanity, a fully functional toilet, freshly painted doors and wainscoting, but without…

Initially the installation of wallpaper was supposed to be part of the work. But at the end of their work, they don’t want to do it. Our theory is that installing wallpaper is difficult with curved walls in older homes. So I decided to make the wallpaper as a weekend DIY project, with the help of my husband. This is the first time we install wallpaper. With a few youtube videos, we can do it in a weekend! To read the story of our DIY wallpapering journey, the mistakes we made, and the lessons we learned, check here.

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Our Small Full Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

I am very happy with the resolution of this wallpaper. Along with wainscoting, it has added a lot of style to otherwise undecorated spaces.

Sia, the easiest decision to buy online, especially with the countertop that comes with it to lower the cost. However, our bathroom is very small, and that means there is not enough space for a 60″ double vanity. I have done a lot of research on double vanities at 60″ wide, but the options are slim, because 60″ is really the minimum you can use for a double vanity. So I ended up going to a local cabinet shop and working with them to make two 27″W kitchen cabinets into a double vanity.

The standard form of each cabinet is to have false drawers on top, and two doors on the bottom. In my experience, the storage situation is better than space. So I asked the cabinet shop to change the order for these two. In this way we will have a real dream that can be used and save things.

The cost of this “transformation” of the double vanity is not bad at all, about $ 600, plus $ 100 to change the cabinets. However, the stonework added a lot to the total cost. You can find a bathroom renovation budget at the end of this article.

Before & After: Luxury Master Bathroom Online Interior Design

I love mixing metallic accessories for a casual and collected look. I love how the look of nickel and polished brass – it brings out the charm of the old world. The copper sconce looks perfect with this wallpaper I got at Anthropologie.

Another tip I have when choosing metal tools is to think about which ones are difficult to replace. Since I know that faucets in sinks and showers are difficult to replace (usually involves hiring a plumber), I have them with polished nickel – a relatively safe and old option. I love brass but I’m worried that one day they might go out of style, so I used brass accents in simple replacements, like drawer knobs and drawer pulls. , lighting equipment.

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Having fresh flowers or plants for anything is always a huge bonus. I cut some overgrown penstemon flowers from my front yard, and mixed them in with the camellia I pruned a few weeks ago. BTW, that camellia branch is eternal!!!

Another thing I really want is a tall bathroom cabinet with open shelves. I have shared inspirational pictures about bathroom design. It is difficult to negotiate successfully with contractors because it is not very common. But in the end I’m so glad I finished! It has lots of closed storage to hide toilet paper, extra toothpaste, toilet space, etc.

Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal And A Budget Breakdown

I really enjoyed the open shelves under the cabinet. It’s the perfect place to add style (aka beauty) to this small bathroom.

I use this space to install a diffuser which is essential in any bathroom. I have also added some beautiful candles and fairy lights to the glass terrarium – I have set a timer on these lights so they come on between 7pm and 12pm. The goal is to add some light to the bathroom for the midnight run, without turning on the real bright light.

Recently I’ve been really into houseplants. These stacked plants really add space! Live soon? Since it was getting too big for this open shelf space, I have 2 baby pilea plants that are perfect to fill that space!

1. This is a hand towel wall above the wainscoting that looks bare. I’m going to add 2 artworks there. Also consider having a small picture on the wall above the toilet paper holder.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas (on A Budget, Mid Century, Small) See

2. The shower curtain is now quite short. It almost touches the tub. I plan to extend it for another 2 feet. This will make the space look long and lush!

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Here’s a breakdown of the budget. There are two parts: 1. how much we pay the contractor; 2. purchased items. Total cost about $20k. Contract labor costs may vary depending on your location. Here in Silicon Valley, hard work can be expensive. I’ve wanted to take a picture of this bathroom for so long…but life happens. So, despite the wires hanging from the ceiling above the bathtub, I hope these pictures will give you some interesting ideas for bathroom remodeling. One day, it will be 100% complete, and decorated. And now I have to share some more pictures. Until then, please enjoy this bathroom before and after. We’ve come a long way baby!

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1987 Fixer Upper bathroom was very lonely and dark. You walk into the sink directly from the master bedroom. You can see below, there are two sinks and a vanity, separate from the entrance to the front room and bathroom, shower and toilet. The main cupboard is outside the sink, divided into two compartments with a separate sliding door… which blocks the second sink when the door is out as you can see in the picture.

Nautical Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

This place is carpeted, very dark with only one small window in the back corner of the house, and it’s basic with low sinks, builder level taps and lights, etc. I knew when I first walked into the house it was a great place, it just needed some redecorating and updating. Like the rest of the house, I wanted to open it up, make it lighter, lighter and more user-friendly. The build was a mess!

You could say we changed it up a bit. 😉 This is the part of the construction where we can see the whole house. From the basement to the top three floors below the floor, through each wall to the other end of the house … it’s a disaster! But exciting at the same time. I don’t recommend living with all this. We survived…but only a little. 😉

There is a strange, small, shallow closet above the stairs that is eating up some space. I want to use it for the bathroom, so take it out.

As you can see, we added HAL windows

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