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And you know what? I like it! I love that all I have to do every week is sit down and plan dinner. (From my list of favorite foods and some of the “yummy” foods I’m most interested in.) My friends are how I make my life easier now. regularity and routine (in the form of a rotating weekly menu) for breakfast and lunch. Variety and spontaneity for dinner

How To Keep Cut Veggies Fresh

I added variety to this plan by combining different fruits and vegetables that were on sale and now with the change of seasons. but for the most part these diets are consistent and unchanging. Is my family tired of this guess work?

Meal Prep Vegetable Snack Packs

Maybe I’ll make a new plan for breakfast and lunch in January. which we can use for the rest of the school year.

Carrots and celery are always served alongside the main menu, why? Both are cheap. (either local market or grocery store bought) and both foods are staples in my fridge due to the large selection. Some weeks, the carrot and parsley lunch box is served with a dip (like homemade ranch, hummus, or roasted eggplant).

Personally, I don’t like cutting vegetables every morning. So I added it to my weekend prep time. It took me about 10 minutes to cut the carrots and celery into bunches. I also thinly sliced ​​apples (soaked in lemon juice and water before adding the slices to the storage container) and cucumbers. And it would take precious minutes out of my morning routine. As all parents know, those precious minutes are incredibly valuable on a busy school morning. every second counts

If you have prepared the carrot or celery sticks in advance. You may have a big problem: dry and weak vegetables. Although I continued to cook this vegetable despite this problem. I don’t think anyone noticed how dry the roots looked. (and taste) and if the liquid celery is my guess is wrong

Vegetables You Can Regrow From Scraps

After sending these vegetables to children’s lunch boxes. several weeks Piper said, “Mom, I don’t like carrots for lunch. They don’t taste good. And they’re very dry.” At the time, I didn’t know how to solve the problem. In addition to going back to chopping carrots and celery every morning.

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A few months ago After Piper’s confession Then I walked into a local health food store. And immediately noticed the vegetable shop, which was ready right in front of the shop. The store offers a wide range of pre-cut options, from fruits to spiral-shaped vegetables. But it didn’t catch my eye. Carrot and celery sticks cut into pieces and kept in water caught my eye.”Hmm, could this be the answer to my carrot and celery problem?”

I immediately tried the “hack” in my kitchen. Chop the carrot and celery and place the “sticks” in a jar full of water. Sliced ​​carrots and celery stay crisp for the rest of the week.

I’ve been using this method for months to keep carrots and celery fresh and crisp. And I have never failed. Vegetables always taste and look amazing even on the seventh day. I have already explained how this hack works. But below I will explain in more detail step by step. There is also a video

How To Add Vegetables To Soup Without Having Them Turn Mushy

How to keep carrots and celery fresh and crisp: Preparation Step one: Cut the carrot and/or celery into sticks.

Place the carrots and celery in a mason jar or mason jar. I’ve found that wide mouth jars work well with “sticks” because the pieces can be placed inside the jar.

Store the jar in the refrigerator for up to a week. (I’m also taller.) Fill each jar with fresh water. a few days to keep things fresh.

How to keep carrots and celery fresh for weeks! Prepare carrots and celery ahead of time to use throughout the week to reduce prep time. This simple hack is the best way to preserve carrots and celery!

How To Store Cucumbers

Kristin is the creator and editor-in-chief of Live Simply. Kristin is married to Dustin. his school sweetheart and mother of two children and two little bunnies. (Learners in the Trash) Leo and Estela Kristin started Live Simply in 2013 to share their passion for real food and living naturally. When to prepare recipes for the week? You have to do what really works for you. Basic rules of production: Crops gradually lose their nutritional value from harvest.

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So the fresher the better. If you’re flexible The longer you wait to prepare fresh produce, the better. Here’s a guide on how to prepare vegetables and food ahead of time and what to cook.

Whether you’re making your own vegetables or mixing them into other ingredients like stir-fries or soups, you can prepare them ahead of time. By “preparation” I mean washing, drying, peeling (if necessary) and cutting dry. in the refrigerator Place wet toilet paper. Pour over chopped vegetables and store in an airtight container.

You can blanch the vegetables 1-2 days in advance and keep them in the fridge. Blanch and boil in salted water until tender, then plunge into cold water to stop the cooking process, drain, dry and refrigerate.

How To Store Vegetables To Maximize Freshness

Vegetables to add to cooked dishes such as frittatas or casseroles. It can be fried or fried the day before and stored in the refrigerator. The same goes for stand-alone vegetables like spaghetti squash.

Asparagus and green beans: Can be washed, trimmed and stored in a sealed container or bag for 2-3 days.

Avocado: (Technically, this is a fruit. Can be peeled, peeled, sliced ​​or diced 2-3 hours ahead of time, placed on a plate and covered tightly with plastic wrap. Wrap avocado slices tightly to prevent exposure to air.

Carrots: carrots can be peeled beforehand. (If roasting whole) or peel and chop, chop or grate 3-4 days in advance Store in a sealed bag or airtight container in the fridge.

How To Make Your Fruit Last Twice As Long

Peppers: can be washed, cored and seeded 2-3 days in advance, stored whole or sliced/chopped in a sealed bag or container in the refrigerator.

Broccoli and cauliflower: can be washed and cut into florets 2-3 days in advance. Store in a sealed bag or container with an airtight lid in the refrigerator.

Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts can be dried. so if you can, cut into pieces as you like. But preparing for the next day is good. Especially if you plan to cook them raw.

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Cabbage: Can be washed and chopped, sliced ​​or diced 1-2 days ahead. Store in a sealed bag or container with an airtight lid in the refrigerator.

Keeping Produce Fresh Longer: Can You Extend Vegetable Shelf Life

Celery: Celery can be washed and chopped 3-4 days ahead of time. Store in a sealed bag or container in the refrigerator.

Fennel: Can be washed, cut or chopped 2-3 days ahead of time. Store in a sealed bag or container with an airtight lid in the refrigerator.

Garlic: Peel and whole cloves can be stored in a sealed glass jar or bag until ready to use. Rest well for 7-10 days Freshly chopped garlic can lose its flavor/strength if it is overcooked beforehand. Therefore, it must be cut to preserve its flavor. Frozen minced garlic is also available on the market. It’s fine as long as no preservatives are added.

Greens: Leafy greens such as kale, collards, Swiss chard and beet greens can be washed and cut or chopped 2-3 days in advance. It can be washed 2-3 days in advance. Let it dry for a few hours on a clean cloth on the counter or standing in the sink in the dish drain hole. Store in a clean bag in the sharps drawer. Cut or slice for salads before serving to prevent oxidation.

The Best Tips For Make Ahead Meal Prep

Onions: Cut or pre-cut 1-2 days ahead, but store in a sealed glass container or double-seal bag. (If you double the bag, your fridge may smell like onions and the onion smell will absorb into the surrounding food)

Potatoes: Peel or peel and chop the day before. Store in a bowl of cold water in the refrigerator.

Sweet Potatoes: Peel and slice 3-4 days ahead of time. Store in a closed container.

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