Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes Iphone Se

Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes Iphone Se – Your iPhone SE cannot be used when it shows “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes”. Try the three methods in this guide to unlock your iPhone SE.

My iPhone SE has disabled itself and won’t accept the passcode and says “iPhone is disabled connecting to iTunes” … How can you fix this problem?

Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes Iphone Se

The iPhone SE line is popular not only for its affordability, but also for its security systems. Your iPhone can be completely secure by putting on the screen your passcode and Apple ID once.

Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes] Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes How To Unlock Without Passcode

However, there are two sides to everything. If you want to unlock your iPhone SE but enter the wrong screen passcode ten times in a row, you might get an error message that says “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes.”

The message means that your iPhone SE is completely locked. In this guide, you can find three ways to help you with or without iTunes when your iPhone SE shows “Disabled, Connect iTunes” message. You should keep in mind that once you unlock iPhone SE, you will lose everything. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a full backup of your iPhone first.

As the error message tells you, you can connect your iPhone SE to iTunes and let iTunes help you fix it. Before you try any of the methods below, please make sure you update iTunes to the latest version. Depending on whether you have synced the iPhone SE with iTunes or not, you can either restore it in iTunes or put the iPhone SE into recovery mode.

If you recently backed up your iPhone SE, iTunes can help you restore your iPhone SE. Follow the steps below to backup and restore your iPhone SE.

How To Fix “iphone Is Disabled. Connect To Itunes”

Step 3. Click Restore iPhone to start the reset. It will take a few minutes to complete. When it’s done, click Done and restart your iPhone.

Another way to unlock a disabled iPhone SE by connecting to iTunes is to put your iPhone SE into recovery mode and restore it. The following are the detailed steps.

1st step. Put your iPhone SE into recovery mode. The steps are different depending on the iPhone SE you are using.

For iPhone SE (1st Gen): Press and hold both the Home and Up buttons at the same time > Release both buttons when you see the Recovery Mode screen.

How To Force Restart Iphone Se (2020), How To Enter Recovery, Dfu, Etc

For iPhone SE (2nd Gen): Press and quickly release the Volume Up button > Press and quickly release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

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Step 2. Connect your iPhone SE to the computer and open iTunes > Click the phone icon in the upper left corner > Click Restore when prompted and wait for the process to complete.

Once this is done, you can set up your iPhone as if it were new. As you go through this setup process, you will be presented with the option to restore from a backup.

The only way to fix the “iPhone IS disabled, connect to iTunes” error without a computer is to use iCloud. But this method can only be available if you have already enabled the function Find My iPhone. If not, try the other methods in this guide. Here are the steps.

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1st step. Open a web browser and go to www.icloud.com/find > Sign in with your iCloud ID > Click the Find My icon.

Step 2. Click on All Devices at the top of your screen > Select your iPhone SE from the list.

Even if you back up your iPhone SE on iTunes or iCloud before troubleshooting, you may lose more or less data from iPhone SE. To minimize data loss, a more professional backup tool – FoneTools is recommended for you.

1st step. Launch Phone Tools > Connect your iPhone SE to computer > Click Phone Backup on the left side of the home page. And click Get Startunder Full Backup.

How To Deal With ‘iphone Unavailable’ Screen In Four Ways

Step 3. You can click Backup Storage Path > Click Start Backup to select the destination to save your backup file and wait for it to finish.

Backup all your iPhone SE, connect your iPhone SE and launch FoneTool. To restore a backup, go to Backup History.

You can also try another backup function called selective backup to backup selected iPhone data to PC.

Hopefully one of the four methods in this guide will help you when your iPhone SE shows “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. These methods are also applicable for any iOS device. If this guide helps you, please share with others. A white circle with a black border around which a chevron is indicated. It states ‘Click here to return to the top of the page’.

Iphone Disabled? How To Gain Access To Your Disabled Iphone

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The good news about iPhone security is that a thief, or a more curious stranger, has no chance of getting data on your phone unless you stick the passcode on a yellow sticky note and write it down. Attached to the back of the case. (Even after major crimes, the FBI failed to crack the suspect’s iPhone.)

How To Fix The Iphone Is Disabled Error

After entering an incorrect passcode a few times, your iPhone will temporarily block you from using any other codes. Keep entering the wrong passcode and you’ll be locked out forever.

If your iPhone is disabled, the bad news is that there is no way to bypass the passcode and restart the iPhone. If it were possible, anyone could do it and that would defeat the security point of the passcode.

A disabled iPhone will warn you that you can’t connect for a period of time, which can be anywhere from a minute to forever. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

Instead, you need to reset the iPhone to its factory settings and then restore your apps and data from backup. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the reasons why you should always have a current backup. To make sure your iPhone is backed up regularly, see our article, “How to back up your iPhone to iCloud, your computer, or an external hard drive.”

Iphone Se Disabled Connect To Itunes? Ways To Unlock It

2. Start your iPhone recovery mode. Depending on the iPhone model, you will need to do one of two things:

When iTunes detects that your iPhone is in recovery mode, it will give you the option to restore it to factory settings. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

4. After this process is completed, your iPhone will be reset to its factory condition. Then follow the on-screen instructions to restore your iPhone to the most recent backup.

Another way you can achieve the same thing is by using Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, which allows you to track your iOS devices and – in the worst case scenario – recover them if they are stolen. If not, they can be rearranged. You can take advantage of this feature even for your disabled iPhone.

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Apple’s Ios 16 Is Now Available To Download

2. Find and click your iPhone in the list of devices in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

3. Click “Erase iPhone” and click “Erase” to confirm. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password to do this, but you won’t need an iPhone passcode.

Using Find My iPhone, you can erase your disabled device and return it to factory settings. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

4. After deleting it, it will be restored to its factory settings and you can follow the instructions to restore the iPhone with the most recent backup.

Fixed] Iphone Is Disabled And Won’t Connect To Itunes

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Instead of pulling your iPhone out of your pocket to enter your passcode and unlock the lock screen, you lock yourself out. Then you try different codes repeatedly until you get the warning “iPhone is disabled connecting to iTunes”.

Worse, when you try to connect Disabled to your computer and open iTunes to restore it, the application does not respond to the phone – no icon on your lock screen, no iTunes No Device icon in the key window. What can go wrong? What can you do when your iPhone is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes?


How To Remove Passcode When Iphone Is Disabled: Step By Step Guide

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