Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

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The Tennis Channel has launched a digital subscription service allowing American subscribers to watch expanded coverage of the French Open. Pictured above, Great Britain’s Andy Murray attends a practice session in Paris on May 23.

Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

The Tennis Channel is launching a digital subscription service that puts a new twist on the established business model for TV sports programming.

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Starting Sunday, sports networks will begin selling programming packages directly to consumers. The new product deviates from the established order of the pay TV industry.

Called Tennis Channel Plus, the programming service costs tennis players $59.99 for a one-year subscription and $9.99 for a day pass.

“Tennis Channel Plus is not intended to replace Linear Tennis Channel. However, it is a complete service,” said Adam Ware, head of digital media for Tennis Channel, in an interview.

The management of the tennis channel does not have enough space in the company’s only TV channel to figure out how to take advantage of the hundreds of hours of tennis action (usually low-scoring matches) that the viewers at home never see.

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At the same time, more viewers are watching events on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And they watch more than just short videos.

“More and more people are watching longer shows on their mobile devices,” Ware said. “And live sports lead to longer viewing hours. Live sports are the perfect vehicle. It’s the most valuable content.”

Tennis Channel wants to tap into this growing market while also offering the most ardent tennis fans an additional hour of live tournament coverage, including the more obscure matches on the outdoor courts.

Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

The Santa Monica TV network’s newest digital offering will launch Sunday to coincide with the start of the French Open tennis tournament.

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Some sports leagues, such as Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, also offer live digital packages for fans who want to watch team games that are not broadcast in the market.

Earlier this year, wrestling organization WWE offered its own premium subscription service directly to consumers. The subscription costs $9.99/month. WWE is betting that loyal fans will pay for more content than the available television.

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The network does not want to jeopardize its profitable relationship with pay TV operators. Once consumers can purchase channels directly from ESPN, they can cancel their subscriptions to DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, or other pay TV providers.

Consumers must prove that they subscribe to cable or satellite TV service. Then you can download an app that lets you stream sports content from ESPN or NBC Sports on your tablet or smartphone. There are generally no additional costs for pay TV subscribers to stream content on their computers or digital devices.

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Independent tennis channels do not partner with large media companies, which make billions of dollars a year from selling bundles of channels to pay TV operators, but what will not be lost. There is none.

But to keep its pay-TV partners happy like DirecTV, the company gives them a share of the revenue generated by Tennis Channel Plus, Ware said.

The Tennis Channel has a second digital service similar to that offered by ESPN and the Golf Channel.

Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

A year ago, subscribers to satellite services DirecTV and Dish Network, as well as several cable TV providers, including Cox Communications, launched a digital app that allowed them to stream Tennis Channel action to tablets and smartphones.

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The app, called Tennis Channel Everywhere, is available for Android and iOS devices and is available at no additional cost to subscribers of certain pay TV operators. (Time Warner Cable and Comcast subscribers do not have access to the Tennis Everywhere Channel.)

“What we’re doing is offering traditional TV packages while also providing super fans with a la carte packages,” Ware said.

In addition to live coverage of matches at the French Open and other tournaments such as Davis Cup and Fed Cup, subscribers will be able to watch classics such as the rivalry between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. watch the game.

The Tennis Channel has the US digitization rights for the French Open, but does not have the digitization rights for the other three Grand Slam tennis tournaments (Wimbledon, the US Open in New York, the Australian Open).

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Additionally, ESPN owns the rights to the French Open finals, so those matches will not be available on Tennis Channel Plus.

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Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

Sports fans know that cutting the cord isn’t easy when you’re following your favorite teams, athletes, and competitions. All content is available on demand, but there are some reliable ways to play live sports like tennis without paying. big bucks for cable companies.

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This struggle is even more real when you are trying to find tennis. People around the world seem to have an easy time playing tennis, but finding tennis to watch in the US can be a bit more difficult. But whether you like Nadal, Federer, Serena, Agassi, or anything in between, we’ve put together this guide on how to watch tennis to help you find your favorite players and matches. every major tournament in.

Hulu’s live TV streaming service, Hulu + Live TV, includes live streams from ESPN, ESPN2, and NBCSN, plus live local access to NBC in select markets. Hulu with Live TV also includes full access to the on-demand side of the Hulu streaming service. For more thoughts on the service, check out our Hulu + Live TV review.

Selecting a DIRECTV STREAM channel will feature ESPN, ESPN2, NBC (in select markets), and NBCSN. The DIRECTV STREAM streaming service is one of the best ways to catch every serve, throw, and cut that tennis has to offer.

ESPN Plus is more than just boxing, football, and on-demand talk shows. It is also an excellent service for finding tennis events, especially Grand Slams. As an added bonus, you can even find replays of some of the best matches of all time here.

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Cable alternative FuboTV is finally getting the ESPN channel in 2020. This gives you another option to watch tennis while looking for a skinny bundle. The service also offers NBC (in some markets) and NBCSN. This means that it is an option for the French Open. Read our fuboTV review to learn more about the service.

Live TV “Skinny Package” Sling TV offers two basic packages and several “extra” add-ons. Sling Orange offers ESPN and ESPN2, and Sling Blue offers NBCSN and (in some markets) NBC. You can choose one basic package or get both. Add “Extra Sports” and get the tennis channel. Not ready to sign up? No problem. In the meantime, read our review of Sling TV.

Google’s skinny bundle service offers just about everything tennis can handle. Available on ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC (select markets), NBCSN, and the Tennis Channel. Try YouTube TV for free by clicking on the link in this section and sign in to try the service for free. See our YouTube TV review to get the service.

Watch Tennis Channel Without Cable

If you live in an area that has access to trance broadcasts, you can get a little tennis coverage for free through an antenna. ABC replays Wimbledon matches in prime time. NBC will broadcast live replays of the French Open matches, as well as the semi-finals and final. You can get great tennis wirelessly and for free!

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Peacock is NBC’s streaming video service that includes live broadcasts of shows and events, as well as on-demand content. Peacock has covered part of the French Open and has exclusive matches in 2021. Peacock is betting that tennis matches will be broadcast on the free tier instead of the paid tier. This is a nice bonus.

TennisTV is the official streaming service of the ATP World Tour and WTA. you’ll just get it

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