How To Fix Pc Not Turning On

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How To Fix Pc Not Turning On

Why won’t my computer turn on? 10 ways to troubleshoot your Windows PC when it won’t turn on

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Your first reaction when you discover that your computer won’t boot is likely to be panic, but the problem is often not catastrophic. This is probably an underground fault that is easy to fix.

There are many reasons why your computer won’t turn on, and many explanations for “won’t turn on,” from “nothing happens” to “Windows won’t start properly.”

Below are the top 10 solutions to get your PC up and running with this range of problems in mind.

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

If you try to turn on your computer and absolutely nothing happens, there are generally only two possibilities. Either the computer’s internal power supply has failed and should probably be replaced, or the computer is not receiving power.

Unplug the computer from where it is currently plugged in and plug it directly into the wall, bypassing the UPS, surge suppressor, or power strip. If that still doesn’t work, make sure the outlet is working by plugging something else into it, like a desk lamp, and confirming it’s on.

It’s highly unlikely, but it’s an easy fix. If you have a spare power cord, replace it. If the original cable fails, you must restart the computer with a new cable.

If the computer that isn’t working is a laptop and the computer has recently had a power outage, it’s not uncommon for it to fail to boot even when plugged into the wall. Plug in your laptop and charge the battery for at least half an hour. Then try to turn it on again.

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Some computer motherboards emit beeps during startup. A single beep may indicate that everything is fine, while a long, continuous tone may indicate that the power supply is experiencing a critical failure.

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There is no single standard set of codes, but signals can sound like Morse code, with both long and short tones. Check your computer’s user manual, website, or support service to find out what the error is.

If your computer is working – or at least making noise – but nothing is showing on the screen, make sure your monitor is turned on and connected to your computer.

It is also worth checking that the brightness has not been accidentally set to zero. If possible, try connecting your computer to a different display to see if that fixes the problem.

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If your computer is doing something but won’t boot into Windows, there are a few possibilities. Start with your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), which has been replaced by the much less friendly UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) sound on most modern computers.

You may want to check your computer’s manual to find out which specific key to press to access BIOS or UEFI. At startup, you can see instructions on the screen telling you which key to press. But no matter what your computer is equipped with, here’s how you should be able to access BIOS or UEFI.

2. Immediately press the appropriate boot button for your computer; Common keys are ESC, Delete, F1 or F2.

After entering the BIOS or UEFI, make sure your computer is configured to boot from the primary hard drive, disable Fast Boot, and look for any other unusual settings that may be causing boot problems. You can also reset the BIOS or UEFI to factory settings and see if that fixes the problem.

What To Do When Your Mac Won’t Turn On

If you can access your computer’s BIOS, you can also access special Windows boot settings. If possible, start the computer in safe mode. This can be tricky, so here’s how to do it.

1. If there are any power lights or signs of activity, press the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off.

3. Watch carefully and at the first sign of the computer booting up – you’ll see the usual logo on the screen – press the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off again.

If your computer starts up normally, try undoing the recent changes you made to your computer. This may include uninstalling recently added hardware. You can also restore your computer to a clean installation of Windows using the “Reset” section in Windows Settings.

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How To Fix A Cpu Fan Error

A basic rule of thumb for problem solving is to eliminate as many variables as possible. So, if you’ve tried the previous solutions and still aren’t sure what’s going on, disconnect everything that’s not absolutely necessary from your computer. This usually means unplugging the printer cable, scanner, webcam, and anything connected to the computer. Now try running your computer using only the power cord, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

You can do this by removing the side panel of your computer and – with the power off – making sure everything is still in place correctly. For the most part, this means checking your video card, sound card if you have one, memory chips, and all power and data cables.

If your computer is apparently turned on but does not run properly with Windows, your computer may be infected with malicious software, such as a virus or ransomware. Poorly written malware can be bad enough to prevent Windows from starting properly.

Try booting the computer not from the internal hard drive, but from a USB drive. If you manage to boot your computer this way, you can use malware to scan your computer for unwanted software.

Top 6 Ways To Fix Your Pc Did Not Start Correctly On Windows 10 And Windows 11

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Does your screen stay black after turning on your computer? This is very frustrating and you are definitely not alone. Many Windows users report this problem. But the good news is that you can fix it. Here are 6 fixes you should try.

As difficult as it may seem at first glance, just scroll through the list step by step and we will try to get you back on track.

If you only see a black screen after pressing the power button, try holding down the power button for 10 seconds to force the computer to shut down, then turn it back on. By repeating this three times, Windows Startup Repair should start automatically.

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What To Do If Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging

If nothing happens after first turning the computer coupon on and off, this may indicate a hardware problem. Go to Fix 2 and see how to fix it.

After booting into automatic repair mode, select Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup options> Restart> Safe mode with networking, and then follow the instructions below to see how to fix possible system problems.

There are many factors that can cause Windows startup errors, such as damaged or missing Windows system files, registry, and more. To check if this is the main problem for you, you can run a system scan with Restoro to find corrupted or damaged system files and repair them.

Restoro is a professional Windows repair tool that can scan overall system health, diagnose system configuration, identify faulty system files and repair them automatically. It gives you brand new system components with one click, so you don’t need to reinstall Windows and all your programs, and you don’t lose any personal data or settings. (Read Trustpilot Restoro reviews.)

Windows Pc Won’t Turn On — How To Fix It

Wait while Restoro scans your computer. This may take a few minutes, and after that you will receive a detailed report on the health of your computer.

3) You can see a summary of the problems found after the scan is complete. Click START REPAIR to start the repair process. This requires the full version – which comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Pro version of Restoro comes with 24/7 technical support. If you need help, contact Restoro Technical Support. Phone: 1-888-575-7583 Email: [email protected] Chat:

If the monitor does not turn on, unplug the monitor’s power adapter and then

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