How To Do Gifs On Whatsapp

How To Do Gifs On Whatsapp – A GIF – or Graphic Interchange Format – is a short animated image without sound, commonly used to show animation online. Popular in the pre-internet days, the rise of social media has seen the humble GIF make a comeback – Twitter, Facebook and iMessage now support it.

Finally, they’ve joined WhatsApp for iOS so you can send the most stylish gifts to your heart’s content.

How To Do Gifs On Whatsapp

However, since iOS doesn’t support GIFs, the process isn’t as simple as saving and sending them. You must first download version 2.16.15 from the App Store. Once you’ve done that, here’s how to send gifts.

How To Use Whatsapp: A Step By Step Beginner’s Guide

You can send any video as a GIF, just under 6 seconds. To do this, click the Add button to the left of the text box, select a video, select your photo and video library, and select what you want to send.

At the top right of the screen, you can choose to send a video or send as a gift. If you choose a GIF, you can adjust its length along with the video.

WhatsApp also has iOS Live Photos – the software itself can use photos as GIFS, but it only works if you send them from your phone using 3D Touch, which is a silly process.

As before, go to “Add Photo” and find the one you want to send, but from there, 3D-click on your “Live Photo” and find “Select as GIF.”

How To Save A Gif From Twitter In Under 5 Mins: A Step By Step Guide

Live Photos is available on iPhone 6s and 7 Plus versions as well as iPhone SE. But the SE doesn’t support 3D Touch, which means they can’t set the option.

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You can’t save a GIF on iOS and then send it from WhatsApp, but you can get around this by simply copying and pasting.

If you find a gift you like online, you can click on it and select “copy”. Then paste it in WhatsApp text field and it will appear.

You can download keyboards with GIF support such as Giphy, iGIF or Gboard to use high-quality gifs. Download it from the App Store, open it and follow the instructions (this includes accessing the keyboard in your settings menu)

Whatsapp Now Lets Iphone Users Send Gifs To Each Other

From there, select Keyboard in WhatsApp’s chat window, and then you can download and paste the GIF.

This feature isn’t available on WhatsApp for Android yet, though it may be coming soon. The beta version of the app has GIF support, and WhatsApp usually adds features quickly across all platforms.

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How To Send Gifs On Snapchat Chat And Snaps In 2022

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GIFs are a fun way to connect with friends, as users send vivid images that support their thoughts, feelings, or emotions. WhatsApp allows users to send and receive GIFs, and the app has a built-in GIF library. Senders can edit the image as an existing image, as well as add text.

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Gifs 101: How To Make, Use, Find & Use Them

2. The gifts will appear. Tap the screen to see more, or type the search box into the text box to find real GIFs.

3. Select the GIF you want to send. A preview screen appears, allowing you to edit the GIF, including text. When you’re satisfied, press the arrow keys to send.

Now note: I’m an iPhone user who switched to Android for a month – here I love and hate the Google Pixel 3 XL.

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