How To Fix Packet Loss Valorant

How To Fix Packet Loss Valorant – Have you ever killed without hearing a gunshot while playing Valorant? Then you may experience packet loss. Here are some simple steps to reduce or fix these packet loss problems, but first I’ll show you how to detect packet loss in Valorant.

Valorant has an in-game setting that allows you to show on screen how much packet loss you have.

How To Fix Packet Loss Valorant

First, go to your settings and open the video tab. Then click on Statistics tab and scroll down till you see packet loss like below screenshot. Set it to both if you want to see a chart, but you can only use it for text for now. It will show you what percentage of packet loss you have.

What Is Packet Loss How To Fix Packet Loss

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Some players compare it to Overwatch while others compare it to Valorant CS:GO. But really, Valorant is in a league of its own. There are definitely some similarities between the titles, but each game offers a different experience.

Yes, Valorant and Overwatch are both epic shooters, but that’s about it. Yes, you can (sort of) defuse bombs in Valorant like Counter-Strike lets you do. But the games are very different when it comes to mechanics.

Long story short, Valorant was an awesome game and had thousands of players (including yours truly) watching endless Twitch streams in an attempt to grab one of the closed beta keys.

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But all is not rosy. Being an online-only game, Valorant can sometimes experience a number of connectivity issues. For example packet loss.

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In general, packet loss tends to behave the same regardless of the environment in which you experience it, whether it’s on a VoIP, streaming multimedia content in your browser, or playing an online game like Valorant.

As the name boldly implies, packet loss means that one or more data packets are having trouble reaching their destination. As a result, the data never reaches you or the remote server, and the connection is delayed.

When a device expects incoming data that never arrives, it artificially delays delivery to give the packet another chance to arrive. Often, the device sends another request and the data is finally delivered.

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However, the packet loss rate is so severe that there are times when incoming packets choose to close the connection rather than wait indefinitely.

Both scenarios can be equally frustrating when playing online games like Valorant. Cool packages mean excessive latency, unresponsive menus and buttons, rubber bands, and even sudden crashes.

The reasons behind packet loss vary and we don’t say that lightly. Using WiFi instead of wired connections or even having subpar Ethernet cables can trigger this problem.

However, there is one cause that seems to weigh quite heavily in the pattern of packet loss events: network congestion.

How To Fix Or Reduce Packet Loss In Valorant

Network traffic is just what you think. When the network cannot accommodate users or requests, it begins to fail to balance resources.

Properly routed fixed networks are easier because they can balance resource usage in a more fair, rational way by distributing it equally among all users.

However, when the network is not configured properly, it can start allocating too many resources to some users and none to others. And guess who gets packet loss?

Long story short, there are many potential reasons behind packet loss, but the most common is network congestion.

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That’s it, your packet loss will be shown to you while in the game. It’s not that complicated and shows the percentage of packet loss between you and the Valorant server.

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Packet loss in Valorant may take another method to detect, so we don’t recommend it, especially since you might ruin other players’ experiences.

Also, tracking Riot Games servers may be difficult or completely impossible. Using tracers led us to believe that the request expired in our case, and that they weren’t exactly there for you to see.

A little maintenance on your local network can go a long way, and can even help reduce packet loss, if not eliminate it entirely. Do some manual troubleshooting:

How To Reduce Packet Loss In Valorant

It may seem silly at first, but trust us, restarting the game did wonders for reducing packet loss. We even tried it during one such episode and it worked flawlessly.

Since you’re not in a competitive match, give the game the old ragequit Alt+F4 and restart it.

Sure, you’ll probably ruin the game for your teammates, but being online and constantly losing packages can be even worse, don’t you think?

Either way, you’ll be annoying a bunch of players, but at some point, you’ll get rid of packet loss.

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You can safely use ExpressVPN to reduce packet loss in Valorant, but there are even more benefits under the hood of this VPN. For example, it can help you improve in-game ping, bypass geo-blocking, and quickly stop ISP throttling.

We believe this indicates a problem with the ISP and Valorant servers, as moving the server to another country near your location significantly increases server access.

So if you’re trying to figure out why your ping is so much higher than usual and you’re suffering from packet loss, we recommend giving ExpressVPN a try.

If ping is often high and you suffer from packet loss, try using a reliable VPN service.

What Is Packet Loss And How To Fix It

However, note that this VPN packet loss fix only works if your ISP does it by blocking your connection. A good VPN like ExpressVPN can avoid bandwidth throttling and misrouting.

If you want another way to update your drivers safely and quickly, we suggest using a driver updater like DriverFix.

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So you can scan your computer for outdated or missing drivers that may cause performance issues in your Valorant game.

Therefore, you will be able to update your network driver within a few clicks or select them all at once.

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If you’re experiencing packet loss in Valorant and are ready to quit, consider everything. We know how annoying packet loss can be, but luckily if you’re patient enough it can be easily fixed.

One of the most common solutions we’ve found is to restart the game. We have no idea why it works, but it does, so we’ll go with it.

You can start using a VPN, but this solution only works with network congestion or if your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. So, before you buy a subscription you should make sure you get the reason right.

You can also check out our best VPNs for Valorant to reduce lag and improve gameplay.

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Last but not least, when was the last time you performed maintenance on your network? never? Well, it’s never too late to do it, especially knowing that it can help improve and in some cases eliminate packet loss.

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