How To Delete Sent Text Messages On Iphone

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How To Delete Sent Text Messages On Iphone

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How To Forward Sms/mms Text Messages From Your Iphone To Your Ipad, Ipod Touch Or Mac

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You can’t save a lot of space by deleting messages from your iPhone—even very simple text messages take up a lot of space—but you might want to delete them just because they store personal data or information. The app is better organized. (Text with images can actually take up some space.)

Regardless of the reason, you can delete all conversations or just specific messages. You can even turn off your phone automatically after a certain period of time.

When we say messages, note that we mean all messages in the Messages app, including iMessages, which are exchanged between iPhones, and general SMS text messages, which are exchanged with non-iPhone devices. You’ll always know which is which: iMessages appear in blue bubbles, and your text messages appear in green bubbles.

How To Delete Text Messages On Iphones And Androids

4. Click Delete, then click Delete again in the confirmation window that appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to delete an entire conversation, you can delete messages individually or in groups.

2. Scroll through your message until you find the conversation you want to delete and click on it.

3. Find the message you want to delete, then tap and hold for about three seconds.

Why Does My Iphone Say I Have A Text Message When I Don’t?

If you don’t feel the need to keep the information forever, you can erase your iPhone instead.

3. By default, iPhone keeps all data forever (or until manually deleted). Click “30 days” or “1 year” if you prefer. If you do, iPhone will automatically discard your data after the selected time.

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If you don’t want to keep your data forever, the settings can automatically delete it after a month or a year. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

Dave Johnson is a technology journalist who writes about how consumer technology and industry are turning the speculative world into modern reality. Dave grew up in New Jersey before joining the Air Force, operating satellites, teaching space operations and planning space launches. He then spent eight years as a content director on the Windows team at Microsoft. As a photographer, Dave captures wolves in their natural habitat, is also a master instructor and co-host of several podcasts. Dave is the author of more than two books and has contributed to numerous websites and publications, including CNET, Forbes, PC World, How Geek, and Insider. It’s a very simple task that usually causes headaches. Data sticks even if you don’t want it to, so those embarrassing and incriminating texts you thought you deleted could one day end up in the wrong hands.

How To Search Through Text Messages On The Iphone

In older versions, deleted text messages are not completely deleted from the iPhone and can be viewed within Spotlight Search. Over time, it has gotten better at managing your deleted data, so this problem doesn’t persist with Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system. If you want to fix this problem permanently, updating is the best way.

But staying current doesn’t mean your text messages are still stuck somewhere. You can find deleted text messages, MMS, and iMessages in your iCloud backup file, iTunes backup file, or even hidden in the Messages app on your Mac. To really wipe the board, you have to attack it from all sides.

Your iPhone supports a variety of technologies in the Messages app, not to mention other third-party messaging apps. For this guide, we’re focusing only on Apple’s Messages app.

The messages in the green boxes in the Messages app are text messages sent to phone numbers not associated with Apple IDs, such as people with Android phones. Texts are available on all smartphones and

Ios 16: Here’s How Easy It Is To Edit Or Delete Messages In The Messages App

Mobile phones can send and receive MMS texts, and include multimedia texts with pictures and videos.

Messages in blue boxes in the Messages app are iMessages and can only be sent and received between Apple devices associated with an Apple ID. iMessages work over the Internet, which allows them to have more functionality than text, such as Apple’s bubbles, screensavers, and click effects. However, if there is no Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, iMessages cannot be sent.

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You can send and receive texts on iPad, iPod touch, and Mac, but they must be connected to an iPhone with text messaging turned on. If you have an Apple device but not an iPhone, those devices won’t receive text messages — only iMessages.

Whether you want to save space or delete sensitive material, deleting texts can be an important part of owning an iPhone. Also, if the information is deleted in the usual way, it will not be the same as the version that Spotlight Search Error was working on. So, for those who don’t have a backup or don’t have another Apple device, this will be enough.

Review Sent And Received Text Message History

It’s a quick and easy process. If you want to share all your information with others, here’s what you need to do:

There is a second way to do this, but it leaves the empty conversation in the main view of the message.

If you don’t want to delete the entire conversation, you can delete individual messages from the conversation thread. Deleting selected messages is very similar to deleting a second conversation:

To make sure your data is safe, you need to back up data that you may not even have on your iPhone. Old backups may still hold copies of text messages you’ve deleted, so if you restore your iPhone with one of those backups, you’ll get those messages back, too.

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Also, if these backups fall into the hands of a thrifty hacker, they can gain access to them, so it’s important to keep backups up-to-date and delete unnecessary backups from iCloud and/or macOS.

Ah, iCloud. For all the headaches it can cause, you’ll be glad to have it when you need it. Whether your iPhone lost itself in the back of the cabin or went down the toilet, backing up its data online can give you peace of mind. But this backup contains information you don’t want to keep, like old text messages.

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If you think your iCloud backup has stored any sensitive, embarrassing or other unwanted texts, it’s easy to make sure they’re gone. On your iPhone:

You can also go to Manage Storage in version 10.3 and above by clicking your name at the top of the Settings app, then iCloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage.

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If you’re someone who doesn’t have enough iCloud storage space to back up to the cloud, you might want to back up to iTunes instead. If this backup contains unwanted information, here’s how to delete it:

If you keep an iTunes backup but don’t want to delete it and create a new backup, you still want the deleted data on your iPhone to be deleted from the backup file. This will not happen until you sync with iTunes.

This should happen automatically when you connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. If not, click the “Backup” or “Backup Now” button on the iPhone summary page. iTunes then deletes the deleted lyrics from the backup file when it’s updated.

If you want extra security on your backup, choose “Encrypt iPhone Backup”. Since a key is required to access the information database in the backup file, it becomes more difficult for outsiders to see your information. If this option is not selected, the database file is easily visible to those who have access to it. Note that encryption requires a master password, and if you forget this password, you will not be able to access your backup.

How To Cancel Sending A Message Or Sms From Iphone

If you have more than one Apple device (iPad, iPod touch, Mac) to receive text messages, if “Send short messages” is turned on, including text messages, deleting messages on one device will not delete the other. Wipe information on iPod touch or

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