Harry Potter Arts And Crafts

Harry Potter Arts And Crafts

Harry Potter Arts And Crafts – These 35+ amazing Harry Potter crafts for kids and adults are tons of fun! Make DIY towels, homemade scarves, shirts, jewelry, and more! Fun for all ages!

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Harry Potter Arts And Crafts

Are you the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Have you read the entire Harry Potter series and watched the movies more times than you can count? Or maybe you’re throwing a Harry Potter party (May 2nd is International Harry Potter Day FYI!), or need a DIY gift for someone obsessed with the set. We have covered you with 35+ magical crafts from the wonderful world of wizards!

Harry Potter Diys For Muggles And Wizards Alike

You’ll find fun Harry Potter crafts for all ages, from kids to adults. And let’s face it, any adult who grows up reading the book will feel like a kid again. One time to make these crafts! There is something about bringing a story to life that makes you feel that the magical world is real and tangible.

Check out this list, and pick up some creative ideas for your next family movie night or just because. You’ll have magic leaves waving, decorating your house in your favorite colors, or brewing potions in a dusty lab!

These Harry Potter themed crafts and projects make great gifts for the HP lover in your life, or for your next Hogwarts party!

: Find your place in the wizarding world with these awesome Sorting Hat candles! Little wizards will get a kick out of watching them melt to reveal their own Hogwarts house.

Harry Potter Snitch Craft/ Treat

Who’s ready for a Harry Potter marathon? Use this free Harry Potter SVG file and get cozy with “This is my Harry Potter Marathon Blanket” for your next Harry Potter movie marathon or reading!

You’ll be mom of the year if you make these no-sew scarves for your kids in their favorite house colors. These make

Are you sure the Sorting Hat will sort you into Ravenclaw? Think you’ll be a star player on the Quidditch team? If so, this is the shirt for you! You can also use the free SVG files to create notebooks, signs, and tote bags!

What girl doesn’t love a butterbeer sugar scrub for soft skin and lips? It leaves a divine taste on your lips and would make a wonderful handmade gift for any HP fan during Christmas or any time of the year.

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D Paper Hogwarts Castle

. Make these beautiful, shiny ornaments for your Christmas tree or Halloween tree with printable Harry Potter Potion labels and a few simple crafts! All Harry Potter fans will love these awesome Harry Potter DIY potions!

Making these peg dolls will require a little patience and skill, but it will pay off big time when your child spends hours and hours playing with them. They’re great for quiet time activities or to take with you as they’re easy to replace if lost – just do something else!

Making your own DIY snow globe will make it special. Use Harry Potter LEGO minifigures to create something for the upcoming holiday season. You want to keep some for yourself and give as a gift. They have a positive impression.

Use this beautiful watercolor resist technique to create a marker based on your favorite Harry Potter quote. You can make your own by using the tutorial or using our free printable version to Red in your house.

Harry Potter: Magical Paper Crafts

Make every child a potions master with an array of different Harry Potter potions! You will make potions based on Polyjuice Potion, Draft of Peace, Felix Felicis, Wolfsbane, Skele-Gro, and Veritaserum. Each one has a different color. Put them in fun containers and have them as favors if you’re going to a party.

This funny brunch shirt that reads, “It’s MimOsa, not MimosA,” will crack up your friends! (I think a grown up Hermione Granger would love this too! 😂) It would be perfect for a Harry Potter fan party! Use SVG to create shirts, bags, badges, and more.

This candy box is incredible! Use it to hand out at your local Halloween or Treat trunk, or give it as a candy-filled gift to your favorite Potterhead.

Teachers who dream of teaching at Hogwarts will love this shirt. And students will get a kick out of it, too. You can also use this cut file to make a fun tote bag for your favorite teacher.

Harry Potter: Crafting Wizardry: The Official Harry Potter Craft Book

Use your Cricut to make Hedwig ornaments for a Harry Potter themed Christmas tree. They will make beautiful DIY jewelry to give as gifts, too.

Feel like a winner every time you sport this fun gold necklace. With polymer clay, glitter, and some jewelry making materials, you can have one of your own in no time.

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If your witch or little witch is a Gryffindor shoo-in, making Gryffindor sheets for their clothes and robes is a must. Fortunately, this no-fuss program makes it super easy.

You can’t be a true Potter fan without DIY Harry Potter wands! These include fun colors and designs, which is really the point, right? Remember, the wand chooses the wizard, so not everyone has the same wand. Some will have wands with more pizzazz, like metallic and glitter wands! All you need is a hot glue gun, paint and a wooden dowel to get started.

Ginger Snap Crafts: 10 Harry Potter Crafts

You will find many uses for these beautiful bows. Attach them to a regular headband or hair clip to wear as part of an outfit or for fun. You can add them to gifts, attach them to balloon strings, or add a clipper to use as a bookmark!

To create your own bookish mug list out all the books in the Harry Potter series (in order, of course!)!

This is a fun activity that the whole family can do together. Find some flat rocks, and paint your favorite Harry Potter characters or ideas. When you’re done, hide them around your community for others to find — a fun way to put a smile on people’s faces.

Make one for yourself or as a gift. This Hedwig charm bracelet is, well, charming! And the pieces are easy to shape with your fingers, so you won’t need any special tools.

Cute Harry Potter Wood Slices Ornament

: These awesome perler bead designs are so much fun and perfect for your young Harry Potter fan!

Potter fans will love watching these bath bombs fizz away, releasing colorful, fragrant bath bubbles. Talk about a luxurious soak! These would make great handmade gifts along with our Butterbeer sugar scrubs above.

Use the chevron paper weaving technique to make beautiful bookmarks in your favorite house colors. The bookmarks will make a fun party, and they’re perfect for kids who read Harry Potter books over and over again (okay, and for adults who read them over and over again!).

All the other sports moms will get a good laugh when they see you rocking your Quidditch Mom bag. Use it to bring snacks to the team, or for the countless water bottles your kids seem to need for their practice!

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Best Harry Potter Crafts A Wizarding Round Up

: These simple Harry Potter bookmarks are great! What better way to keep your place in your favorite book than with a fun paper craft?

These are easy to make dragon eggs look more magical! All you need is a thumbtack, fun nail polish, and foam eggs!

These cute hanging pencils make a cute party favor for anyone with a movie marathon or Harry Potter celebration!

The best part about Table Quidditch or Quidditch Pong, is that it can be played with any type of drink (with or without alcohol!) making it a fun game for adults or children of all ages!

Make A Fun And Easy Harry Potter Puppet Using A Free Printable

Floating keys and candles can bring the world of Harry Potter right into your home! They also make a great way to decorate your porch or party area come Halloween.

: Brush up on your origami skills by making a simple Howler letter! Now here is a picture that you can read literally

Is one of my favorite characters (along with Luna Lovegood!), so I may be a little biased here…but how cute is this laundry owl?! 😍

Make your own sorting hat using only cardboard and paper mâché. Perfect for your next Harry Potter party!

Make A Harry Potter Inspired Owl Craft

Which of these easy Harry Potter crafts is on your to-do list? There are so many fun craft ideas here to choose from!

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