Harry Potter Arts And Crafts Kits

Harry Potter Arts And Crafts Kits

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From knitting socks to building miniature Hogwarts castles, find the most magical Harry Potter crafts and kits – there’s something for everyone to enjoy (even a muggle).

Harry Potter Arts And Crafts Kits

Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, we invite you all to check out our Harry Potter magical crafts! In the spirit of Helga Hufflepuff, “I teach a lot and treat them the same way.” The list has something to enjoy for all ages and anyone interested in crafting, you never know you might discover a hidden talent. You can find beautiful Harry Potter arts and crafts kits from just £4 and we’ve included some bonus HP gifts for you at the end of the article.

Best Craft Kits For Kids 2020

We in the craft world love the Harry Potter stories, the timeless adventures we’ve loved for generations and many of us grew up with the book. So whether you’re making a craft for yourself or a gift for a young Harry Potter fan, we’re sure they’ll fall in love with the Wizarding World even more after this craft.

From knitting socks like Dobby to building a Diagon Alley book nook (one of our favorites), there’s sure to be something on the list to light the fire in you! You can even find an 8ft plus dragon model – Hagrid would be proud of us! So grab yourself a cream beer, some pumpkin pie, and read on to get inspired.

If you’re looking for even more awesome inspiration, check out these 100 free everyday craft projects and patterns, full of fun!

First up on our list is this adorable Harry Potter knitting kit, featuring 10 of your favorite characters, so you can bring the magic to life in your own home. You’ll find all your favorites including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid and your least favorite (unless you’re a Slytherin), Voldemort (ahem… shall not be named). This is a magical kit for those who want to try their hand at amigurumi knitting, some experience of knitting would be helpful when picking up these patterns, but it also includes a 76 page instruction book so you won’t be short of tips. and tricks if you’re new. If you need some extra help, we have lots of knitting tutorials and patterns that you can use to practice.

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Harry Potter Papercraft Cats Paper Toys Diy Paper Craft Kit 3d Paper Animals 4 Pets By

Create your own furry monster book, but beware, it can bite! If yours gets out of hand, Harry always remembers Hagrids top tip: just stroke the spine of the book and he’ll relax right away. In this kit, you get a notebook, fur and all the decorations to bring the creature to life, and there’s even a step-by-step video tutorial if you want some extra help putting it together. Once you have your monster book in hand, you can write and fill it with whatever you want, and if it starts writing back to you, even if it’s like Tom Riddle’s diary, we recommend running away!

Well, who would have thought you could make Voldemort out of felt and still make him look terrifying! The kit includes Harry, Hermione, Ron and seven other projects, including several colors of felt, stuffing, needles, embroidery floss and die-cut templates.

Have your own sorting ceremony and paint your house colors on these house signs! These are perfect for kids’ parties, or if you just want to have a Harry Potter night with your friends and get in a particularly festive mood. Fire up the Philosopher’s Stone, watch Harry and the gang sort it out, and find out which house you’ll be in! Visit Pottermore or choose your own house for exact sorting.

This adorable book is filled with magical HP-inspired knitting patterns, including house scarves, Mrs. Weasley’s famous Christmas jumper, more clothes and home accessories like mugs and teethers, the more you knit, the less you look alike. Muggle! With 25 patterns in this beautiful book, this book will keep any knitter busy. It would also make a great gift for any knitter with a soft spot for Harry Potter, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a cold winter’s evening while knitting and watching the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Map (1500pc)

Bring the magic of the Wizarding World to needle and thread with this adorable and unique embroidery kit. In the kit you get ten templates to choose from and enough needle and thread to complete two cover designs. And if you have your own yarn, you can make other designs too! This kit would make a great gift for anyone who loves crafts and wants to try their hand at needlework.

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Celebrate the beautiful owls that are a staple of the Harry Potter series, and they’ve even trained real owls to use in the movies! Create a white owl like Harry’s, having one of these friendly birds perched on your bookshelf will make you feel part of the wizarding world, unfortunately they won’t deliver your mail, we’ll have to leave that to a muggle. post

Remember, the cry of an adult Mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it! Fortunately, these are small Mandrakes, so it’s a good idea to wear earplugs. These adorable little crochet creatures will be next to your door keys and safe! This PDF pattern is suitable for those who know more or less how to knit, but the video can be followed by you, so it can be a good challenge for those who have the basics down and want a new challenge.

A perfect starter kit for Potterheads who are new to needlework. Embroider your favorite items from the wizarding world. A perfect activity or gift for a fan! This kit includes everything you need and easy-to-follow instructions. This project is great for beginners as it only uses a few stitches, and if you need any help with this, visit our embroidery stitch library for more tips and tricks. Once you’re done, you can proudly display your Hogwarts crest at home, now we just need our owl and Hogwarts letter.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Carriage And Thestrals 76400 Building Kit (121 Pieces)

Create your own magical bathroom experience like Harry in the Fire Pit when you have to work out how to open the egg in the second task – we just hope Moaning Murtle doesn’t get stuck in a crooked corner in your bathroom! You will receive these amazing bath bombs, ready to paint, which would be a fun and creative activity for the little wizards in your family and will also make bath time fun.

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Ever fancied yourself a bit of a potion master? Get hands-on with these amazing cookware accessories. This set is a great way to get little ones involved as the ingredients in the pops set are perfect for sensory play.

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Time to make one for yourself or your little ones? This magical kit includes envelopes with gold detailing, Hogwarts watermarked paper and even wax seal style stickers for a special touch! Now you need pepper and ink, and you’re far away – don’t let Uncle Vernon see them fly into your hearth. You get four envelopes included in the set, so it’s up to you to decide who is chosen to attend Hogwarts with you.

Create your own version of the Gryffindor scarf and stay cozy during the winter months! There is nothing more satisfying than making your own items that you can show off to your friends and family. So channel your inner Mrs. Weasley and knit. In this magical kit, you get everything you need to complete this scarf, including all the materials and a pattern booklet, and when you’re done, you’ll receive a classic mustard yellow and burgundy red foil replica scarf.

String Art Kits That Will Have You Creating Colorful Decorative Art

If you’ve never tried diamond painting before, it’s like painting by numbers, but instead of paint, you’re gluing tiny gems to a canvas. The color gems match the number in the printed image, and you simply place them on the ground. When finished, all the gems will create a picture perfect for display in your home. These are easy to make and therapeutic due to their repetitive nature, making them a great hobby to do in the evening after a long day. The kit includes everything you need to complete your diamond painting, and once you’re done, you’ll need to find the perfect frame for it.


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