Easy Diy Pallet Planter Box

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Looking for a DIY pallet plant project? I always create compact solutions for my garden. If you have limited time, money, space or skills, you may find this easy, low-cost pallet project a simple way to make your garden functional and beautiful.

Easy Diy Pallet Planter Box

I love reusing everyday materials to save money and run lighter on the planet. Wood pallets are a free resource available at many business and industrial sites. I upcycle pallets for all kinds of garden projects, from mini garden storage units to compost bays and planters.

Easy And Amazing Diy Wooden Planter Box Ideas You Can Make!

For this year’s Balcony Garden Show at the Queensland Garden Expo, I salvaged two timber pallets from a local organic farm and gave them a face lift for a new life outside. They built two side ‘walls’ on the display. I now plan to use them again at home as they are so versatile.

At the front are six window boxes with pots + hooks for hanging and at the back, a vertical bar – again opportunities to add more plants or hang items such as garden art.

Take a good look at your palette when choosing it. Each one is built differently and some lend themselves to this project more than others. This is what my bottom looked like.

Left: This pallet had 2 horizontal palings at the top/bottom and one in the middle. Right: These are in front of the planter when painted.

Diy Pallet Wood Planter Box {summer Celebration 2015!}

The pallet planter is supported by 2 long lasting black coated steel star pickets driven into the ground along with the planter + 2 screws on the pallet timber.

Although it will take a little longer, a prep coat and a top coat of paint will give you a longer lasting planter.

Time to put your planter on your balcony, deck or in your garden. You need to consider where your water will drain under the planter so perhaps add a drip tray with gravel.

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How To Make A Simple Pallet Planter

Here’s another pallet plant I made for the expo on the other side of the balcony garden display:

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Well, I hope you are inspired to make your own pallet planter using this tutorial.

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Best Diy Pallet And Wood Planter Box Ideas And Designs For 2022

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. OkOld wood pallets are a great (and often free!) source of seasonal wood – perfect for upcycling into a rustic planter box. Paint slates in aqua shades of blue and green for a beachy update.

Clever uses for old pallets are never-ending on the interwebs, but sometimes you just want to keep it simple… like upcycling some old pallet planters into this easy, breezy budget-friendly DIY planter box you can build in about an hour. !

Using your circular saw and hammer, pull the pallet apart. Separate the planks, removing any rusted nails. Cut the inner frame of the pallet, leaving a clean cut, so those boards will be easier to work with later.

Measure, mark and cut your planks to the desired height for your planter using a chop saw or circular saw (images 1 and 2). Place them side by side, to determine the width of your planter as well. Our planter has 4 panels per side (Image 3).

Amazing Diy Projects To Repurpose Pallets Into Garden Planters

In the previous step, when your boards are laid side by side, mark and measure for the inner brace boards (images 1 and 2). These will hold the planks together. For the two sides of the box, these boards will extend all the way around. For the other sides of the box, you need to leave a 1/2″ gap on the sides (Image 3). This ensures that when you later assemble all four sides together, they will fit snugly.

Attach the brace boards to the planks using wood screws. Repeat for each side of the planter box (images 1 and 2).

To assemble, butt the ends together and secure using long wood screws at the top and bottom (images 1, 2 and 3).

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You will need support boards to run along the bottom of the planter box to hold the plant. Using the scraps from the pallet frame, mark, measure and cut two boards large enough to span the bottom of the planter box (Image 1). Turn the planter box upside down, line the bottom boards and secure using wood screws (Image 2).

Cheap Diy Pallet Garden Ideas That Are Easy To Build

Adding casters to the bottom makes it easier to move the planter around. With the box flipped over, line up the casters at each corner and secure with the supplied screws using a drill.

Finally, add some color to your planter box, using an exterior color (Image 1). Paint it all one color or paint the pants in alternating shades for a beach-chic look. Sand the boards a few times with medium- or coarse-grit sandpaper for a more weathered look (images 2 and 3).

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Pallet Ideas To Transform Your Garden With Recycled Wood

Don’t throw away those spent tires! Turn them into chic planters with a little paint and some basic materials from the hardware store. Here’s a DIY planter box (with some character) made from old wooden pallets! Here’s some inspiration for your own project.

Here you can see the finished planting box. The box is made from recycled pallet wood and some other recycled materials.

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The size of the box is basically limited by the size of the wooden panels that you salvage from the pallet. So, if you manage to get a really long pallet, you will be able to create more planks for your box. I kept things relatively simple and the box was made with the long sides and then the short sides.

Pallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, remember to keep things simple for your planter box if you want to make sure you have enough wood to finish your project!

Ways To Build A Planter Box From Pallets

The short sides will be about half the size of the long sides. This made it easy for me to work out how many planks I needed on the sides of the boxes.

The best thing to do at this point, find yourself a pallet and start breaking it down then review what wood is available for use. There will almost always be some panels that come off the pallet badly and will split or break up, which can make them unusable. So, remove the nails and panels from the skip as carefully as possible but don’t worry, you can always get yourself another pallet.

Once you’ve got yourself a pallet, start using a crowbar and hammer to separate the panels. To speed up the process, what I did was cut the edges in a straight line fashion like this:

Use a marker pen, you can measure the length you need and cut to length now but don’t worry if you don’t know what the lengths are going to be, you can always shorten them later in the project.

Diy Pallet Garden Ideas

It was held together with blocks between the left panels. By removing the edges, it is easier to remove the nails and the blocks in between.

Try to fit the crowbar below the panel shape and leverage the panels from the center. Another technique is to hammer a crowbar into the panels to get behind the nails.

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