Build Your Own Diy Guitar Wall Mount

Build Your Own Diy Guitar Wall Mount – Guitars can be very expensive depending on the model, brand, and make. One of the best ways to take care of your equipment is to keep it out of the reach of children. So how do you do that? You put it out of their reach. But you still want it to be easy for you.

Getting a hanger is a great way to properly store your guitar. You just walk into the wall and do the work. There are hangers for sale at most guitar stores but if you have time to spare and materials at home, why not make your own? You get the freedom to customize it as you wish.

Build Your Own Diy Guitar Wall Mount

With this project, there is no fanfare involved, just pure woodworking skills. If you have excess wood from a previous project, you can make several of these and give them to your guitar playing friends.

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A sophisticated design that prevents the guitar from being placed improperly on its stand. Covered with high density rubber to prevent damage to the guitar’s finish.

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The content of this site sometimes contains links or links to Amazon or other marketplaces. Affiliate links mean that this business may receive advertising or referral fees if you make a purchase through those links. Ryan often wants his guitar collection mounted on the wall – for easy access – and to make his space look “manly”. space”. Unfortunately, we’ve never lived anywhere long enough for her to have her own space…until….NOW!!

Last week, I fired a workspace of mine, because Ryan has his own, stolen from, male room. So I built him guitar hangers on the wall, just like he always wanted… love you xoxo

Free Diy Guitar Stand Plans To Make One Yourself

– Heavy duty utility wall hook – available in the garage organizer section (make sure it doesn’t damage the finish of your guitar).

– Some types of plants! Ryan bought these cow-nose hats, which are used for climbing up the steps. They are good, cheap, and perfect size plants. Just over $2 each.

– Color – whatever you put around. I used some black paint – Home&Canvas Chalk Finish Furniture Paint works too!

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I used a hacksaw to cut the pieces of wood in half. Not all of them are perfectly tall, but some have round edges, some have straight edges. It doesn’t really matter since the guitar will hide the piece of wood. I am not a perfectionist!!!

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Then I drilled the holes for the screws. I measure about eight and a half inches from the end.

I then drilled a large hole to support the wall hook. I wish I had a sewing machine for this, but my hand drills did the job in the end. You can see where the wood splits a little at the edge of the hole. I sanded it well and gave the piece another coat of paint.

I like to use painters tape to measure the placement of hardware on the wall. I spaced the hooks about 18″ apart.

First I turned the wall hook into the wood. Then to put them on the wall, I made a pilot, hit my anchor on the wall and nailed the piece there. Make sure you use a level to make sure it’s straight.

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Yes, beautiful. Three more to go. This wall hook is small but holds a standard guitar well. Make sure the wall hooks you get have enough resistance – the next step is to buy vinyl tubing from Home Depot and screw it to the hooks – then cut it to size. In some expensive guitars, it may be necessary to be careful to ensure that the goop that sometimes happens with wall hooks – stays away from the guitar.

So, look, they’re all on the wall. You can grab a chalk line or use a fancy laser line. I just use a 4-foot level to paint the tape to line up – and then use the level to get the wall hook support bracket (black spray-painted piece of wood) – level from the side to the side.

My son James: yelling “MOMMY! The guitar is paying!” He was very surprised. A confidence booster for me. Who cares if it’s from 4 years old!

That’s it! I never said it was rocket science!! Way cheaper than these store bought walls and they look so good!

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Each wall costs less than $4 to make – add $1 more if you have to cut the vinyl to fit the hooks (this is recommended to protect the neck of the guitar from to enter it). These are sold in any store from $20-45 – these store bought ones have an added security that automatically locks when a tool is inserted into it – some swivel – which may be important if you are installing a guitar pickup. DIY wall hangings are a cheap and easy way to get your guitar collection on the wall – once you live with them, you may want to upgrade to more expensive ones!

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So when I asked for these hangers my husband added 4 more. They work well. As mentioned in the tutorial above – depending on the type of wall hook you buy, you will benefit from vinyl hosing or another solution (perhaps black duct tape) to secure your guitar, banjo, or anything else you hang is intact. . Using a standard “tape grip” hook type housing, the moisture adjustment allows the glue and tape to hold onto the neck of your entire guitar. Check the different hooks in the storage area – keep in mind that your tool will go on and off the hook several times – make sure the little gooey bits aren’t a problem by checking the hook different.

We hung these in our house until early last year. My husband stopped buying guitar wall mounts from the music store – they lock on the swivel which is essential for him and his collection – after 4 years he ditched the DIY hooks and upgraded to Hercules “auto grip” wall mounts . He also bought a 5 guitar amp because he likes to have a few ‘lying around’. The five guitar stand can be easily made from PVC pipe for half the cost. Maybe an idea for a future DIY post!

If you have to buy hooks from the home depot to build a DIY wall. I recommend one with a vinyl cover like the Everbilt one. The DIY wall mounts work great – just make sure you don’t skimp from a quality hook – your equipment will thank you! Want to have a wall full of favorite s without the nagging worry that they are going to fall out? Our step-by-step guide will help you on your way.

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S are good, sure, but they get in the way, don’t they? Unless you have a palatial studio setting, having everything you do on palm trees is awkward, confusing, and an accident waiting to happen – we all remember Domino Rally, right?

But what else? Well, you can keep your s in their place – there is no doubt that the case is the best and the best place to store your s when you are not using them. But it’s also a bit confusing, isn’t it?

Most of us struggle to find the time to play as much as we would like these days, do we really want to spend that time developing every time we play? And if the spirit falls, do we really want to go under the bed or in the closet to get what we want to play, and then spend time passing by? Precisely.

So if we believe that being close is good and useful, but that having them all in a stand takes up a lot of space, what is the answer? Yes, friends, the answer is wall hanging – not only does having your s on the wall save space and protect them from accidental knocks, but it also allows you to show off your beautiful accessories ‘the unmistakable rock’n’roll approach.

How To Build Your Own Guitar Hanger

But it’s a little scary, isn’t it? The idea of ​​a few screws is all that stands between you falling and six feet on solid ground… but fear not, we can show you how to keep your s safe and secure on the wall…

You’re (hopefully) not going to transfer your sales pitch to one of those cheap gigbags you get from cheap GSO students, so what are you looking to cut corners on while you’re at it? eight feet in the air?

If you’re going to do this, do it right – get it

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