Diy Window Sill Planter Box

Diy Window Sill Planter Box – They may be beautiful and practical, but window boxes are often underrated in our gardens. More than just unusual, these brilliant outdoor design features bring an extra dimension to your home’s exterior – while also giving you more garden space. They add color to your garden and texture to your facade, inject life into dull walls and make your home stand out from your neighbors. They may be just a box, but their uses are endless!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial for making a plywood box and learn how to cover it with spotted gum wood to turn that bare square of window frame into a chic and charming little home for all your favorite flowers.

Diy Window Sill Planter Box

Sliding slope; meter; pencil; combined square; circular saw; external PVA glue; drill; countersink drill; 50 mm floor screws; 125 mm rail for hanging pictures; 18 and 50 mm screws with round head; 6 mm wall drill; red wall plugs; 30 mm screws; oil for outdoor floors; paint brush

Window Boxes: How To Choose The Best Flowers & Planters

Use the sliding bevel to determine the angle of the window sill. Hold the tool against the window and rotate the blade until it hits the sill. Use the wingmatic on the tool to lock the blade in place.

Measure and mark a point 110 mm from the corner of the plywood panel. Position the sliding bevel against the edge of the layer so that the blade touches this point and draw the blade line.

On the adjacent edge of the layer, measure and mark a point 160 mm from the corner. Use the combination square to draw a square line from the edge to the already drawn corner line.

Use a circular saw to cut out the drawn shape to make the side. Use this as a template to mark the other side and cut out.

Window Box Plant Ideas: Pot Hardy Plants To Take Your Windows Through From Winter To Spring With A Colourful Garden

Use the saw to cut a strip of 110mm wide plywood that will fit between the sides to create the back of the box. Determine the length of the piece so that the overall dimensions, including the sides, are 15 mm less than the width between the bricks in the window opening.

Apply PVA glue to the back end and stitch into the 110 mm long edge of the page. Pre-drill with a countersink drill and connect with 50 mm screws. Repeat to attach the other side to the other end of the back.

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Cut the floors so that the lengths are 38 mm longer than the width of the box. Place the boards on the front of the box so that the ends are evenly overhanging the sides of the box, then pre-drill and fasten to the box using 50mm floor screws.

Drill and attach the top half of the hanging rails to the sides of the box using 18mm screws.

Window Box Planter: Step By Step Guide And What Flowers To Display

Position the bottom halves of the hanging rails on the house bricks so that they interlock with the halves on the box. Mark the rail holes on the bricks and drill them with a 6mm wall drill. Insert the red wall plugs into the holes, then attach the rails to the housing with 50mm round head screws.

Lift the box so that the hanging rails on each end of the box lock together. Cut the flooring pieces to fit the sides of the box between the bricks and the flooring on the front.

Place the troughs in the boxes and, while the plants are still in the pots, complete the arrangement. Remove the plants and troughs and lift the box through the window.

Clamp the side pieces of the floor covering from step 10 to the side of the box, pre-drilling and screwing the inside of the box into the sub-floor to secure it. Use 30 mm screws.

Make A Floating Pvc Window Planter

Apply 2 coats of oil to the floorboards. Allow to dry after each coat. Put the box back in the window. Plant the beds and place inside so that the edges are on the edges of the boxes.

Create a small window garden with a variety of flowering plants – but in fewer numbers – that will reflect the color of the larger bed. Expand your window garden by hanging flower baskets on the walls on either side and grouping pots on the bench below. Then add a garden tool storage box that doubles as a sun bench – just add comfy, pretty cushions!

Charlie has worked overseas and in Australia for the past 17 years, designing and building gardens that are timeless, inspiring and enjoyable to spend time in. In 2015 and 2016, he was awarded two silver gilt medals for his own gardens at the most prestigious world flower fair, The Chelsea Flower Show. Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to add instant charm to your home’s exterior? Why not try making your own DIY window planter box!

Window planter boxes are the perfect solution for creating an extra pop of color that will make your space beautiful.

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How To Plant Window Boxes

You only require minimal carpentry skills to make them yourself, and the end result is something that will add beauty to your outdoor space for years to come.

Below are some DIY window planter box ideas you can try with just a few tools and materials. These simple flower boxes will look great anywhere, from a front porch or side patio to an urban balcony or rural garden.

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One of the easiest ways to make a DIY window planter box is to use items from around the house. You can make a basic box out of pallets or scrap wood, and if you have glass jars or other plastic storage containers, they can also be used on the inside of the box.

Household Items To Grow Plants In

We used scrap wood we had lying around. It was a little narrower than I would have liked (1x6x6 instead of 1x8x8 or 1x10x10) but ended up working out perfectly.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an outdoor planter box using inexpensive materials. With just a few scraps of wood, some black wood stain done with black paint, and a few supplies from your local hardware store, you can easily add these accent features to your outdoor space. Let’s start!

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have the supplies you need on hand. This includes not only the materials you will use to make the planter boxes, but also basic carpentry tools such as a tape measure and a hammer. You’ll also want to make sure your outdoor space is prepared for your new planter boxes.

There are a number of paints on the market that are made specifically for exterior use. Other materials you may want to consider include potting soil, decorative stones or gravel for drainage, and a selection of plants to fill your new boxes.

Bright And Beautiful Window Box Planters

LOL This is so true! Always measure your wood more than once because sometimes, the longer you think about it, the more you may want to change your mind about the length of the cut.

Using a table saw or a miter saw like this one, cut the pieces of wood you’ll need for the planter boxes.

Once you’ve measured and cut your first piece of wood, use that piece as a guide for the others!

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These are the parts you will need to make two window planter boxes. Your measurements may vary depending on the size of your exterior window.

Easy Diy Wooden Planter Box

You can be creative here! Paint or stain your wooden piece whatever color you want. It’s nice to match the house color or use a complimentary shade.

We decided on a DIY black wood stain made from exterior paint I had on hand. See below the entire process of painting wood.

Drill three holes along the bottom piece of wood for drainage if you plan to plant live plants or herbs in your flower box.

Step 3. Connect the pieces of wood using screws and decorative nail heads to assemble the window planter box

Diy Simple Window Box Planter

First we attached one 37″ board on top of the other 37″ board and then added the two side pieces of wood also with wood screws.

Using anchor bolts and a spirit level, we hung the planter box on the outside wall below the window.

We had to “cheat” a little because our house is old and the window is slightly crooked. This planter box is the perfect solution as the flowers inside will hide the difference!

Finally, we added the “front” of the window box using shiny galvanized nails that won’t rust for a modern look. I just love how they turned out!

Diy Window Flower Boxes

You can certainly assemble your planter boxes so that no nails are visible and you can place the front of your box over the sides for a cleaner look; however, I like the way it’s done!

If you want to add a herb garden, live plants or real flowers; now it’s time to add gravel and soil and start planting.

If you want to add artificial flowers that last all summer, there is no need for soil or gravel.

Simply add two rectangular plastic containers from Home Depot and glue a piece of floral foam to the bottom. Arrange your floral fruits and add greens as needed.

Window Box Ideas For Your Home

These planter boxes were cheap and easy to make with scraps of wood we had on hand and oh what a difference they made to our

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