Apps For When You Re Bored

Apps For When You Re Bored

Apps For When You Re Bored – Bored, stay at home…and no money? Here’s a killer list of what to do when you’re bored and broke, whether you’re looking for fun or productivity.

Spending more money when you’re bored and broke won’t help your current financial stress. But if you stay bored, well, you don’t feel very good.

Apps For When You Re Bored

Psst: looking for fun things to do with friends when you’re broke? Here’s my resource for 74 things to do with friends that don’t cost a fortune. What to do when you are bored and broke – Ideas 37

Rando Is A Random Social Sharing App That Lets You Play Russian Roulette With Photos, Gifs And More

Did you know that if you type Wizard of Oz into the Google search engine, and click on the shiny Ruby Red slippers…you’re in awe? Then if you click on the tornado on the next screen… do you get a cooler one?

These are called Google Easter Eggs, and many of them are packaged by search engine engineers with a sense of humor (or, too much time on their hands – you be the judge).

I have outlined here how to choose and achieve family savings goals as a project. And here’s a list of 47 fun things to keep to get your mind thinking about your storage options.

Here is my article on completely free genealogy websites and resources to help you start learning about your ancestors.

Of The Best Apps To Track Your Reading And Discover New Books

Did you know that you can get free products in exchange for your reviews and feedback (even if you’re not a blogger)? Here’s how.

Psst: For example, this company will send you a box full of sample products for free! Very cool. No shipping fees either. 6. Participate in NaNoWriMo

Every November, tons of brave (and, possibly bored) people around the world participate in something called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short).

The goal is to finish 50,000 words by the end of the month. This is the site where you can find more details plus a community to get your writer’s block off. Who knows who you might meet? (

The 53 Most Creative Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

When I peruse for my area, there are many free events I can attend – like hiking, rallies for political candidates, and silent book clubs at ‘a hotel room happy hour (an introvert’s dream! ).

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You can search for individual activities, and for groups. Some Meetup groups will ask you to pay a fee, but many host events for free, so it’s worth checking out.

Daydreaming and thinking about the future can be fun! Not to mention, it’s productive (because you can draw from it to build your next savings goal).

Print a free bucket list (this one is really stylish). You can also download these free bucket list ideas for inspiration.

The Best Smartphone Apps To Keep Yourself Busy

I distinctly remember how much I loved listening to another episode (or half hour) of the Serial crime podcast while making dinner with my kids.

It was really fun, it wasn’t TV, and I got to use my brain after being with a baby full time.

Make a fire in your oven, or turn it on in the background. Then meditate in the mind while looking at the flickering flame. Bring a cup of tea, hot cocoa, a stuffed animal, or even s’mores.

I might post this one here because, with a 4-year-old and a company, I think a shower is staying on my dream list for now (don’t worry…I still shower!).

Best Free Ipad Apps 2023: The Top Titles We’ve Tried

So, for me AND you, go ahead and bring some bubbles and a book to sink into. Got a bath pillow? Better.

It has changed a lot in my life since having children. I wrote in my journal every week. Then every month after marriage. Now? This may be once every six months.

But did you know? Taking the time to write in your journal and reflect a little now will pay off when you’re old and gray and want to read through the precious seasons of your life.

I love going through old journals and getting lost in how my life went in my youth, twenties, etc.

Bizarrely Useless Apps That Got Millions Of Users

It’s a great exercise. You can begin to build patterns that confused you at the time, but now you can see more clearly with more wisdom and know where it all came from. It’s great!

Think of someone in your life who maybe you haven’t talked to in a while, never thanked you, or could use some love.

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Now, think of one thing you can do to be a blessing to them. Can you write them a letter? Will they get a “thinking of you” card? Call them? Making future plans with them? Send them recent articles you found online that you know they’ll love? Can you teach your grandparents a new app that could make a difference in their lives?

Drive, walk, or hike to a beautiful sunset spot around you and just soak it in.

Best Cycling Training Apps — Get Fit Without Getting Bored

Find an author whose work you want to delve into. Then, get a list of the books they’ve written, in chronological order (you can see how they’ve developed as a writer!).

Go to your library (or use Overdrive – here’s how to get free audiobooks, and free ebooks) and check out the first 1-3 books, and/or use Interlibrary Loan to get the books for free in your library.

Don’t you go shopping in person? So go ahead and challenge yourself to order something weird every time you order online. It’s fun to try new ingredients!

Going shopping in person, and you have Costco, Central Market, or Whole Foods? These places like to set up free sample stations. I tried some fun stuff (which I don’t usually try because you have to buy everything and you don’t know if it’s going to be good or not).

Totally Addictive Iphone Games To Play When You’re Bored

Houston’s HEB also had an entire restaurant where people could do cooking demos, and then give everyone a satisfying sample.

I’m a big Yoga with Adriene fan (tons, and tons, of free Yoga videos she creates). There are other types of online health and fitness videos on YouTube to try for free:

Print out an intricate Mandala page, for free, grab whatever coloring tools you have, and get lost for an hour. My personal favorite are these Native American Dream Catcher coloring pages.

Have you done the “color”? I did that when I was a kid. It turns out that each person’s skin tone, eye color and overall tone are compatible with certain color palettes. Using this free tool,, you can find out which color season complements your skin tone.

Fun Things To Do When Bored To Help You Stay Sane

Now that you know your color, why not learn how to make the clothes you already have in a completely different (and modern) way?

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I recently did this and was SO HAPPY with how it turned out so many pieces I already had.

Who doesn’t love to take quizzes and find out information about their personality, natural tendencies and personality?

Looking for something productive to do when you’re bored? I get it – I might be a type A type, myself.

Productive (and Fun) Things To Do When You’re Bored

That’s why I’ve got some killer ideas on how to keep you in PLUS to further advance you in different areas of your life.

Very serious. My husband and I do this every six months (when our storage is full). We’ve definitely found that we’re not interested in watching half of what’s in it anymore…so we’re taking the time to edit the recording as well.

The ice cream maker recently stopped working. I waited the mandatory 1.5 months for it to arrive (haha!), and decided it was time to take it out, melt the ice cube inside, and start over.

Is there anything else to do when repairing your refrigerator? It is to process all the food in it. Go to the bottom of your refrigerator and list the foods you need to burn and eat within the next 1-3 weeks so they don’t go to waste.

Apps That Help You Plan Out Your Day

I always like to restore things as close to their original condition as I can. It gives me strength!

You may not be leaving the house anytime soon, but when can you? There are plenty of places to go when you’re bored and broke.

Did you know you can find local flash mob announcements (using this page, in a local Facebook group, or searching on Google)? It is truly an unforgettable experience!

When I was broke, bored and alone in Florida (about 20 years old), I decided to give Habitat for Humanity a try. WOW I’m glad I did – I showed up at the job site three different times and it really helped build a family home.

Breeze, Sinup, Noisehub And Other Apps To Check Out This Weekend

Do you have a gym membership… at a gym with a sauna? Enjoy 20 minutes in there, for me (I just LOVE saunas…

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