Diy Wall Shelves Plans

Diy Wall Shelves Plans – In this tutorial for DIY floating shelves, we outline the simple steps of building wall to wall wood shelves in our workshop space. This tutorial was originally published in April 2015, and we have included updated images. Enjoy!

– the ability to store heavy duty. For almost two years, our workshop was chaotic. We’re getting lost in power tools and our massive air compressor. We walk through paint cans and dig through cardboard boxes. All to find fine grit sandpaper. It’s a miracle that anything has been done in this house!

Diy Wall Shelves Plans

After making a list of all the easily accessible items we wanted to store in the workshop (versus what would go in the garage), we calculated and recalculated how many shelves we needed, how high they would be. ‘d go and how much space they will allow. We measured our large bins, the height of two paint cans and checked our inventory of all the glue, tape and

Diy Shelves You Make This Weekend

Which allows us to complete any given project. Preparation and planning is a good week of work on its own. And then, we got it

For anyone looking to take on this same project, your shopping list will vary depending on the width of your shelves, but here’s what we bought for four 6-by-6-wide, wall-to-wall DIY floating shelves :

First, we took a minute to locate the studs behind our drywall. Jack also likes to get involved, which is always helpful.

We needed to make sure our shelves were sturdy, so we had to build a support system that we would eventually hide under the plywood sheets. We cut our 2x4s to the width of our wall – two per shelf. To create a ladder-like support structure, we also made a 14″ cut from the remaining 2x4s, enough for 7 supports, end to end.

Diy Floating Shelves For My Living Room

To save time and avoid the need to make any pocket holes, we used 2.5″ wood screws to create 3 sides of our inner structure, with

12″ between each support. Note: Measure each shelf independently, as drywall is rarely square (if ever?). For example, some of our wall widths vary by 1/2″. The more accurate your cuts, the better your outcome!

We attached our ladder support system to the wall, putting two 4″ screws into each stud along the way. Level became our best friend at this point, and as is common with cheap 2x4s, we had a less-than-perfect twist on the wood. A good pull while keeping things level was necessary to get our support in place, and a right angle drill adapter was used for the studs on the left and right of the main wall; it’s a tight squeeze.

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The remaining 2×4 was screwed to the front, and again, we made sure it was level, level, level.

Simple Diy Floating Shelves — Oso Diy

We continued to go up the wall, allowing for different heights between the shelves, starting at 18″ at the bottom, two at 16″ and one at 14″. These shelves aren’t going anywhere!

I added a light coat of our wall color along the 2x4s, but only where the 2x4s meet the wall. My thinking is more preventative than anything else; any imperfect cuts in our plywood will hopefully blend into the wall.

Now let’s talk about those plywood sheets! We cut all four sheets into 17″ strips at the hardware store, which was the perfect depth to peel our stair supports. (Think: 1.5″ 2×4 + 14″ support + 1.5″ 2×4 = 17″)

This means we only need to use the circular saw to cut 6 widths. The edges got a gentle sanding, and I stained everything with Special Walnut. (We opted to nix polyurethane total, since these shelves will hold All the Things that’ll just scratch it up. It feels less precious this way, somehow.) Once the plywood is ready, a mallet helps to lighten the boards . in place – above

Diy Floating Shelf

4″ for each shelf, and although we originally planned to use the leftover 1/4″ plywood to create the false fronts, we figured that with the amount of work we’ve already put into these shelves, we should count. And so, we picked up the 1×6 aspen boards, tore them down to 4″ on the table saw, stained them, and, finally, nailed them with our nail gun. It’s definitely worth it!

You! We love them. The project turned out better than we imagined, and we both joked that they were too pretty for the workshop! In any case, the goal is to make them super strong (check!) and durable (check!), and we can’t wait to load them up.

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We still have a few finishing touches to the room that we want to finish this week, but it’s almost done! These DIY floating shelves will change the way we use space! And when we get settled in the workshop, maybe –

– we might finish the kitchen. Word on the street is that our back door will be here in mid-May, I said, knocking on wood.

How To Build Floating Storage Shelves

PS: All links have been updated to reflect our current tool recommendations, or you can also see how to build your tool library! Find all our workshop updates, organization tips and blog posts right here. For other floating shelves we’ve made, check out corner floating shelves, DIY beadboard shelves with copper rails, and open shelves made from stairs.

This site uses affiliate links. We will always disclose sponsored posts in text and by using the ‘sponsored’ tag. I love the look of open wall shelves and floating shelves. They are very beautiful, functional and DIY friendly.

Cabinets are more labor and material intensive. If you have a blank wall and need extra storage, wall shelves can be attractive but are easier to make than cabinets!

Let’s start with the floating shelves. These types of wall shelves are very popular because there is no visible hanging hardware and the shelves actually seem to float. ( Some of these helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Wooden Wall Shelf

One of the ways to support floating shelves is to use hidden internal frames. Sources: Shades of Blue Interiors | Young House Love|

First build hidden inner frames with 1x2s, and screw the frame to the wall studs. The magnetic stud finder is a great tool to help you find studs.

Attach the top, bottom and side panels of the shelves to the frames with wood screws. When put together, each shelf will look like a thick piece of solid wood.

Paint the shelves white for a refreshing look, or stain them a darker color for a more traditional feel.

How To Build Easy Diy Storage Shelves

You can screw them directly to the wall, or use D Rings hangers like this one or keyhole hangers to hang them. Always remember to check the weight limits!

You can buy a metal French Cleat like this one, or make one out of wood as shown below. Source: Lumberjocks | Doozie at home

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We all know how heavy pallets are. French cleats are a great solution for hanging a pallet shelf!

Related Article: All About Pallets! Lots of tips on where to find and how to work with pallets.

Brilliant Diy Shelves That Will Beautify Your Home

The most common shelving bracket is the corner brace right angle bracket which is simple to use, slim and easy to store.

Screw the brackets to the wall studs or if you can’t find the studs, use dry wall anchors that can hold up to 75lbs per anchor.

Ikea has a lot of creative designs. Their shelving brackets are no exception. Image sources: House Tweaking | Ikea

The brackets in the two photos above are the Ikea Ekby Bjarnum Brackets, which come in 7″ or 11″ widths, and Ikea Ekby Valter Brackets which also come in two sizes.

Unique Diy Shelves That’ll Solve Your Storage Woes

Is a type of bracket and often an architectural element. It can be as simple as a triangular piece of wood, or as large as a carved marble.

These two floating shelves include corbels as supports. The reclaimed wood shelf is finished with a coat of non-toxic butcher block oil that really brings out the beauty of the wood grain.

If you’re into industrial style, galvanized pipe like this one with floor flanges and pipe caps makes great supports for these stylish shelves.

Before we wrap up today, there’s more eye-candy for you to check out- 25 stunning kitchen and cabinet paint colors. Home » DIY Tutorials » DIY Home » Home: Decor » How to Make a SIMPLE FLOATING SHELF (…for any room in the house!)

Cheap And Easy Diy Closet Shelves

When we moved here to Oklahoma (from Colorado) about a year ago, we had to change the configuration of our living spaces and what furniture could fit in certain rooms, etc. We also got rid of a few things because we no longer have a basement (which we both really miss). But, basements are very rare here…..dang the whole water table thing! 😉

Another thing that has changed quite a bit, is our dining room. We no longer have a formal dining room and the space we have for our kitchen table is more of a square, rather than a rectangle…so

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