Stuff To Decorate Your Room

Stuff To Decorate Your Room – At the end of a long day, when all you want to do is curl up in bed and catch some zzz’s, you’ll want to make sure you do so in a beautifully designed bedroom’ n thoughtful. These places should be optimized for sleep first and foremost, with a fuzzy mattress, soft blankets, and maybe even an ambient noise machine for those insomniacs out there. But a bedroom should also show your personal taste, which can be reflected in the color of the walls – bold or muted? – as well as the bed frame and night stand you choose. It’s a long list of design decisions, so we’re here to help – as always – with some much-needed inspo. From a colorful children’s bedroom in France to a more refined, gray-hued space on Long Island, we’ve compiled a long list of bedrooms that will suit almost everyone’s taste. Sleep tight!

Sometimes a simple square, triangle or diamond can make the biggest interior statement. In the bedroom of landscape designer Jenny Graham’s home in Argentina, a custom bed by Graham brings color – and plenty of angles – to the otherwise minimalist plan.

Stuff To Decorate Your Room

Sometimes it’s worth leaning into historical detail. In Italy’s Tuscia region, Filippo Chia painstakingly restored a 1920s villa with nods to its history throughout (it was built on the remains of an 18th-century botanical garden). Here, the stucco walls are a rich natural ocher and match the 19th century Neapolitan tiles.

Decorating Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Bedrooms are respite above all else, so a sense of calm should reign supreme. In a townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side designed by Augusta Hoffman, soft fabrics, along with Pierre Frey pillows, create a subdued color scheme that feels like a private oasis.

Curtains? Interior designer Eric Allart infused the master bedroom of this Parisian home with a print by Simrane from top to bottom, adding a sense of fun and whimsy.

Sometimes just a normal headboard will do. In a London home designed by Veere Grenney, a bespoke headboard with fabric by Michael S. Smith matches the surrounding walls.

Inside the Milan residence for Dedar co-owner Caterina Fabrizio, the fabrics take center stage. In the bedroom, a mint-green curtain pairs with purple bedding and throw pillows in the same mood.

Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Dorm Room This Semester

Children’s bedrooms shouldn’t be boring, and this one from ELLE DECOR A-List designer Robert Couturier is anything but. Dusty pink covers the bedspreads and canopies, giving the twin beds a sense of light fun.

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Minimalists, rejoice: This option is for you. Rather than going OTT with decor, this bedroom in a Lebanese home deftly pairs mid-century modern sensibilities with a pop of color through artwork. Sometimes the best design is the simplest.

Having artwork above the bed is a great idea, but if you’re worried about something falling in the middle of the night—especially in an earthquake-prone area like Los Angeles—tapestry is a great alternative. In New York, interior designer Todd Raymond paired this textile by Pauline Esparon with a wall covering by Phillip Jeffries for a calm and serene look.

Bright poppy shades are fun, but not for everyone. Those who want a more dialed back look will love the cool colors of this Silicon Valley home by Reath Design. Here, various shades of olive, terra-cotta, and blue blend together to create an interior harmony.

How To Decorate A Bedroom

If anyone knows how to curate a statement-making purple bedroom, it’s A-List company ELLE DECOR Drake/Anderson. On Long Island, the duo paired various shades of lavender with orange and a little natural light from the outdoors to create a classic-yet-modern aesthetic.

Subdued colors are an ideal backdrop – even better if they’re one-of-a-kind. In the Future Perfect’s new slash-gallery home in Los Angeles, founder David Alhadeff chose a custom wall color and bronze bedspread in the master bedroom. Above all, the Luigi Crassevig rocking chair offers another place to relax.

In need of an escape? Make sure your bedroom reflects this one in New Orleans by Brockschmidt & Coleman, which perfectly blends palm motifs and neutral colors to bring the outdoors inside. All that’s missing are a few frozen edges.

Designer Jacques Grange brings natural elements, such as floral cushions from Marrakech, into a bedroom for guests on the Portuguese coast. Pair that with the green ceramic on the shelf and the window that looks out onto the paradisal setting, and you have one breezy vacation spot.

Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas In 2022

The Baldissera family’s palazzo in Milan dates back to the 15th century, so it stands to reason that the bedroom would feature old-world accents such as a dramatic Louis XVI canopy bed and gallery wall. Together, you will feel like you have stepped back in time.

One of the focal points of the master bedroom in this Sonoma, California, family home designed by Ken Fulk is the antique limestone fireplace, which came from an Italian estate and was reassembled on site. It’s the perfect complement to the other old-new touches in the room, from the vintage Murano chandelier to the red Chesterfield sofa.

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In New York City, Apparatus CEO and co-founder Gabriel Hendifar dresses up his bedroom with distinctive artwork and a warm color palette. The latter is achieved through the brass in the pendant by Apparatus, the rosy bed cover from Zak + Fox, and plenty of natural light.

Sometimes a good bed cover can completely make a space. In designer Tamsin Johnson’s Sydney bedroom, a red patterned blanket from Roller Rabbit ties the sofa and lamp together while adding a touch of whimsy to the equation.

Best Teen Bedroom Ideas

If a gallery wall isn’t your style, then why not transform the entire surface into a painterly mural? Martha Mulholland added statement-making botanical wallpaper from Lizzo to this primary bedroom in Malibu, a move that completely changes the mood of the room.

In a children’s bedroom, a set of bunk beds can be a great way to save space for more seating – and toys! In this French coastal home, designer Jean-Louis Deniot mixes a poppy yellow-and-blue color palette with neutral tones to create a bright, inviting space for the children.

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Have you ever wanted to crawl into bed more than you have right now? The moody gray velvet walls and matching headboard bring a smoky, richly textured glamor and mystery to the otherwise white, bright and airy space designed by Alison Pickart. No artwork required, as these walls speak for themselves.

Bright patterns and colors bring this Kelly Hohla designed bedroom to life. The metallic accents really pop and the brutal sculpture adds dimension while the textile layers keep things soft. And of course, the playful wall covering itself is a work of art.

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In this bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, the long, lean dark wood paneling brings grit and shine while the plush red armchair and plush cream carpet create warmth.

If your painting skills are lacking, ask someone else to create a mural for you, or you could even try a cool, temporary wallpaper. Here, Studio DB chose blue painted wallpaper.

Horns can be rustic, hip, or even glam (yes, seriously) depending on how you style them. Choose a metallic version and pair it with jewel tones or choose something with a vintage charm, as Heidi Caillier did in this eclectic bedroom.

Your bedroom should be the coziest room in your house, so take it there with a textile wall hanging. In this eclectic bedroom designed by Janie Molster, the Suzani contrasts with abstract wall art and traditional carpet and curtains.

Cool Kids’ Room Ideas

Instead of hanging one piece above the bed, consider a more unique location and surround all the walls. Interior designer Tamsin Johnson stacked two small pieces in the corner and then hung one large abstract painting on the adjacent wall in this hip space.

In this monochromatic blush pink bedroom designed by Shapeless Studio, the decorative wall moldings add a bit of character without throwing off the mood of the space.

“I had an old canvas lying around forever and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away because I always loved creme color.

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