Diy Things To Put On Your Wall

Diy Things To Put On Your Wall – No one wants to live in a plain white box, but sometimes spending a fortune on art is not an option. The alternative? Use decorative items you already have and make your own pieces of art to display on the wall. It makes quite a transformative difference, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money. We’ve found lots of creative designer-inspired DIY wall art ideas, from crafting your kids’ work to creating your own wall hanging. If you’re worried about using a nail gun or hammer, don’t worry – you’ve got this… Because these examples are super simple and easy to replicate. So, go ahead and grab a glue gun to prepare your space with these seventeen creative DIY wall decoration ideas.

Leanne Ford is the queen of high end DIYS. “I had an old canvas laying around forever and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away… One day I put it up against the wall and called one of my best artist friends Alexandra Gracik and I asked her to come over with her charcoal. whatever she wanted to draw,” explains the designer. Reuse an old tarp you have lying around or buy a second hand one.

Diy Things To Put On Your Wall

If you have an extensive collection from China, why not put it up for display? It’s an unexpected twist on the classic gallery wall, too, as you can see in this blush pink living room designed by Janie Molster. Once you’ve mapped out the gallery wall, all you need is some picture hangers. Get a tutorial here.

How To Install Easy Diy Wainscoting

If you have a vintage rug or quilt that you are not using, repurpose it by hanging it on the wall. Get a tutorial to create your own wall out of Sugar & Cloth.

Frame your children’s masterpieces and display them with pride. They’ll feel like a proud artist, and they won’t have to spend a fortune on art – it’s a win-win. It can look refined when done professionally with clean, modern frames and then arranged in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid. Take notice from this beautiful contemporary family room designed by Lilly Bunn, where colorful art enlivens the entire space.

If you live in a minimalist environment, this project is for you. Simply tackle a photo you love, free of a frame. This way, you won’t damage any artwork but you can also go without a frame.

Create your own wall hanging with beads and a branch. We love the bohemian beauty of this asymmetrical one. It looks sharper and takes up less visual real estate than a woven hanging.

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Easy Diy Accent Wall Ideas

Even a skateboard can be a wall decoration when styled well! Here, Leanne Ford just took it on a ledge and leaned it against the wall. Tools and surfboards are other great examples of found objects doubling as decoration.

Add a bright color to an architectural quirk for an unexpected pop. Here, Emil Dervish brought this minimalist hall to life by painting the interior of the arch in a vibrant shade of orange.

Pegboard looks good basically anywhere, and you can customize it as much as you want! Learn how to make one yourself from Vintage Revivals.

Try a hat wall. It’s a great storage solution for anyone with limited closet space and brings in more dimension. Take a note from this one by Katie Hodges Design.

Easy Diy Board And Batten Wall

In a cozy, cabin-like home, use branches and leaves to create a series of makeshift garlands. To add a little more contemporary style and polish, Leanne Ford color-blocked the walls, painting a deep marine tone on the bottom half.

A turn on the typical gallery wall? A gallery wall of antique hand mirrors. Clustered together, these simple, eclectic mirrors serve as art (and reflect light beautifully). This one is made up of hand mirrors and configured in the shape of a hand mirror. These are functional and adorable. No more convincing is needed.

You may not be able to cover that chair in your favorite print, but you can spotlight a fabric swatch. Hang some linens or fabric swatches. It’s perfect in a calm, relaxed environment, and you can take them down when you’re tired of them.

This wood veneer wall art is the ultimate piece of rustic flair. Now if only we could score one of those hanging chairs. Learn how to make these yourself from Dorsey Designs.

Diy Able Wall Moulding Ideas To Add Character To Your Home

Who needs a headboard when you can have a whole wall of flowers? Total boho goals. Get the tutorial at Sweet Teal.

Creating the gallery wall of your dreams just got a whole lot more affordable. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

This is an opportunity to show off your artistic talents. It would be a fun project for the whole family to enjoy together. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

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Creative Wall Art Ideas To Fill Blank Spots With Personality

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On this post, I’ll share some of my current favorite wall decor ideas for bedrooms. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of wall collages, but that’s just one of the suggestions I’ve put together on this post, so keep reading because I’m sure you’ll love these just as much and I did… 🙂

Wall Decor Ideas To Take To The Office

This is probably the most traditional form of wall art. But it’s also completely timeless, which means it never goes out of style.

What many forget is that you can create your own framed art gallery without spending that much money, just be creative and do some leg work.

Cute frames can be found even at dollar stores, and of course, super affordable stores like Shein are full of them. But my suggestion – to be environmentally responsible AND very cool – is to go to their nice second hand/antique store and do a good dig for some treasures. This is 100% the coolest way to do it 💜

You can first create a Pinterest board with some ideas, then sketch on paper what your ideal gallery wall would look like, and then hit the shops. Or – if you like to live dangerously hahah – shop for the cutest frames first, then add the images and create your gallery.

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Best Diy Baby Room Decor Ideas For A Dreamy Nursery In 2021

Of course, the option of just decorating the entire wall with one special beautiful image is also great, if it works for your purpose.

Even easier than a framed gallery, than hanging/taping the images directly to the wall! Famous wall collages have been the coolest and cutest interior design trend for girls’ bedrooms and dorms for the past few years and it’s easy to understand why, isn’t it? 💖✨

Wall collages are SO easy to create, change, and customize, and they’re perfect for bringing a little of the aesthetic you love online to your offline life. Also called real life haha!

Again, I’m very biased to talk about wall collages because I make and sell them, but I know none of you will be mad at me because I know how much you love them too!! So hey, why not check out our cute wall collage sets and images on the store and buy your favourites? 🌹

Large Scale Wall Art Ideas That Fill Huge Walls

I always wanted to have a beautiful world map decorating a wall in my house and pin where I was when I wanted to go. It’s just the coolest thing, in my opinion!

There are different types of materials, sizes and styles to use to recreate this. Probably the easiest is to just get a big map and hang it somewhere nice.

A cork map would be ideal for the pin idea. You can buy them online or make your own cork map by using a printed map, outlining the continents and countries and then cutting the board.

Can’t have the same hanging images for too long? Try the clipboard idea, and you’ll be able to change them as often as you want!

Diy Coat Rack

This is so cool, you can hang

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