Build Your Own Diy Truck Crane

Build Your Own Diy Truck Crane

Build Your Own Diy Truck Crane – DIY Hive Loader By: Jerry Bromenchenk Large-scale beekeepers often place their hives on pallets and move them using forklifts and flatbed trucks.

Young beekeepers will most likely have a pickup truck or trailer. The problem is loading and unloading the hives, especially if one is working alone.

Build Your Own Diy Truck Crane

The bed mounted riser is really useful but most of them are very expensive. Time to take a trip to a discount tool store like Harbor Freight (HF) or Northern Tool. I have a Harbor Freight store nearby. A one-ton hydraulic jack with a hand winch costs $89 for the short winch and $149 for the longer one. For another $89, you can throw in the manual winch and replace it with an electric ATV winch with wireless remote control. Now you can operate the lever while installing the hive.

Build Your Own Professional Forestry Trailer!

If you don’t mind securing everything to the bed of your truck or trailer, you’re ready to go. Just be sure to add a stiffening plate to the truck bed, the thin metal plate will not take the pressure. If your truck has a trailer hitch, spend another $18 on a 12-inch receiver hitch extender. Weld the base plate of the crane to the extension, and you will have a crane that can be easily installed and dismantled. If you or a friend can weld, that’s a total of $256 for the longest lift. The cost will be a little higher if you need to pay someone to attach the base to the extension.

This works very well, but the downside is that the jack is in the middle of the truck. You will either have to remove the tailgate or raise the hives up and up the sides of the truck. The best solution is to move the lever to the side of the truck so that the tailgate can be opened. You can find this type of winch on the web in aluminum or steel for about $1,500 plus shipping – ouch!

Not to worry, a piece of square tubing welded into a T solves the problem. The base of the crane needs support for lifting heavy loads, so an adjustable foot must be added. My design allows me to mount the winch on either side of any pickup truck with a trailer hitch. Basically, I had a T-bar extension built in, then added a longer horizontal square tube that could slide left or right to fit the truck, and a base that slided up and down inside the vertical mast of the winch.

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This part takes most of the manufacturing work. You need to drill a hole in the center of the joist base and weld a piece of square tubing to receive the leg of the foot plate. None of the dimensions are critical, just fit the base of the winch you purchase and use the appropriately sized hitch extension on your truck. If you want to be able to adjust the left or right length or foot height for uneven terrain, you’ll need to drill a few holes – how many are up to you. Given that you are drilling two layers of thick-walled square tubes; I highly recommend a drill press.

Portable Jib Cranes (jib Cb)

The version of this winch that I use on my own truck has another feature. I added a wired controller directly to the electric winch. The wireless one is easy to fall over and get lost in the grass, the battery may die, and there’s little delay between pressing an up or down button and the lever’s response. The winch-mounted controller is more accurate, can’t be lost, and runs out of battery.

A few tips – the HF hand crank lever has fine teeth and the cable may get caught when spooling. If you use the high-frequency winch, lift the slack cable without any load, and then use the winch to lift the load. If you lift the weight of a heavy cell by moving the lever, it will self-destruct in a season or two. Leave the hydraulic jack in the lower position when not in use. The lever shaft is susceptible to rusting if exposed to the weather. Thread a loop of string through the keyhole in the winch’s remote control and tie it to your belt or wear it around your neck (just make sure the string will break before it chokes you, if you tie it to something). The HF winch has a ring for the winch handle tube at the base of the winch.

I’m concerned about the jack handle bouncing off-road, or someone using it to smash a window to steal things from the cab or maybe even from the truck. I hold the steel lever handle under the seat and have a lightweight handle that I leave at the base of the lever. I made it from a piece of PVC pipe with a wooden towel stuck inside to make the bend out of the PVC. Light, cheap to replace, and likely to take a lot of work to break a window with PVC pipe.

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The lever rotates, just remember to lock it while driving or you may lose the rear window when the lever swings inwards. Also, fold the arm to its shortest length so it can’t reach the window.

Small Jib Crane Swivel Crane Tip For Pickup Truck

There is a locking pin for the swivel winch near the top of the mast. I replaced the HF clip with a large red painted thumb screw and nut so I could find them easily. There is also a grease fitting near the top of the mast. keep the mast well lubricated; Do this frequently or it will be difficult to rotate the mast with a load on the winch. Don’t forget to raise the support foot before driving! Otherwise, you will dig a trench in the dirt or hear a scraping sound. Worst case, you can hook up to a stump or dock and rip the whole thing up.

The only change I would make if I did this more would be to flex the front of the support foot so it acted like a sled, and would go around the corners of the base of the joist – it would be easier to shank. Finally, everything bounces and shakes if left loose. Before driving, I attach the winch hook to the bed tie, then tighten the winch until the cable is pulled tight and begins to lift the entire assembly. This raises the support foot higher off the ground, keeping the winch assembly secure and stable with few to no rattles.

Slide the web strap through the D-ring, tighten the webbing, and attach the cable hook to the D-ring. This is the cheapest and simplest solution. There are plenty of hoists to raise beehives that you can build or buy. Most either have a cradle that slides under the base of a hive or have stabilizing arms that use the handles of the hive body. However, this is an additional cost and something else to bear.

Jerry Promchenk is a chapter development leader at the University of Montana, master of beekeeper programs and a retired researcher in the entomology department there. He is a frequent contributor to Bee Culture. If you aren’t able to pick up the 1,000 pounds yourself and lift it into your truck bed, don’t worry because Harbor Freight sells a Haul-Master Pickup Truck Bed Lift with Hand Winch that turns the job into a one-man job and will save your back in the process – a nicely detailed beauty.

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How To Build A Homemade Crane Out Of An Engine Hoist

The first step is to determine where to install the Haul-Master Hand Lift Truck Bed Lift. Using the base as a template, use a 1/2-inch drill bit to find the center of the four mounting holes.

I used a Home Depot (free) 5-gallon paint stick to make a bottom template to mark the length needed to cut the two mounting plates that came with the jack.

To mount the fully powder-coated and CAD-coated winch from Harbor Freight required drilling four holes in the truck bed, so I thought long and hard about how to mount the winch in the bed of a 2005 GMC Sierra that I bought new before drilling the holes. On the Harbor Freight website, the jack mounts to the rear corner of the bed on the driver’s side. I considered mounting it there but decided that a back corner on the passenger side of the bed would work best for me.

To ensure a solid crane installation, ideally, mounting plates should not be cut to an appropriate length. Four holes in the mounting plates provide two placement options.

Original Xiaomi Engineering Crane Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Car Educational Diy Toys Truck Kids Crane Gift|

I marked the two holes in the template on the top side and then drilled the paint stick with a 1/2 inch drill bit. Cut the shade too long and the paint stick will lock in place.

Installing a pickup bed crane on the passenger side means that heavy and difficult loads can be parked or loaded out of the curbside traffic flow from the street. Boom length extends from 33 in. to

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