Home Improvements That Add Resale Value

Home Improvements That Add Resale Value – Makeover shows on television like ‘Property Brothers’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ have had a big impact on the do-it-yourselfer in all of us. While no renovation is ever as easy as it looks in a 30-minute TV show, that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle some renovations to keep your home up-to-date.

In fact, Franklin real estate agent Leanne Constantine advises anyone preparing a home to list at the very least make a few minor cosmetic updates, which she says have been shown to move homes faster.

Home Improvements That Add Resale Value

“Any level of cosmetic upgrade will make you more money when you sell,” she said. “When people walk into a home that needs updating, they automatically think it will take $50,000 to update a home, and that discourages them from buying that home in favor of one where the work has already been done.”

Increase Your Curb Appeal And Get A High Return On Investment

She says even something as little as a new coat of paint on the walls will help sell a home, because paint colors get dated every eight to 10 years.

“An updated kitchen and master bath will sell a home,” she said. “So if you’re not sure what to upgrade, start in those rooms. Your home needs to be fresh and clean.”

She and her husband Greg purchased a rental property on Cotton Lane in Cottonwood in 2011. It was built in 1975 and hasn’t been updated since the 1980s. When the couple decided to sell it, Leanne Constantine painted the interior a light, cool gray and revamped both the kitchen and master bath with simple changes like granite countertops and restored cabinetry. In another project, also at Cottonwood, Constantine made small changes like changing the front door to let more light into the house.

“That house sold in two weeks,” she said. “We did only cosmetic renovations and spent $12,000 to $15,000, but the house was immediately worth an extra $40,000.”

Smart Garage Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

Remodeling isn’t just a Williamson County trend. Remodeling Magazine reported in its May 2018 issue that the remodeling business is already setting records nationwide and is expected to continue growing in 2019.

“Renovation activity is being driven by solid gains in occupancy and rising home values, factors that are giving homeowners the confidence to invest in their homes,” Mark Boud, chief executive officer, told Remodeling Magazine. Metrostudy economist.

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While larger projects require outside contractors and can get expensive, Constantine said moving walls and rearranging plumbing doesn’t have to make a difference in a home.

Here are her tips on how to get the best bang for your buck when considering updates or renovations for your home:

How Does A Deck Affect The Resale Value Of Your Home?

Make sure the paint is fresh and the color is not dated. Follow the paint color trend at the time you’re painting, because it’s easy to change along the way if needed. Currently, cold and lighter colors are in vogue.

Go with granite or quartz countertops to make a big statement in your kitchen and bathrooms. Marble is lovely and often used in high-end homes, but it can be a lot of maintenance.

More often than not, the cabinets are still in great shape, they just get dated. So save yourself the expense of ripping out perfectly good cabinets by simply refreshing the ones you have with a lick of paint.

Two really good places Constantine recommends for inspiration are Veranda and Southern Living magazines. They’ll show you what’s trendy and give you great ideas that you can incorporate into your home. HGTV also has some great makeover shows. They can show you some good ways to enhance spaces throughout your home. Just remember that cost estimates for those shows aren’t always accurate.

Renovations That Actually Add Value, According To Home Experts

This is another inexpensive way to update a home. Both of these can be done very cheaply. Home Depot and Lowe’s have some adorable fixtures available that can make a difference in a room. Amazon.com is another one-stop shop for great lamps, and Discount Plumbing in Franklin has some of the most beautiful lamps at great prices.

If your home is dark, take every opportunity to let in natural light. Replace a solid front door with one that has glass panels.

Replace old carpet with something fresh and neutral. If it makes sense and you can afford it, replace it with hardwoods. Ugly carpet is something no one wants to deal with.

If there’s something that needs to be done around the house that you don’t feel comfortable doing, seek help. Real estate agents and contractors can be a good source of recommendations. Ask the people at the lighting store for suggestions. It’s important to obtain references for anyone who comes to your home to work, and to make sure you set a clear expectation of what you want done.

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Home Improvement Projects That Return The Most At Resale

It’s important to shop around to determine how much you need to spend on your home. A dollar amount may depend on where your home is located. See what other remodeled and updated homes are looking for in your market. And always use a professional. DIY projects are fun, but in the real estate market, unless you’re really skilled, people can always tell when it’s not professional work and could hurt your resale in the long run.

If your home has a porch or room with high ceilings that can be turned into additional heated and cooled space, this will add tremendous value to your home because it’s adding square footage. Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, it’s important to consider future resale value when making changes to your home.

These 5 affordable home improvements will increase the livability of your home, give you a great return on investment, and maximize value when it comes time to move.

If you have a small flat area, anywhere on your section, adding ground-level decking is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to add value. Dress it up with outdoor seating, a fire pit, and a potted plant, and you’ve got a space that visitors will love. It will also look good in photographs and will attract buyers searching online.

Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Turn your garage into a multipurpose room by adding a specially made garage rug. This relatively inexpensive investment can turn a cold concrete box into a comfortable space to play, work, or exercise. Especially if you also paint the walls in a fresh, modern color. Plus, you can still park your car there when you need to! When you go to market, dress it up as a home gym or office so buyers can see the potential.

As a buyer, there is something heartwarming and enticing about homes with established fruit trees. It’s that bonus “icing on the cake” that can separate your home from the rest. Fruit trees are cheap to purchase but take a few years to grow and start looking impressive. So the time to plant them is well before you even think about moving. Talk to your local garden center to find out which varieties will work best in your location.

. Now they want to know exactly what kind of material has been used, how recently it has been installed and what condition it is in. This relatively inexpensive area of ​​focus is easy to improve. Even if you already have insulation, you can often improve its quality by using better materials or by adding an additional insulation “blanket” under the attic to trap more heat and/or a “soil moisture barrier” underneath the house to stop any rise. humid. The best part is, you can enjoy the benefits of living in a warmer home until you decide to move.

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In our experience, nothing gives you a better return on investment than painting and gardening. Every aspect of a home looks better with a fresh coat of paint. The result is even better if you use a warm, neutral, modern color. Ask your local paint store about their tried and true colors or get in touch with us for suggestions. When in doubt, stick to a light warm gray (pictured the “sand dune” color) for the interior walls. Feature walls are fine, but limit it to one wall per room at most and avoid it if the room is already dark.

Projects To Increase Home Resale Value This Weekend

As far as gardening goes, prune or remove any trees that block the sun or creep near the eaves. This will prevent them from getting stuck in the leaves. Next, focus on free space to showcase as much of your section as possible to visitors and future potential buyers. If you have a lot of grass or empty space, try using concrete stepping stones to create a path. Perhaps leading to ground level decking as mentioned above, or to demarcate certain areas, such as a veggie garden or play area.

These two areas are extremely important and can add substantial value. In our experience, though, they’re also spaces where you can spend a lot of money only to break even, or worse, over-capitalize. If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, focus on what will improve your life and don’t get caught up in investing in expensive features you don’t need.

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