Diy Room Makeover For Small Rooms

Diy Room Makeover For Small Rooms

Diy Room Makeover For Small Rooms – During the quarantine, I decided to give my bedroom at home a little makeover! I haven’t changed much since I was young and the walls were green. God is definitely not consistent with my style anymore. Since the house was organized, I decided it was a good time to clean out my childhood bedroom, organize, and renovate the space to be a place to rest, relax, and create. In this blog post, I’ve outlined the process as well as linked items for you to purchase if you’re interested! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more home decor inspiration!

My goal in this room was to create a space where I could rest and relax but also feel creative and inspired. I chose to make the space with white walls and white bedding with mauve/blush Pink and mustard yellow.

Diy Room Makeover For Small Rooms

*Please note that this blog post contains some affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting my business.

Tween Girl Bedroom Preppy Design / Decor Ideas (pink, Navy, Green)

Throw pillows are my favorite way to decorate! I love having throw pillows on my bed.

I love this white blanket and the little pink details on the bottom. It is also very comfortable. I have linked it here!

I absolutely love the look of throw blankets – they add structure and are easy to swap in and out.

I bought three of these to maintain my hair! They are so cute and helpful and I’ve linked them here!

House & Home

I also bought this three compartment organizer to store my laundry and skin care. It fits perfectly in the back of my bathroom. I have linked it here!

I used a lot of bins and baskets to organize my room. You can find the small trays I use in my bathroom here.

I bought four of these to organize things in my bathroom as well as store my chargers and computer accessories.

These bins are perfect for storing bathroom supplies like q-tips, cotton balls, etc. I bought it both small and medium!

Before & After: Small Bedroom Makeover

I was looking for a simple makeup organizer and was happy with this one! It’s clear with gold details and looks great on my bathroom counter. I was surprised at the quality considering it’s only $12! I have linked it here!

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I just bought these curtains – they are the same color as my bed but with Highlight the gray tone. Here is the link!

One of my favorite parts of the whole room is the DIY flower wall! I wrote a whole blog post detailing the whole process and all the equipment you need to rebuild yourself. That blog post is linked here! Here is the link for the gold circle mirror.

The shelf is a DIY project that my mom made to surprise me! She hosts workshops and sells maker kits at Midwest Makery- if you’re in Columbus, OH be sure to check her out. I have linked her website here. I linked the garland I used here!

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas For Small Rooms

The ladder for the quilt is another one of my rooms that mom made! However, I have linked a similar one here.

I bought this tray to store my laptop and iPad – it sits on my bed. God and it is very cute but work. I have linked it here!

I’ve collected a lot of old cameras over the years and I’m so excited to stock my shelves with them! These are a couple I have with me in Columbus and I can’t wait to line these shelves with others from my collection back in Oxford.

I am really interested in this space and how it is! It suits my style and provides a fun place to create. My upcoming projects are finishing the bathroom, and finishing my gallery wall above my desk area. I will be sure to share those projects when they are finished and my dream room is complete! .

Small Bedroom Ideas To Maximise Space As Well As Style

This week, we are sitting at a small bedroom together for our three neighbor girls who live down the street. Remember the shared house bedroom we did for their two sisters months ago? It’s time for us to score so that all 5 sisters get a beautiful newly built space.

But we had to get a little extra creative considering we had to work around bunk beds for these three girls in a very small space. I’ve been saving tons of cool bunk bed ideas for months and have found so many great ones!

The problem is that I keep finding great inspiration for large bunk beds, custom pricing, and large DIY projects that aren’t on our radar at the moment (we need to get this room done quickly so we don’t have to chase these girls out of their rooms for longer than 5 days).

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So, if you do the basic work, keep the double bed bought in the room of your child or teenager, this is a very good idea to style it.

Aesthetic Room Ideas For Small Rooms

This is very simple but very cute! Add small accessories to bunk rails like these equestrian ribbons Joni added from Lay Baby Lay.

Bunk beds can sometimes feel cramped and cluttered, but by cleaning and simplifying with monochromatic walls and bedding, a small room can feel open and airy.

Go bold and paint the bunk bed a vibrant color that contrasts better with the rest of the room. And besides, this beautiful DIY cactus “wallpaper” A Mess put up is too cute. Can you believe it was actually made with a stencil?

It makes total sense to hang a few plug-in wall hangings on each side of the bed, perfect for reading…or just an awesome title.

Diy Bedroom Makeover — Kelsey Haver Designs

Bunk beds can be instantly charming with vintage art and found antiques. Stef M Turner is very good at mixing things up in her life.

If you’re lucky enough to have a small room with a window in the center of the wall, side it with a bunk bed to make a big statement.

The wooden ceiling and floor add great texture and warmth to make this loft bed feel cozy against the rug for a rustic cabin. Be creative by hanging objects on the wall according to your child’s interests.

Adding matching bedding to all the bunks and keeping the rest of the room simple makes this small room feel clean and inviting.

Ways In Which You Can Style Up Your Bedroom For Free

Don’t be afraid to go wild with mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures. The more you mix and match, the more exotic it will feel for a small room full of charm. Kelly from Hartley Home MADE that cute gingham bed skirt.

Grays, blues, beiges, whites, and calm grays come together to make this room feel like calm water is coming down on you. All current signatures.

Keep the rest of the room neutral but add some color to the bed to make the bed a focal point.

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This is perfect for small rooms where one person may need to sleep while the other needs the lights on. Add blackout curtains and run curtain rods along the ceiling. In addition, the appearance is vintage and very sweet!

Best Small Bedroom Ideas And Designs For 2022

Layer, layer, layer and make it a luxurious experience with good quality pillows and comfortable sheets. Who said the bed is uncomfortable?

Add depth and texture to a room by embracing a natural wood bunk bed. It adds a layer of coziness without any extra effort.

If you love the look of a custom built bed but can’t commit to the time, cost, or effort involved, this IKEA bed hack is a great DIY to try!

If you want a small room with a little edge, go with a modern bunk bed with clean lines; Pair it with the most modern lighting fixtures.

Tween Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

Give character to a small room by adding wall art as a feature. Also, how beautiful is this ceiling?

Can you believe this bed is a DIY dress up job?! If you can get a hot glue gun and sew a straight line on the sewing machine, this will be great to pull off.

I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite from this bunk bed concept. They are all very inspiring!

So now we have our work cut out for us as we leave. Bunk bed frame, drive in tons of storage, and zhush up of all. You can follow along on Instagram Stories as we progress!

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Do you have a favorite of this bunch of bunk beds? Can you say “tie the bed” 5 times fast? 😉 Home » Interior Design » Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas : Preppy Teen Girl Bedroom in Pink, Water and Green

Emili’s purple and green bedroom was a fun project for me. Even better is another fun tween bedroom makeover with this colorful room for sister! 🙂 These girls are just cute and

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