Diy Desk From Ikea

Diy Desk From Ikea – This IKEA hack table is easy to create with an inexpensive IKEA desk top and two cube storage shelves. It’s perfect for the home office, virtual learning, or crafting. Storage makes this desk perfect for a small workspace!

After we moved into our house, we quickly needed an affordable table, and this beautiful IKEA table hack for under $60* was born. I shared this DIY table tutorial on the blog almost seven years ago, and it remains very popular. Recently, with the whole world working casually or learning from home, even more people are making a desk!

Diy Desk From Ikea

We love DIY projects and repurposing old things. This particular desktop had three lives; A craft table, a headboard for our guest room, and now it’s my desk but with a bright, new look!

Forget Ikea Build Your Own Folding Desk! — Local Color Xc

Back story: After looking at all the small IKEA desk options I had some ideas but didn’t feel they were all worth the money, at the time. It’s funny because they weren’t expensive, but I felt I could do a little cheaper with the same amount of lip balm.

What I finally decided to do was get a two-cube storage closet (which, at the time, was about $18 each) and an IKEA desktop. I never liked the gray linen desktop, it was just what they had in stock and it cost less than $20 so I went with it.

* Lynmon Desktop Update: The desktop I used is 59″ x 29.5″ x 2″. IKEA may currently sell Linmon in the sizes shown here.

This desk can cost $100, $60, or even under $50- if you find the right deals on storage cubes and desktops! However, prices go up and down.

Ikea Desk Hacks To Build Your Own Desk • Its Overflowing

I rebuilt the table in 2020. I found storage cube shelves that I thought looked great (that were $30 each at the time) from Target. Then I decided to use marble contact paper on the desktop which costs $11. Total cost of a new desk: about $90.

I could have done it myself, it was so easy, but in full disclosure, my husband helped me. We love to do projects together.

Style! Add a lamp, bins, books, and office storage items. You now have a great DIY table with storage to work with!

I have received many questions since sharing this tutorial. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

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Inspiring Ikea Desk Hacks You Will Love Kaleidoscope Living

It depends on the height of the shelf you are using. This table is about 32 inches tall when assembled. The bookcase I used is 3o” tall and the IKEA desktop is 1 3/8″.

I used both white cabinets (#1 and #2) to make this table. I also collected a few other colors that are available on this type of shelf. * These are affiliate links.

** Lynmon Desktop Update: The desktop I used is 59″ x 29.5″ x 2″. IKEA may currently sell Linmon in the sizes shown here.

If you make this table please share it with us! Leave a comment and positive review, and tag us on Instagram@blog so we can see your work!!

Custom Ikea Desk

This IKEA hack table is easy to make with an inexpensive IKEA linen desktop and two small cube storage shelves. It’s perfect for a home office, crafting desk, or virtual learning!

Choose heavy screws that are long enough to go through the top of the cabinet but not all the way through the table top. If you use the exact material we used, a 2″ wood screw or similar will work.

This desk is great and sturdy to work with. If you plan to move it, we recommend taking it apart. Table tops and shelves are not solid wood and screws can come loose from them. Lindsey Lanquist is a design expert, covering the latest home trends and design tips. He has 6 years of experience in digital media. In addition to serving as a former senior editor at StyleCaster and a staff writer in her own right, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Byrdy, Weary Well, Shekoz, Nylon, and more.

Search for some of the most beautiful home offices on the Internet, and you’ll find IKEA desk after IKEA desk. There’s nothing remarkable about why IKEA desks are so popular – it’s that most of these IKEA desks aren’t actually sold as desks. These are not the tables that style-minded people have ordered to finish their decorating schemes. These are the tables that enterprising decorators combine using kitchen cabinets, dressers, countertops and more.

Ikea Desk Hacks

The thought of filling your home office with kitchen essentials may put you off. But the truth is, decorators do it all the time. By mixing and matching IKEA pieces, design enthusiasts have created custom tables that fit their spaces perfectly—and they’ve avoided spending a fortune on these personalized pieces.

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“I love the affordability and versatility of IKEA furniture,” says Medina Grillo, the blogger behind Grillo Design. “So if I’m trying to make a more traditional table myself, it makes sense to hack IKEA furniture to do it.”

Savvy decorators, like Grillo, have tackled all kinds of IKEA desk hacks, and they’ve blessed us with plenty of inspo in the process. Ahead, we’ve rounded up IKEA desk hack ideas worth trying at home—and we’re sure one of them will improve your workspace.

An easy way to whiten your desk? Change your desktop. If your countertop is worn, damaged, or just plain old, replace it with a butcher block countertop. Or take a page from Fortune blogger Fareeha Nasser’s Pennywise playbook, and dress up your desk with shiplap instead.

Ikea Hack Diy Computer Desk With Kallax Shelves • Keeping It Simple

If you are in dire need of storage space, use kitchen cabinets as your desk base. It may sound strange, but the IKEA kitchen section is a great place to start when designing a table. Buy the combination of cabinets, drawers and shelves that best meet your needs. Next, finish off your desk with an appropriately sized countertop.

Your table doesn’t necessarily need a base. If you’re moving into a tight space, install and use an IKEA shelf on your wall

As your desk. Just be sure to splurge on some finishing touches — like printed wallpaper and a nice office chair — to make the cube feel like a workplace.

A truly great custom piece shouldn’t just look good in your space—it should fit into it perfectly. So don’t be afraid to build your desk until it sits comfortably against any corners, trim or outlets that would otherwise be in the way.

Ikea Hacks Turned A Stairwell Nook Into A Hardworking Home Office

This may sound like a daunting task, but one of the beautiful things about IKEA is that it is very budget friendly. So, if things go wrong on your first try, you can just rearrange your pieces and try again.

Your IKEA desk hack doesn’t have to be structural. By painting each of your desk drawers a different color, you can customize your desk without having to pick up a screwdriver. And if paint seems like a big commitment, line your drawers with Peel and stick vinyl instead.

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If you don’t mind putting in a little effort, you can buy one of IKEA’s traditional desks and turn it into a flip-top desk. By cutting the table, rearranging its pieces, and installing new hinges, you can take an IKEA design and turn it into something new. Of course, behavior is somewhat involved. But you end up with a table that meets all your needs, isn’t a little elbow grease worth it?

If you want to design a table from scratch, IKEA has you covered. The store has an entire section dedicated to table legs and tables, which you can pair with the table top of your choice to create a custom table.

Diy Ikea Hack Plank Top Desk With Copper Accents

The great thing about IKEA storage solutions is that they are versatile. So you can put together a beautiful workspace with little work. By pairing a few IKEA desks—and topping things off with the same storage unit—you can organize your office corner in a way that’s stylish, space-efficient, and incredibly storage-friendly.

If you’re the type of person who likes to stand while working, buy a set of extra-tall cabinets to use as your desk base. And if the tallest cabinets on offer still aren’t enough, add height by adding legs to the bottom of each cabinet.

There’s no rule that says your IKEA desk hack has to be complicated. So if all your desk needs is a bright change, consider spray-painting the legs a fun color. A low-maintenance refresh will make your desk more attractive—without requiring much effort from you.

At the high end of interior design, you’ll find custom cabinets, shelves, and furniture built directly into the wall. And if you’re willing to do a little work, you can recreate this effect using only IKEA pieces. By combining tables, drawers and countertops, you can create a custom workspace that covers an entire wall. Then, you can finalize your creation by attaching it to the wall.

Our Ikea Desk Hack

When putting together an IKEA table, it is common to make the base from two identical kitchen cabinets

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