Creative Uses For Reusable Bags

Creative Uses For Reusable Bags – Confused about what to do with a pile of gift bags? Save your cleaning task with these creative ideas given below to reuse gift bags. This will help you organize your various things at home as well.

The holiday season leaves behind dozens of photos, some fond memories and piles of paper and gift wrapping bags. Once the guests have left, it’s time to clean up the mess and put away all the holiday season supplies. The received gifts find their use, the mess is cleared and the pile of gift bags increases. Do something different with your bags this year, instead of adding them to the dust heap. With so many creative ideas for reusing gift bags, your collection is sure to get some use.

Creative Uses For Reusable Bags

Scattered newspapers are an everyday sight. Often pages are missing or finding yesterday’s newspaper becomes a painstaking task. Turn a lost gift bag into a newspaper holder by simply hanging it on a hook in your reading room. To separate today’s newspaper from the old one, hang another next to it labeled “old newspaper”. Make sure the bags have a solid base.

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Just like making a newspaper holder, you can use a gift bag as a magazine holder. Each gift bag can easily hold up to five magazines.

Carrying lunch in a bag can prove to be risky as it can damage the things inside due to spillage. Prevent this by using a gift bag as a lunch or tiffin bag. These bags also make great accessories!

Every time you go shopping, carry a few gift bags. This will not only avoid bringing new bags into your house, but will also help contribute to the environment.

Donate bags to churches, schools and orphanages. These places will readily accept them because they are often looking for packing materials to distribute gifts to the needy.

What’s Better For The Environment, Paper Bags Or Plastic Bags?

Most of us continue to collect books, periodicals, magazines and other reading material until it dawns on us that there is a lot to read. Put these all in one gift bag so the “to read” items stay together and are easy to find.

Who says you have to buy a first aid kit? Instead make a first aid kit using a gift bag. To simplify recognition, paint it white with a red cross on it.

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Break the convention of brown or white paper covers and recycle your gift bags by turning them into book covers. Interesting designs and patterns on the covers can compensate for beautiful book covers.

Paper wallets for kids are a great idea instead of handing them expensive wallets. Cut small purses and wallets out of unused gift bags for your kids. This could also be a fun weekly activity!

Reasons People Buy Reusable Bags

Go ahead and use your gift bags as “gift bags”. Do so, only if nothing is written on the bag.

Learn a few paper origami items for gift bags. Colorful paper can be used to make beautiful flowers, jewelry storage boxes, pencil holders and more.

Looking for something to do when you’re bored? Make a collage of your favorite picture with gift bag paper. This could be your very own masterpiece!

Turn gift bags into greeting cards using paper. Thread handles can offset pretty bows on cards. This way you would make full use of the bags.

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Don’t go for fancy envelopes this time. Instead, make them at home by cutting them out of your gift bag collection.

Use a gift bag to make frames for your child’s first picture or some old photos. If you have these paper frames laminated, they will last a long time.

If you need to hunt all over your house just to find scissors, tape and a ruler, then turn one of the gift bags into a paper bag. This will save your time too!

Gift bags are essentially made of paper, making them perfect for small arts and crafts projects and storing lightweight items. We hope these ideas make your cleaning task a lot easier!

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What To Do With All Those Tote Bags

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When you’re about to leave a store, a common question in the checkout line is, “Paper or plastic?”

However you answer, you probably have your reasons. Maybe you plan to recycle or reuse that paper bag, or maybe you use those plastic shopping bags to clean up around the house. You may think that your choice, whether paper or plastic, is the more environmentally friendly option. But in reality, whatever your choice between paper and plastic, regardless of your intentions, you’re still choosing “wrong” – because there’s a better option: a reusable bag.

A growing movement across the country is for consumers to purchase and bring their own reusable bags to the store to use to carry their products home. Although they cost a little more upfront, there are many benefits to reusable bags, especially when it comes to mitigating plastic bag pollution and the effects of plastic on the environment.

Creative Large Shopping Bag Folding Sundries Food Clothes Reusable Storage Tote Portable Eco Friendly Grocery Shoulder Handbag Storage Bags Aliexpress

Why are plastic bags bad for the environment? There are a number of reasons. From their production to their lack of recyclability to their propensity to end up in landfills—or worse, from them—and the many years they take to decompose, plastic bags pose a lot of problems when it comes to global well-being.

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Paper bags avoid some of the pitfalls of plastic bags because paper bags are recyclable and take less time to break down if they don’t end up in a landfill. Despite this, paper bags are made either from trees, which are important to save, or from recycled materials, the production of which requires a lot of energy, according to NASA.

These are some general reasons to use reusable bags instead of paper or plastic bags, but let’s look at some of the more specific benefits of reusable bags, the negative impact of plastic bag pollution, and a few other reasons why it’s a good idea to bring your own bag.

Although they look small and light, plastic bags have a much bigger impact on the environment than you might imagine, starting with the energy required to produce them. Twelve million barrels of oil are used to produce the plastic bags consumed in the United States each year, according to Waste Management Northwest. On a smaller scale, according to, you can drive a car a mile for the same amount of gasoline it takes to produce 14 plastic bags.

Biodegradable Alternatives To Plastic Bags

The effects of plastic on the environment can be devastating. Plastic products like plastic bags can take between 15 and 1,000 years to break down, and that’s assuming they even end up in a landfill instead of ending up in water like streams, rivers or oceans — or floating around the neighborhood. Of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags Americans use each year, only about 1 percent is recycled, so a lot of plastic bag pollution is generated annually.

Even where good intentions lead someone to recycle their plastic grocery bags, many recycling equipment are not up to the task, according to a 2016 Business Insider article. The bags get caught on conveyor belts and wheels, clogging machines; it can be difficult to separate them from other recycled products; or they end up flying off to other parts of the recycling facility – or even end up outside the factory. The best option for recycling these bags is to take them to a designated drop-off center

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