Creative Uses For Plastic Pallets

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PROJECT UPDATE: It’s been almost a year since we shared our DIY updated rainbow pallet flower garden planter with you. 21 days after our post was published, on June 26, 2015, President Obama gave his epic “Love is Love” speech, welcoming the Supreme Court ruling upholding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. ​​​​​​A few days later, our planter went viral on Facebook, with some people applauding us for such a beautiful way to celebrate same-sex weddings and others criticizing us, saying they would hate to be our neighbors if it was so public we show support for same-sex marriage. our yard.

Creative Uses For Plastic Pallets

Truth? I support same-sex marriage 100%. We should all have the freedom to love who we love, and the thought of my children ever being told that they don’t have the same constitutional rights as others because of who they choose to love brings tears to my eyes. However… Bean and I made our own DIY Rainbow Planter because we love rainbows! This was a fun weekend project we did together that helped us bond and had a beautiful end result that my daughter was proud to show off to her friends and neighbors. Same-sex marriage was not on my mind when I thought of this idea. It was a brightly colored project that my girlfriend and I could do outside.

Using Wooden Pallets As A Building Material

Shortly after we released our project to the world, a Dutch publishing company in Belgium contacted us and asked if they could share our rainbow planter in a book they were creating about gardening with children. Both Bean and I are excited that our work will inspire other rainbow planters around the world!

Continue reading for instructions on how to make our DIY updated rainbow pallet planter for the flower garden, along with our original post.

June 5, 2015: Last year I shared a DIY Pallet Mason Jar Herb Garden project with you. It was a really fun project and I enjoyed answering questions, demonstrating how to make it and showing it off at the Hometalk event at Milner Village Garden Centre. The minute I finished this post, I had an idea for my next pallet garden. In my head I saw a palette with each slat painted a different color of the rainbow. Attached to it were terracotta flower pots filled with flowers in every color of the rainbow!

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It took me a while to make it, but a few weekends ago, during the long weekend, Bean and I were itching to roll up our sleeves and work on a DIY project together, so I thought it was a good time to give it a go shot!

Benefits Of Recycling Pallets

When I originally thought of creating the planter, I thought I would paint it with test pots of paint. When it came time to make it, I really wanted to use supplies I had at home. I did a little research on acrylic paint and discovered that it is wonderful for outdoor projects. Apply some acrylic varnish and it looks even better!

First…a note about palettes. When using pallets for garden or home projects, you should look for heat treated pallets (versus chemically treated pallets). Chemically treated pallets are becoming harder to find, but they are still out there. To determine if a pallet is heat treated, look for a stamp on the wood that says “HT” like the one above. You will usually find this stamp on the side of the palette or on the back. If you see the HT stamp, you’re good to go!

Step 1 – Gather your materials and sand the pallet to remove any pieces that will crumble. I left my palette fairly rough, but at the same time I didn’t want the kids to get hurt if they touched it.

Step 2 – Paint your palette with your favorite rainbow colors. Since rainbows are nice and bright, I applied two coats of paint to each slat of my project. Acrylic dries pretty quickly and it was warm outside when we were working on ours so by the time I finished painting the 8th slat the first one was dry and ready for the second coat.

Diy Wood Pallet Upcycling Projects

Step 3 – Apply a coat of varnish to your project. This step is optional, but I decided to give it a try. I told Michael’s colleague about my project and asked her what she would recommend. I thought I would end up with spray paint, but she advised me to use liquid polish, which is sold alongside acrylic paints in addition to specialty paints such as glitter, chalkboard, and glow-in-the-dark. Her reasoning was that a liquid would apply more thickly and evenly than a spray and offer better protection

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Step 5 – Drill holes in each of your worm clips. (Don’t worry if your auger clamp flattens a bit while drilling. As soon as you tighten it around the flower stalk, it will morph into a circle.)

Step 6 – Decide where you want to hang your flower pots and drill holes (the same size as your screws) where you want the flower pots to go on your pallet.

Step 7-Insert the screws through the holes you drilled in the auger clamps and then insert the screws through the holes you drilled in the pallet. Thread the wing nuts onto the screw on the back of the pallet and tighten.

Saw This Creative Use For An Accent Ceiling Of Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Step 8- Use a flat head screwdriver to screw the screw clamp around the terra cotta flower pot. (This is a very easy process. You’ll see a screw on the right side of the photo below. If you tighten the screw, it pulls the excess worm clamp through the screw mechanism that tightens around the flower pot. I found that I didn’t need to tighten them as much due to the shape of the flower pots , like I am a herb garden in a jar.)

Voila! You’re done! Find a home for your new planter. We lean ours against the railing of our deck. Be sure to place it at an angle so that the weight of the flower pots does not pull it forward.

Hello Creative Family is a resource for parents who want to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday projects that go back to the basics. We want to inspire people to live, love and teach a handmade, homely and heartfelt lifestyle so they can raise their children in a creative home. Welcome to my creative family! Read more… Before the scorching summer heat starts to bite you, sum up your outdoor living with these DIY pallet pool ideas that are sure to save you a ton of money. On the other hand, building a swimming pool anywhere outdoors can be a matter of major investment. However, choosing pallets to build your pool won’t break the bank. However, it will be easier to build a pool with pallets so you don’t have to hire professionals to do it. So you can build all the given models of DIY swimming pools with pallets yourself. They differ in shapes, heights and sizes, as well as in many other features.

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Explore these 15 DIY pallet pool projects that provide incredible design inspiration and share different ways to build pallet swimming pools. At the same time, these pools can be used as outdoor spas to relax after a long tiring day. All of these projects are beginner and budget friendly and will help bring those soothing waters to your property.

Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas: Creative Makes And Easy Upcycling

Most pallet projects are about building very stable pool borders. You can then cover the entire interior with waterproof plastic pool fabric. Installing pumps, making water connections from PVC pipes, and building pool platforms and steps will be optional. Alternatively, you can reinforce the vertical pallets that form the border of the pool with snap strips that will go around the frame of the pool. At the same time, you can also use durable fittings and rope for this purpose. Read all these DIY pallet pool ideas to get a lot more creative information about building a pallet pool.

Because they are available in larger quantities, pallets are also used for some next-level projects. Follow these instructions to build an above ground pool out of some free pallets for what is sure to be an amazing summer fun project. Take a look at the details of this project that involves building an above ground pool using a 1000L IBC and some free recycled pallets. It will be the best spa and pool for kids and adults. You also need a lot of PVC pipe with fittings, hot tub suction nozzles to complete this wooden pallet pool. instructions

Get instructions for building a huge outdoor pool with free rustic pallets here. The first thing is to mark the area and build the border of the pool

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