Wood Project Ideas To Sell

Wood Project Ideas To Sell – Hello creative friends! If you’ve made it this far to this post, then you’re our kind of person, a DIYer like us looking for ways to repurpose (and maybe make some money). We hope you’ll find lots of inspiration with this roundup of creative scrap wood projects to make and sell.

As owners of three separate Etsy shops, we are always looking for new trendy products to make for our business. We scan Etsy listings that sell a lot, look for trending products on Pinterest, and see what people are responding to on Instagram and Facebook.

Wood Project Ideas To Sell

Think about things that solve a buyer’s problem (eg help with home organization) or gifts that are needed for special occasions. Have friends and family asked you to do things for them? What kinds of things have you bought in the last 6 months and for what purposes? Thinking about these questions can help you determine if there is a market for the scrap wood projects you plan to sell.

Diy Reclaimed Wood Projects (ideas And Designs) For 2021

We have more tips for researching and selling your handmade goods in this post Jar Crafts to Make and Sell.

Let’s start by talking about where we can find scrap wood. The obvious answer is to simply use scrap wood from other DIY projects you’ve done. That was the case for us when we made this silly bathroom sign and towel rack out of wood pallets used to pack a vanity for a cozy and contemporary makeover of my bathroom.

Before you throw away wood scraps or wood pallets, consider how and what else can be done with it.

Alternatively, searching for your local market on Facebook is another great source for scrap wood. Many people are looking to get rid of scrap wood either by giving it away for free or selling it at a cheap price. I actually took someone’s leftover plywood to make this DIY board game last summer.

Big Woodworking Project Ideas That’ll Make You Money

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Whether you already have some scrap wood from other DIY projects or are looking to get some, you’ll find a variety of crafts below using scrap plywood, deck and skirting boards, driftwood, and more.

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Create rustic photo frames by burning scrap wood! They can be hung on walls or displayed on shelves.

Learn how to make your own farmhouse sign out of scrap wood. This trendy DIY is perfect to sell to people looking to decorate their cottage, lake house or home.

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas They Will Love!

Make a custom piece of yarn art for any dog ​​lover! Plus it serves as a perfect place to hang a chain or bag.

Create a modern jewelry display with faux marble resin and scrap wood for a touch of style in any space.

Make an easy DIY coat rack in a few simple steps. A great way to use up scrap wood and add some organization to any home.

This simple and fun key holder is so easy to make from scrap wood and rusty nails. Plus, it can be personalized with any street name, making it a great craft to sell.

Scrap Wood Projects For Beginners And Experts

With this simple scrap wood and Cricut craft, you can make custom stackable books for anyone looking for bright and inspiring decor for their home.

These wood shaped puzzles are great for new parents, teachers or anyone looking to add some wooden touches to any playroom.

Use scrap wood to make a rectangular flower centerpiece. You can make and sell these in any size, with or without flowers.

Make a magnetic bottle opener that grabs bottle caps for anyone looking to add this functional piece to their kitchen, den or garage.

Easy Small Wood Projects That Sell

This wooden X-shaped magazine rack requires no nails or screws and is another great craft to sell to anyone looking to organize their home.

Use scrap wood to make an X table that fits behind the couch. Adjust the measurements based on the size of the sofa and this farmhouse table is great for sale.

Think beyond the letters LOVE for this scrap wood project idea and consider beautiful monograms for children’s rooms for example.

Say hello to winter with this DIY welcome sign made simply by repurposing a cedar plank and adding decorative touches.

Is Woodworking Profitable? (ultimate 2023 Guide)

Sell ​​these reversible wood decorations for anyone looking for a 2-in-1 decoration for fall and winter!

These blocky wooden apples are easy to paint and make great teacher gifts or fall decor.

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A custom pet pub is perfect for any pet owner who wants to give their dog a special place to eat and drink.

Sell ​​these makeup organizers. Using a piece of scrap wood and glass jars, you can easily create rustic bathroom storage.

How To Make Money Woodworking (13 Easy Ways In 2023!)

In less than 30 minutes you can make these drawer organizers. They are easy to adjust the length to fit in any drawer.

Make a wooden toy for children with scrap wood, wooden beads and paint. This DIY toy is always a hit with kids of all ages.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of scrap wood projects that sell. We’d love to hear from you, this post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Any supplies used may be provided to me free of charge, however, all designs and opinions are my own.

I love all things rustic with a farmhouse feel. Pallet projects really fit the bill. These are all pallet projects that sell as well. So if you’re looking for things to sell at craft fairs and more, this is definitely the list for you. Collect those cheap palettes from thousands of sources and start creating thousands of great enhanced projects.

Best Diy Outdoor Wood Projects To Try Out In 2022

Click on the link for each of the ideas below to be taken to instructions on how to make each one. You’ll be well on your way to making extra cash with these pallet projects that sell.

This is actually something I did years ago and got so many compliments on it. I’m sure these will sell amazingly just about anywhere.

I am in love with this clock and the fact that you can make it with old pallets makes it even better.

This is a unique idea for pallet wood and is quite simple to make. You can assemble such a pile from scraps left over from larger projects.

Easy Woodworking Projects For Kids

Find old nightstands on the side of the road and recycle them to sell. So simple and so gorgeous with a few palettes.

I love a blanket ladder! They are also great for towels. Save all those little scraps for a project like this.

Draw a wonderful world map on your palette! This is great art on a budget that almost anyone would love to have in their home.

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I also wanted to include some really unique projects. This is one you don’t see every day, but it would work in different rooms in your home.

The Best Places To Find Free Pallets Near You

I’ve already included a simple coffee table above. This one is a bit more complicated, but oh my what a statement!

I hope you enjoy these pallet projects that sell! I hope they help you make some money or turn it into a full-time business. Collect your pallets and start selling today!

For over a decade, I’ve been sharing Cricut tutorials and craft ideas here as well as on my YouTube channel. My passions include teaching others to be creative and learn as many new things as possible. Looking to build some small wood projects to give as gifts? Or maybe you want to sell small wood projects at craft fairs? Here are some ideas!

The holiday gift giving season is fast approaching! Nothing shows your friends and family that you care more than a handmade gift.

Beginner Woodworking Projects

If you want to make these wooden gift ideas for your family, or sell them at craft shows or on Etsy, I’ve got you covered! All of these projects are small enough to ship at an economical price, so you don’t spend more money on shipping the item than you do on the lumber to build it!

If you’re a woodworker, you probably have a bunch of scrap wood in your wood shelf that could be put to good use. I’m always looking for little wood projects that use up those end pieces that clutter up my little workshop warehouse. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Contain clutter but still keep what you need within reach with this easy-to-make DIY desk shelf. This is a great scrap wood project if you have extra plywood or 1×6 offcuts lying around the workshop. Pair it with the DIY monitor stand listed below for the ultimate workspace.

Its laptop stand or monitor stand is great for organizing your desk and brings your screen to eye level to help improve your posture. Keep supplies like pencils organized to the side and tuck in your keyboard

Scrap Wood Projects (clever Ways To Reuse Old Wood)

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