Build Your Own Corner Desk

Build Your Own Corner Desk – Looking for a desk online to fit your style and space? Not too expensive, not made from cheap particle board, but also don’t want to break your budget? If you keep reading, I think you’ll be surprised at how little material this tabletop tutorial has to offer, as well as allowing you to check off your entire wish list.

Here’s a tutorial for the Herringbone L-Shaped (or Corner) Hardwood Desk I built for Jordan and Bubba Page’s office. The best part about this table is that it can be mounted more firmly on the wall, free standing with 3 legs, or without legs, adding cabinets or drawers on either side for a more unique look.

Build Your Own Corner Desk

To replicate the exact table shown in Page’s office, you’ll need to go to your local lumber yard and select 1×8 hardwood. I went to my Macbeth, went to the store, checked the prices and found it very nicely planed and joined (all the boards are the same thickness, width and ready to assemble).

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. You can also look at Alder, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple and Pine to achieve a different grain pattern/wood tone.

Once they are all lined up with the desired grain pattern…turn them all the way around and start marking the pocket holes. The pocket holes should be about 6-8 inches apart and no closer than 2″ from the edge of the board (to avoid splitting the wood).

Using your kreg jig (I use a K4 but you can use any kreg jig) create pocket holes in the wooden boards. Measure the thickness of the wood (3/4″), and set the Kreg to that thickness on both the face and the butt.

Once the pocket holes are made, it’s time to attach your panels. Attach the 3 boards together, using wood glue and kreg fine thread pocket screws, making sure your boards are aligned and have exactly 7.5″ of space so the other half of the boards will fit into the batting. Allow the pieces to dry on a flat surface and do not tighten screws that will cause them to bow on your desktop. If I’m working with a soft wood like pine, I recommend using pipe clamps and a crowbar to even apply pressure to keep things level when dry.

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Affordable And Easy Ways To Set Up Your Own Diy Corner Office Desk

After attaching one section of the 3 planks, attach the other section of the 3 planks so that they line up in the middle of the grass and repeat the gluing and screw assembly process.

If the ends of your boards are not perfectly aligned, you can run it through a table saw or use a circular saw to cut it all the way through. Don’t worry too much, your grass bone part is fine.

Allow the top to dry for several hours before maneuvering through the glass. Once that’s all dry, it’s time to tie the two halves together to create a thick edge.

Take a 1×8 for the thick edge and run a 2″ strip across the table to get 27.5″ and 30″, and also add a 2″ 19″ strip to make the sides of the table thicker.

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These strips can be attached with wood glue and screws underneath. But make sure they are cleaned before they are attached!

The legs for this table are cut from 1×8 and half, so they are 3.5″ wide. Punch 2 pocket holes at each end of the short boards, for a total of 4 pocket holes per short board. Then, use wood glue and attach the insides of the long boards. The pocket holes should cover the top of the table…and the ground so you can’t see the holes if you look inside the area.

First, fill all nail holes, knots, and wood cracks with plastic wood, wood filler. Then, sand everything with 120 grit. Follow with 220-grit sandpaper and wipe with a rag, and now you’re ready to apply your favorite stain. I applied 1 coat of Weathered Oak Stain followed by 2 coats of General Satin High Performance

For the legs I attached 3″ screws to the back on the back wall and 1″ screws from the bottom of the legs to the table. At the corner I attached a 2″ board (1×2’s) directly to the studs using 3″ screws. then climbed up the table with a screw from the bottom of the stick board.

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Industrial corner table Rusty Scaffold Board L Shaped Table | Steel Pipe Legs, Wood, Workstation, Home Office, WFH, Steel Pipe

Diy Gaming Desk

Star Sellers has an excellent track record of providing a great customer experience – they consistently provide 5-star ratings, ship orders on time, and respond quickly to inquiries.

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The L-shaped corner table is constructed from premium grade, 45mm deep scaffold boards and is mounted on industrial steel tube legs. The worktop is sandblasted in a beautiful color – smooth to the touch but still showing the character and grain in the wood. They are then treated in a waxy oil that gives a water-resistant, rub-off finish.

Every board will have its own whimsy and individual grain, so no two pieces are ever the same. We use only the highest quality boards and our tables are strong, durable and well built.

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Available in various sizes. Steel pipework is available in a raw (galvanized) steel finish, or in a “pencil” color (as shown in the pictures). ‘Black’ steel is almost always black/gunmetal. Both finishes give a fantastic industrial look. (Legs apart).

Main images show Gold, but also available in Pale, Antique or Rust finishes (please see last image). When ordering, please tell us what color tone you want in the “Personalize” box.

Fiddes finished in solid wax oil. Hardwearing stain resistant, water resistant. This product gives the tablets a light shine and shows the character of the tablets.

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Some minor assembly is required with this item. You will need to attach the bottom by inserting screws into the pre-drilled holes on either side of the table. The steel tube frame will be partially disassembled (for ease of transport), but they are very quick to assemble and tighten with allen bolts. (Allen wrench provided).

Micke Corner Work Station, White, 393/8×557/8

We fit metal edge strips to the outer edge of the table as standard, but please let us know if you would like them to be omitted.

Our pieces are made of industrial wood and are designed to be fully functional as a desk. It is normal for some boards to have small dings, dents, small cracks and general signs of life. Grain and knots may vary from board to board. All of these add to the overall character of the pieces.

We make the boards very beautiful, and they are treated with high-quality hard wax oil, which gives them an amazing, interesting character.

The pictures show the 150cm + 150cm version. 150cm is the measurement from the center back corner to the outer back corners. Even though it’s made of one smaller section embedded in a larger section, both sides of the table are the same overall length.

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If you need a table that is longer on one side than the other, choose one of the uneven dimensions. 125cm + 175cm.

Or if you need a custom measurement, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to accommodate this.

As these items are made to order, please allow 4-5 weeks from date of order for construction and shipping.

Most orders are delivered in our own vehicles by our own delivery team. We will keep you updated on the progress of your order and advise you on delivery

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