Can You Refund G2a Games On Steam

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Last week, Gearbox cut ties with game key reseller G2A, which had planned to sell the exclusive Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition collector’s edition, due to a series of shady deals that gave the auction site a bad name.

Can You Refund G2a Games On Steam

In fact, Speedrunner publisher tinyBuild claims G2A used stolen credit cards to facilitate the sale of $450,000 worth of its game keys.

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After popular YouTube personality John “Total Biscuit” Bain criticized Gearbox’s partnership, the game publisher worked with the influencer to create a list of demands for G2A to legitimize its business practices. This includes things like not paying extra for fraud protection, which many feel should be included. After all, there’s no need to pay extra to avoid getting ripped off.

But G2A doesn’t think the story is as simple as it seems. In a statement to G2A, they explained that all of Gearbox’s requirements have already been met.

In a statement, G2A said, “All of your recent inquiries at have been part of our business.”

According to G2A, the “G2A Shield” fraud protection service that speeds up the refund process and offers 10 percent discounts on purchases is just a convenience. If not, you are still entitled to a refund.

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What happens if the customer receives a code that does not work under G2A and does not have a G2A Shield subscription?

“1. The buyer informs the seller about the problem. If the seller sees that the problem was caused by his fault or mistake, the seller will refund the buyer’s money or give a new key – and the problem will be solved immediately.

“2. If the seller does not agree with the buyer’s complaint, the buyer writes a message to the G2A Problem Solving Center. The message receives a case number, and our staff (’s customer support team is available in nine languages, six are soft). Of which, 24 hours a day, 24/7 on average time for a few minutes) start asking our customer support team and contact the seller to give you an opportunity to explain any concerns and our customer support team will do anything. Need: A mutually satisfactory solution can be reached. The buyer usually gets a decision within hours, unlike other markets, users sometimes get a response They have to wait weeks to get it (or no response at all).

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Conversely, if a customer has a Shield subscription, they simply go to Live Chat, which is available 24/7, and speak to a G2A customer service representative. “During the conversation, the buyer can receive a refund that will last several minutes, and will contact the seller and resolve the issue,” the company said.

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G2A insists it does not charge any hidden fees. “All commissions and tariffs are clearly and distinctly stated in the respective tables,” said a key salesperson. “In addition to the price, VAT is added depending on the buyer’s country and the buyer’s chosen payment method. Both of these fees are free from and we clearly inform the buyer about them before anyone else. Purchase: No one in our market charges additional commissions without their knowledge.”

The auction site claims that all game keys sold on the marketplace are legally purchased, and that giving developers access to its database gives them the right to reject legally purchased keys.

“ must protect every honest seller, and if we give this access to all developers, we will allow a situation where a developer can remove every button on our market from anywhere. Such an action is harmful to the industry, to players and illegal,” the company said.

If the developer discovers that some G2A keys have been illegally purchased, the auction site will search for evidence and follow the letter of the law, he explains.

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“What the developer needs to do is provide evidence that the keys they want to block were obtained illegally (the evidence could be, for example, a report from a financial institution),” G2A explains. “Our cooperation is not limited to immediate removal or blocking of keys – we do not hesitate, and of course to provide all information about fraudulent sellers to the relevant law enforcement agencies.”

However, there is a “live” program in partnership with G2A that allows developers to access the game’s key database. It currently has more than 100 developers in its ranks, and there is no cost to join the program.

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“Participation in G2A Direct is free for developers. The program is designed in such a way that there is no reason for any developer to be harmed in any way by participating in it,” G2A insists.

G2A sums up, “We do our best to maintain the best relationship with developers and ensure high standards.” “At the same time, we respect our critics and believe that they have the good of the industry at heart.

So.. I Tried To Buy Dying Light From G2a.

“Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t understand how works, and this misunderstanding leads people to mislead people about our company. The best evidence of this is the four ultimatums, which were partially compiled by John Bain, which seems to be complete. Unnecessary, all the questions raised are part of the market. Because they are.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and this is the case with G2A. What do you think of his explanation?

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A market is a place where every seller sells.

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