Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging

Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging – If you’re not really interested in learning how to crochet, but love the textured wall hangings you see all over the web, I have the perfect web hack project for you. You can use this hanging rug cloth and hook to get the same wall hanging style. It won’t be faster, but it won’t require some of the tools and skills you need if you want to wrap the same thing. Plus, you can change the size of your wall hanging very quickly.

This is a great way to break up a pile of yarn if you are a knitter or crocheter and you can use this tutorial to hang on the wall and just make your own rug! I love how it looks on my wall hanging and the soft texture it adds to my studio space. Get the details to make your own below.

Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging

Supplies: -24″ x 30″ Latch Hook Canvas – Latch Hook – Seven or eight pieces of yarn in different colors. I used different thicknesses and also used wool and cotton.

Vintage Latch Hook Rya Rug Or Wall Hanging, With Autumn Leaves 40

You can draw your design first or just freehand. You can even trace your colored block shapes onto the canvas with a marker to make it even easier! Once you are comfortable with your design, start cutting the yarn into strands. The fibers at the end of your canvas should be the longest and then you can cut them to a more uniform length. The lengths below mine range from 14″-24″ long and I used scrap cardboard 7″ and 12″ respectively as my base and just repeated my thread on one end before making the cut. Continue stitching as you go. The rest of my yarn was about 5 inches long and then I cut them once I added everything to my canvas.

Step 1: Cut your hanger fabric to your desired size. I cut mine to measure about 14 x 28″. The larger your size, the more yarn you need. Then place two strands of yarn under your hook.

Step Two: Hold all four ends of the thread in one hand so that they are just next to your clamp. Then slide the hook under one of the individual strands on your canvas so that it sticks out again. Be sure to slide it past the shutter.

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Step Four: Gently pull the handle toward your body to close the locking thread in the hook.

S Vintage Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging Decor Tree & Landscape Bridge Sunset Abstract Earth Tones 25.5×19 Home & Living Floor & Rugs

Step Six: This is what it should look like when you’re done. One down, one million ahead! I’m kidding. But not really.

I usually work a fiberboard project from the bottom up, but I knew I wanted to use a lot of white in this one. I added three spots of color as my focal point and then filled things in from there. I just cut the yarn and cut the stitches as I go instead of counting first. No one needs that kind of pressure.

Work with one color block at a time or mix and fill from one edge to the other. Adding different shades of the same color can help unify your design, but contrasting colors work well too.

This project will probably take you more than a few hours to complete if you fill the room as is, but you can easily cut your canvas down to 6″ x 10″ and make a smaller version.

Vtg 1970’s Large Latch Hook Christmas Snowman Rug Wall Hanging R

Once you get within 2″ of the top, call it a day. You need this space to fold the pocket.

Flip the wall over to the other side and fold the edges in about 1/2″. Then use some of your yarn to stitch it together and tie a knot at the beginning and end. This will add a nice edge and make sure your strands are well covered.

Then fold the top of the canvas so that there are no gaps on the front side. Use more yarn to sew it to the main canvas with a running stitch and secure both ends with a knot. Then add your copper wire or dowel by threading it through the gap you created, then add a hanger with copper wire thread or knots at each end of your dowel.

The last step is to hang it up and wash things with your fingers. Then feel free to trim smart ends or whole sections to get the shape you want.

Vintage Latch Hook Wall Hanging Mid Century Wall Decor Latch

A great resource for beginners and even intermediates! You can find it here. Maybe you should try this rug if you are too? – Rachel, guys, I have a new obsession. Folding ship! It all started with a nice palette that I kept on my desktop while pinning inspiring color combinations – another new addiction of late. I wanted to make this 3D piece of art for our bedroom and what better way than to have it hanging on the wall! The shutter is something I’ve wanted to teach for a long time, thanks to the incredible weaving of tapestry artist Judit Just. So the stunning array of blues, pinks, rusts and ochres finally led me to turn to the many YouTube tutorials on shutter 101. I was surprised to learn how easy the process was and even better, how few tools and supplies are required! I’ll be honest, it can be a little tiring, but the results are worth it. Pro tip: Time flies faster when you’re Netflixing and chilling.

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You will need: Mesh carpet canvas (cut to size) Snap fastener Tool fabric Scissors Assorted yarn (I like to use acrylic and wool blends in different textures and colors) 3/8″ wood dowel (cut 1-2 inches longer than the width of your canvas)

I like to buy skeins of yarn for this project, as opposed to skeins. Basically, it’s just because it cuts down the process so much! You will be working with even lengths of yarn. there are many So, with a thread, it is enough to remove it and cut the circle in half. I like to leave some length for the bottom of the weave. But for longer stretches, I divide the halves into quarters or eighths. Also, the key is to only cut what you think you need. You can always cut more. I want to start for a while and go from there.

The key to the lock hook is the lock nut. Duh. This handy little tool uses a hanging hook to tie a knot in seconds.

Vintage Sailboat Latch Hook Tapestry Wall Hanging / 1970’s Mid Century Modern Minimalist Nautical Sunset Bohemian Circle Pattern Hook Rug

Start by folding a piece of yarn (I like to use 2 at a time for a thicker, fuller look) in half. Slide the hook to the center, loop the folded yarn over the base of the hook.

Push the crochet hook under the first square where you want to put the yarn. Continue to press the hook until the lock sits above the bottom line of the square. Pull the thread up and to the left – hold the thread

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Pull the thread to the right, between the loop and the hook, and then wrap it around the back of the hook.

Gently push the locking tool down and the mechanism will close. Continue stretching while keeping the thread fairly tight on the other side.

Vintage Brown Horse Head Latch Hook Rug Wall Hanging Art 20”

Continue and the latch will simply drop into the square and your knot will be formed. It may take a few tries to get it right, but trust me, once it clicks, the movements become faster and easier!

I want to create an even base where each square is filled to the bottom edge. Then, as I’m still working on larger pieces, I like to add random sections. It gives nice particles and honestly, it saves money on yarn! You can use less by skipping rows and no one can tell.

After completing several sections, you can cut the ends. I love the flat trim at the bottom of each section – again, it accentuates the chunky look of it!

If and when you switch to shorter segments, be sure to start with a row where the yarn covers all the gaps.

Vintage Butterfly Latch Rug / Wall Hanging

Since I hadn’t designed before, I wanted to jump back and forth from the left and right side to get familiar with the composition. I also like to trim sections as I go!

If you are interested in making an additional short pile, you must complete all the squares. You also don’t need a very long piece of yarn – a 2 1/2″ piece will do. In fact, you can even buy pre-cut pieces of yarn online, which makes things easier.

Push the crochet hook under the first square where you want to put the yarn. Continue to hook

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